Give Me Your Love || h.s

When I got the job as One Directions fashion manager, I didn't expect all this drama. I wasn't thinking about dating them either.


6. 6

I'll update soon but today I'm updating one of my other books and with school and volleyball then cheer I'm super busy so update all my books in one day. I'm sorry if you were looking forward to updates with your favorite boys!!!!!:( but I'm just starting high school so I'm very overloaded with homework plus sports practice. I have a boyfriend for the first time in a few months! So yayyyyy! He a year older so I don't see him much but a lot of my after school time is spent with him *sigh*

•Nialls Pov•

I saw something I never wanted to see......

Ash and Harry making out. Let me explain something, I really like her. It broke my heart.

"Niall!" She said and walked out of the room.

I tuned to Harry and cursed him out

"How could you I love her!" I said

"Well you can't, she's my girlfriend!"

Girlfriend? I wondered. Since when?

" I'm leaving this crappy tour!" I yelled. Then I left. Hayes came with me. After I left1 D split up. Most fans wanted #narry but they couldn't after I left. Then Harry left. All the boys ended up leaving because they all liked her too. Especially Me.

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