24 year old Ember finds love in an unexpected place. This is their journey through life and love.

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4. Chapter 4- Clubbing

Chapter 4- Clubbing

I paced inside my closet trying to figure out what to wear. I wanted to look sexy, only because Damion would be there. I shuffled through my dresses again, going back and forth between the blood red one that stopped mid thigh or a dark blue that went below the knee, but was strapless. Cleavage or leg. I went with the more modest version, leg. Cleavage was overrated anyways. I pulled the dress on, and grabbed my black report shoes. I put light mascara and cat eye eyeliner. Red lipstick, and nothing else. I trotted downstairs, my messenger bag purse over my shoulder. I heard the doorbell ring. I rushed to answer it.

"Grace!!!" I squealed.

"Ember!!! Hey birthday girl!!" She yelled back, pulling me into a tight hug. When she pulled away she have me a once over.

"Holy shoot girl, your smoking! Expecting someone?" She wiggled her eyebrows. Speaking of smoking, she was looking sexy in her black baby doll dress.

"Actually, Grace.... I got a story to tell you...." I led her into my fiat and told her about Damion. By the time we got to the club, she was all filled in.

"That's so cool Ember!!! I can't wait to meet him." She said, already gushing. I pulled into a parking spot. There, in front of the club, stood a very hot Damion. He hadn't changed from earlier, but still. He was smoking. Hopefully he would think the same about me. Grace's mouth dropped open.

"That's not him is it?" She asked in awe.

"That's him." I say with a giggle. She looks at me in shock and I giggle some more. Damion was watching with a smirk playing at his lips.

I got out of the car, Grace right behind me. Damion smiled.

"Ember..." He opens his arms for a hug. I give him one gratefully.

"That dress looks amazing, but it would look a lot better if you didn't have it on...." He hummed into my ear. I shivered in delight. I pull away purely for Grace's sake.

"Damion, this is my BFF Grace. Gracie this is my....."

"Her boyfriend, Damion." Damion cut in, causing me to look at him in shock. Grace shook his hand shyly. Were Damion and I a thing?! I hadn't realized that.... Well I suppose if someone kisses you... Your a thing. We walked into the club, the music blaring. I walked over and ordered a beer. Damion looked at me with an eyebrow raised, as if to say, beer? Aren't you a girl? I just smirked and took a sip. At the moment, the song Guillotine by Jon Bellion came on. I jump up.

"I love this song! C'mon let's dance!" I yelled to the others. I dashed onto the dance floor and started moving my hips to the beat. I felt like I was in a music video. Soon a circle formed and somehow I had ended up in the middle of it. I stopped for a moment in surprise, but soon let the beat take me away. I felt someone's hands wrap around my waist. I instinctively ground on them, not even knowing it was, just enjoying the music and the atmosphere.

"I didn't know you were a good dancer...." A voice breathed into my ear, causing shivers to run over my body. Damion was the one I was grinding on. I let out a gasp of surprise.

"I didn't.... Know." I panted as he ran his hands over my hips.

"Your so sexy....." He muttered. I wanted him right now but I knew it was wrong. I was raised Christian so I didn't plan on making love to him right now.

"Damion.... I can't.... I want to... But I can't." I told him, turning around. His eyes were dark with passion.

"I know...." He bent down to kiss me instead and I lost myself in his lips.

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