The story of Leleanda Silkver

You've read the original Books of Throne Of Glass.
Now get ready for the story of an OC.
Leleanda was taken from her mother when she was born, and raised in a family of lies. Once she learns the truth, she murders her so called Father.
Now she is serving a Princess and her brother, the Future king.
Learn her story long before the main characters of the original series were born.


18. Chapter 17: Pregnant Lady Fighting.

Leleanda snarled at the man from his comment. She didn't care about her, she cared about the girl and how she was being treated. She hissed, growled, and gripped the blades in her hands. Cornelius stood back. “Leleanda?” he said quietly, she wasn't Leleanda Silkver any more, but instead, a creature, an ancient one. One with abilities only men can dream off. Her teeth were like razors. Her eye's, like the blood moon had arisen early. Her body was getting cold. Her hair was turning white at the ends, and streaks of white and blue shaded through her fire red hair. She put herself in a stance of fighting. Like a cat ready to pounce on it's prey. Cornelius was looking at her, with fear in his eye's. “Oh the little Fae Bitch, is wanting to fight” he drew his sword, holding it in his hands, shaking slightly. She grinned and sprung from her stance, she was gone in an instance. He gasped lightly and hesitated for a second. He saw flashes of her here and there. All around him, her image will be there, and then somewhere else. She made him circle himself. He looked all around himself, left right and centre. A shriek of pain came from his lips has a slash came down along his chest and abdomen, sending him to the ground. His body slammed itself onto his knee's. She stood with her back to him, his blood leaked all over the ground. And was splattered on her dress. Her blades melted in her hands. To the last drop. She looked at Cornelius, her hair went back to red, her eye's went back to green. She was droopy, and slow. “Cornelius?” she smiled at him with a whisper escaping from her body. “Catch me!” he raced to her as her frail body trembled and threw itself into his arms. “Leleanda?” she was out cold. Her hands started to freeze. “Leleanda!” he yelled.
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