Hazy Blood Moon

"I don't understand," Roman said as he took a deep inhale of my scent while trapping me against his bedroom door. "How is it possible for a human to be my mate?"

"Li-Listen Roman, I don't know what you're talking about alright," I stuttered as I backed my body as far away from his as I possibly could. "I swear I'll pretend like I never saw anything! I'll never say anything to anyone and I'll never come back and bother you guys again!"

He didn't seem to like that response as he wrapped his hot arm around my waist, pulling me immensely closer to him. "Oh that won't do Dollface, I need you here with me, always."

His pink lips came down to place searing hot kisses on my neck which made my knees buckle. "Ro-Roman," I moaned as I struggled to stand.

"You can't leave me, Africa" He whispered against my neck. "Not after we've begun to get so close."



6. Six

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Roman's POV





"Have you lost your mind Roman!" My sister fumed at me as Jen shut the door to my father's study.

"Roxy," I tried to calm her down but she continued to chew me out, not even attempting to listen to what I had to say.

"Are you obsessed with Africa, is that it?" She harshly spat. "Because your behavior is borderline bizarre! I don't even know what to think of it!"

"Roxy," I tried again.

"She probably doesn't even want to hang out with me anymore because of you!" She seethed as she glared at me. "Recently, you've been popping up out nowhere and you freak her out Roman! Why would she want to be friends with someone who's got a stalker for a brother?"


"And to make matters worse, you stood and watched her dance like a fucking creep!"

"SHE'S MY MATE!" I suddenly boomed at her. I hadn't intended to just blurt it out like that but she left me no other choice because she wouldn't shut up!

I thought Roxy's face had been angry before, but boy, when I told her that Africa was my mate, her canines extended and her gray eyes glowed irately as she growled at me. "HOW STUPID DO YOU THINK I AM?"

"I'm not lying!" I growled back at her as my canines also extended to show her my dominance over her. "Why would I lie about something like that?"

"Africa is a human!" She seethed. "And a werewolf cannot be mates with a human; that's a fundamental principle Roman."

"I know that damn it," I said annoyed with the fact. "But there's no other way to explain the emotions I have for her. I don't know if it's some sick twist of fate, but she was chosen to be my mate."

"You must've made a mistake," She spat. "Maybe her scent is similar to your true mate."

She wasn't even trying to believe me! "You of all people know that there is no scent on this Earth that can even compare to the scent of your mate!"

But Roxy merely shook her head at me in disbelief before pacing. "I'm sorry Roman, but I can't believe what you're saying, not without some sort of proof at least."

She was still doubtful of me. Heck, I don't really blame her. If any wolf came to me and said that their mate was a human, I wouldn't have believed them because I knew that it wasn't possible...or at least it shouldn't be possible.

"Since you won't believe my words, I'll let you feel my emotions." I mind-linked her.

Werewolf telepathy was a very advantageous and handy tool. Once you were a member of a pack, you automatically gain the ability to use telepathy amongst your fellow members; whether you were in your human or wolf form. However, a few wolves are able to form what we called sub-packs. They are fellow wolves who are mentally and emotionally close to you and as a result, you're not just able to use telepathy with them, but also empathy.

Roxy was my only sibling, and although we fought a lot, she and I were quite close; to the extent where both of us would be willing to sacrifice our lives for each other. This bond naturally made her a member of my sub-pack and gave us the ability to use empathy between each other. Automatically, people such as Jenna, my Delta Xavier, my parents, and my mate would be included in my sub-pack.

Roxy hesitantly stared at me for a while before she gave me small nod to go ahead.

I channeled the emotions that I felt for Africa through our mind-link. They were happiness, because I'd finally found the one I was destined to spend the rest of my life with. Joy, because of all of the memories I anticipated we'd share together. Desire, because I longed to see her as the mother of my pups. Pride, because I was proud to call her my mate, and my Luna. Anxiety, because I was uncertain of our future because of the fact that she was a human. Fear, because her being human could mean that I could lose control and gravely injure or possibly kill her. But there was one emotion that stood in the center of them all; one emotion that completely changed my outlook on life.


I loved Africa with every fiber of my being.

I barely knew her, but I knew that I would kill for her, die for her, do anything for her. She was my reason for existing. She was my sun, my moon, my water, my breath; she was everything that I could ever need.

"Oh my God!" Roxy gasped as she reveled in all the emotions I sent to her. I knew that she'd realized that I was telling the truth because she's felt those very same emotions when she first met her mate, Kyle.

"Now do you believe me?" I stated. "You can't deny that those aren't the exact same feelings that you have for Kyle."

But she was dumbfounded as she shook her head in disbelief. "I don't believe it, this is insane! How did this even happen? And why are you just telling me about this?"

I scoffed at her. "I didn't believe it myself up until this morning!"

"Does Mom and Dad know?"

"No," I sighed as I ran a hand through my messy brown hair. "Only Jen knows, besides you. That's the whole reason why I came here. I wanted to see if they knew anything about this."

"I doubt anyone knows about this because it's never happened before," She began pacing again. "If you two are mates, then that means that Fee is a werewolf."

"I told you that she isn't-"

"I know what you said!" She snapped. "But that's the only logical explanation here. Maybe's she's a wolf who knows how to hide her scent very well."

"I doubt that's the case, I would've picked up on the slightest scent of a wolf when I found out that she was my mate," I stated. "To be honest, I didn't pick up on her human scent initially because it was masked by your wolf scent. It wasn't until I smelled her neck that I realized that she was just a normal human."

"But if she was to be a wolf, wouldn't the rest of her family be too?" Jenna chimed into the conversation. "Do they also have human scents?"

"All of them do," Roxy sighed. "And human characteristics."

