The story of Leleanda Silkver

You've read the original Books of Throne Of Glass.
Now get ready for the story of an OC.
Leleanda was taken from her mother when she was born, and raised in a family of lies. Once she learns the truth, she murders her so called Father.
Now she is serving a Princess and her brother, the Future king.
Learn her story long before the main characters of the original series were born.


22. Chapter 21: The Mission.

After a few weeks, Cornelius and Liam had sent word back to the boat about the mines, and the supply lines, like they were told to do, but Leleanda wanted to go home, she wanted to get back before the baby was born. She wanted to take Cornelius back with her. So they were both safe. She wanted to take her brother back to, he started treating her she was his sister. He was older than her too. He was 25, she was 22. Going onto 23 very soon. She sat there, feeding Carla, she was being fussy. Throwing it around, spitting it out.
“I'm so sorry Leleanda” Audriana came over with a towel, wiping it off her face.
“It's fine. I don't mind it” she chuckled. “I have to get used to it”.
“but not like this, I'm sorry, I've been to slack with her, she's teething to” Audriana grabbed Carla. “I'll take her now”.


Cornelius and Liam were getting ready to take off to Terrasen. Which made Leleanda a bit worried.
“What if you don't make it back in time?” she looked at him, while rubbing her bump, which got bigger. He leaned down, kissing her bump. Then kissing her.
“I promise. I will make it back.” he held her cheeks. Liam was packing two horses. Strapping down the saddles, and satchels. He looked over at Leleanda and Cornelius, hugging and kissing, it made him protective of his little sister. Made him want to stab Cornelius for touching his little sister.
“You better make it back. Cause if you don't, I will hunt you down...” they started to giggles together. “And I will punish you!” she smiled and kissed him.
“Okay! I'll make it back in time!”
“Yes!” he smiled and kissed her cheek.
“Be careful!” he got on his horse and took a hold on the reigns.
“I should be telling you that!” she chuckled. “I love you!”
“Love you too.” Liam butted in.
“Hey love birds, we have to leave!” Cornelius chuckled.
“Take care” she said, just as they had taken off. Towards Terrasen. Leleanda watched the two gallop away, without her. She felt worthless. And useless to him. But she couldn't do anything dangerous. She stood there. Watching. Waiting. Thinking that he would turn back and come back to her. But no. he disappeared over the hill.
“Come inside now Leleanda” Audriana came to her side. Holding Carla in her arms. Placing a hand on Leleanda's shoulder.
“Alright” the two walked back into the house. Leleanda attended to Carla while Audriana attended to the cooking spit. Making some stew to feed the three of them.

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