The Black Family Legacy

Harry Potter got all the glory in saving the Wizarding World "single handedly"

He didn't


10. The Burrow

"Arthur!" Molly calls as she ducks into her home.

"Mum!" Two boys yell out, latching themselves onto her legs.

"Hello boys." Molly laughs, scruffing up their hair.

"Boys, boys leave your mother alone." An older man says, scrambling after them.

"Molly who's this?" Arthur asks, looking dumbfounded up at the child in his wife's arms.

"We're looking after her for a bit Arthur. She's only just younger than the twins anyway." Molly informs her husband.

"Cool!" The boys say in sync, grinning.

"Now you boys be gentle with her!" Molly warns her children, setting Cygnus down as another child begins to cry.

"Arthur how are Percy and Charlie?" Molly calls out to her husband.

"Percy's reading and Charlie's playing with his models." Arthur answers as his wife scoops up another infant.

Meanwhile the Twins and Cygnus have immediately hit it off.

They sit in a circle, legs outstretched and toes touching another's creating a sort of ring in between their bodies.

The pass a ball back and forth between them while their parents dance around tidying up past messes and cooking and caring for the baby.

"He won't stop fussing I don't understand what the problem is!" Molly says frustratedly, sitting down on the couch, defeated.

Cygnus abandons the twins, much to their dismay, and stumbles over to Molly and her youngest son.

As soon as the baby sees Cygnus he silences and smiles.

Cygnus smiles back and  lightly touches his nose.

"Hello." She says softly.

The child laughs.

"Arthur come here!" Molly whispers loudly.

Her husband comes in and watches as Cygnus leaves, making his son wail, and returns, making him giggle.

"Well I'll be..." Molly says.

The twins have caused havoc and bubbles are exploding from everywhere in the kitchen.

Cygnus worriedly looks between the kitchen and the baby before gently placing her fingers on the child's eyelids and pushing them shut very slowly.

"Sleep." She says, and Molly watches, amazed as the young Black reels the unruly twins back in, calms them and civilises them, gets them to play with their brother Charlie and his action models of dragons.

Molly watches as she grins as she hops from foot to foot, laughing as she pops the bubbles in the air.




The bubbles disappear quickly, and the girl picks up the discarded ball and walks up to Arthur.

"Where does this go?" She asks him.

"I'll get it. You play." Arthur tells her, and she hands him the ball.

"Is she human?" Arthur asks his wife.

"She's a witch, that's for sure." Molly replies.

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