"There's got to be something," I said. "Anything."

"Well," Roxy started. "Her eyes aren't exactly normal. I mean, how many people do you see walking around with blue/violet eyes?"

"Eye color doesn't correlate to werewolves," Jen stated.

"I know but maybe, she's some sort of sub-species that we've never heard of before," Roxy offered.

"I doubt that's the case, Roxy."

"Well have you got a better theory?" She asked.

I growled out in frustration as I slammed my hands down on the desk. This entire situation was making me angry by its complications. I don't know what I'm supposed to do now. The only thing I wanted to do is be with my mate.

"What if we try testing her?" Jenna asked as she noticed my frustration.

My eyes narrowed as I hoped she was thinking of what I was thinking. "Test her how?"

"Simple," She chimed. "What are the two basic weaknesses of our kind?"

Wolfsbane and Silver.

"NO!" I growled at her. Why would she even suggest something like that?

"Are you crazy?" Roxy seethed. "She could be killed!"

"I'm not saying to shoot her with a silver bullet or smother her with wolfsbane," Jen quickly defended herself. "We just need to see if she has some sort of reaction to them."

"No Jenna," I quickly shot down her idea. "That idea is not even an option."

"I agree, it's way too dangerous," Roxy piped in. "Besides, we don't even have wolfsbane or silver."

"I have a source for Wolfsbane," Jen said nonchalantly as Roxy and I whipped our heads around to stare at her incredulously.

"Why the hell do you have Wolfsbane, Jen?"

"Remember those hunters we killed last month," She said leaning on the desk. "They were loaded with wolfsbane and instead of destroying all of it, I kept some."

"For what reason?" Roxy asked in an aporetic tone.

"Research," Jen said cryptically and she didn't offer any more explanation than that. I feel like we need to have a discussion later on about this so called "research"

"I don't even want to know," Roxy shook her head in repugnance as Jenna turned to face me again.

"Think this through Roman," She tried once again to convince me. "I know that you're scared of what could happen to Africa, but what other way is there to test her? We'll use a tiny amount of Wolfsbane where the worst possible damage she would receive is a minor ache."

I shook my head as I begun to pace in contemplation. I'm sure that a small amount of Wolfsbane won't be enough to kill her, but it will cause her pain. It would be unbearable to know that my Luna was in pain, and to make it even worse, it would be my fault!

But, what other choice do I have? It's the only way to test her.

I sighed as I ran my hand through my hair again before turning to face Jenna. "I want you to use the absolute bare minimum of wolfsbane, do you understand? The only amount of pain I'll accept for her to be in is a slight ache."

I'd barked out that order in my Alpha command to ensure that Jenna will do exactly what I wanted. "Yes, Alpha." She obediently replied.

"I'm still not too happy about this but I guess it's our only option," Roxy said as she folded her arms across her chest. "So how do we even issue it out to her? We can't just hand her a piece of wolfsbane."

She's right. Africa would be highly suspicious of us if we did something like that, we needed something simple. "What about infusing it into a drink?"

"What, like tea or something?" Roxy asked.

"That could work," Jenna shrugged. "And if the rest of you are drinking tea, she won't find anything suspicious about it."

"Well, that's the plan we're going with then." I nodded to them.

"I'm going to need some help getting the wolfsbane," Jenna said. "I'll have to separate a tiny chunk off and in order to not let most of it touch me, I'll need about two other people to assist."

"Understood," I said before looking down at my sister. "Roxy, take your friends and go and help Jenna."

"What, why me?" She complained.

"Because I am your Alpha and I'm ordering you to," I glared at her defiance. "Don't make me use my Alpha command on you again."

Roxy growled lowly at me before she complied. "Fine."

"You better not mess with Africa while I'm gone," She glared as she made her way to the door.

"What I decide to do is none of your concern," I glared back at her.

"She's my friend, Roman! Please, don't cause our friendship to be ruined."

"And she's my mate Roxy," I snarled. "Whether she's a human or a wolf, you need to butt out of our relationship!"

Roxy bit down so harshly that I smelt blood before she turned on her heels and marched out of the office. Annoying brat.

"Don't worry, we'll do the test, and get the results," Jen assured as she rested her hand encouragingly on my shoulder. "I'll ensure that she gets immediate treatment after she drinks the wolfsbane tea."

"Thank you, Jen," I looked back at my Beta with a small smile.

"Don't mention it, buddy," She gave my shoulder a little squeeze before walking towards the door. "Besides, human or wolf, she's still your mate, which means that she's the Luna of this pack. What kind of Beta would I be if I didn't ensure that my Luna was well taken care of?"

"One that isn't deserving of her title," I said just as Roxy walked back into the room with her friends. The brunette and platinum blonde greeted me with slight nods, but the darker blonde averted her eyes away from mine as she practically burned holes into the floor.

I remember this one. She thought that she was my girlfriend just because she sucked me off. Amy, I think her name was. It wasn't as if I pursued her, she came onto me and offered and what guy would give up getting a blowjob from a hot chick?

"What's going on, Alpha?" The brunette asked as she looked at Jenna and me.

"Jenna needs your assistance with a task," I said to them. "She and Roxy will inform you of the details on the way."

"I hope all of you can tolerate a little bit of pain," Jenna said as she walked towards the door; the girls following behind her.

"How long do you think you'll be?" I asked her.

She shrugged as she leaned against the door frame. "Thirty minutes the most. If we're not back by then, send help."

"Just what are we going to be doing?" The platinum blonde whispered to Roxy.

"Trust me, it's not going to be fun," She frowned.

"What are you going to do in the meantime?" Jenna asked.

I smirked as also made my way towards the door. "I think it's time for my mate and I to have a proper conversation."


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