The Final Knight

The Knights, who were once considered as the symbol of strength, were the remnants of the Old Age. In the New Age, the Magicians, who had higher advantage against the monsters than the knights, were the dominant forces. Elnoah Aris, the last and the undefeated Knight, was confirmed to be dead, but his soul was still in this world. How will this affect the Knights?


1. Elnoah Aris - The Prologue

The Old Ages, the era that the knights had truly flourished, was the time of war and expedition. Humans fight with another for the sake of their nation or household. The humans who were worthy to be considered as a Knight was the elite among the elite. One must possess courage, dedication, and undying will as the basic mindset along with formidable strength and sword techniques. Out of ten thousand, only two or three can earn the title as the knight.

Even among the knights, there are still considerable difference in their strengths. 

[Knight Lord]: The highest ranking for the knights. Only the strongest knight in the world was given such title.

[Knight King]: The second highest ranking. Given to the strongest knight in the nation.

[Elite Knight]: The third highest ranking. Given to those who were valuable knight in the nights.


[Knight]: Lowest ranking. Given to anyone who were qualified to become knights.

Despite the rankings of the knights listed above, each and everyone of the knights are considerable monsters. Living in the world where magic and dangerous beasts lived, the knights were the humans who had became adapted to this world.

[If you want to defeat a monster, then become a monster yourself]

Elnoah Aris was the symbol of strength representing the Old Age itself. His title as the Knight Lord not only includes his own era but also that of entire Old Age. Even if everyone of the knights fought against him, he would be able to defeat them regardless. His undefeated remained till his final day, but his day as a knight didn't.

The New Age, the era for the magicians, truly changed the world. It happened on the Final War, where the renaissance countries was finally united together and begun to fight against the common enemy of the world, dangerous beasts and monsters. When people knew that becoming a magician had higher chance of success than relying as a knight, the New Age begun. It was now the time of adventure and protection.

Elnoah Aris confronted his limits when he was 82 years old. His body may have been frail and powerless, but his will wasn't able to disappear from this world. His soul is now embedded in a sword, undetected by the human sights. The story begins.  

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