The Poison Garden

In the dead of night a girl flees all she's ever known, fearing for her life and seeking to save that of her brother.
Far into the forest, beyond yew trees grown on human flesh, she seeks the Serpent, a small community of individuals secretly thriving away from the pious eyes of the Garden.
If she's lucky, their interests might just align.

Follow Henbane, Bluebottle, Mistletoe and others as they seek to tear down their old lives in order to build them anew.

(Cover by WinterSoldier)


16. Chapter 15 - Artemis


  Red. Sticky. Warm.


  What have I done?

  Face down.

  Faces, faces swarming.

  That’s right. I remember.

  Locked doors and dark walls and faces and blood and I’ve had enough.

  I’m tired.

  Just enough energy to get the cloth, stem the flow.

  Just enough.

  Fingers won’t move.

  How much blood?

  What a mess. I’ve made a mess.


  Can’t move anymore.


  Can’t move.


  So tired.

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