The Black Family Legacy

Harry Potter got all the glory in saving the Wizarding World "single handedly"

He didn't


5. Sweetness

A tired and defeated group of 20 year olds stumbles home in the small hours of the morning.

"Goodnight guys." Sirius yawns.

"Goodnight Siri." Lily and James respond in sync, both slinking off to their respective bedrooms.

"Umm Sirius." James says, suddenly wide awake.

"What is it James?" Sirius asks, still yawning.

"Where's Cygnus?" James asks him.

Sirius goes wide eyed.

"In her room?" He asks hopefully.

"No." Lily answers, exiting said room.

The three adults begin to search frantically but quietly, not wanting to wake up Remus.

"Boys, Boys, come here!" Lily whispers excitedly.

Both men come thundering down the stairs and to her.

"Look." She says, pointing into a shadowy corner.

The men look and see two figures curled up, one Remus in his wolf form, the other Sweet Cygnus, one hand on his muzzle and the other on his heart.

"How on earth did that happen?" James asks.

Both Lily and Sirius shrug.

"We should leave them, it's too sweet." Lily says, draping a blanket over the pair of them.

The three adults retreat to their bedrooms and sink into much needed slumber.

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