The Girls 2

Estal Academy is back! A new year, new students, new friendships.

With all the problems in their lives, can the three girls stick together?

*Contains triggers and emotional subjects people may find distressing/upsetting


7. 7

(Author's note: I wrote this chapter before the recent attacks in Barcelona. My heart goes out to anyone affected by these attacks. Although it is a tough subject to write about at the minute with all the terrorism around us, I feel it is a subject that requires more awareness, and writing about that highlights how it impacts people affected by it, but also the family of the terrorist who will also be affected by their relative's actions.)



On Thursday night, I decided to head down to the library so I could focus on my psychology revision. Amber was attempting to Skype her new internet friend, Kat, when I was packing my books and pencils to head to the library. Laine was practising her lines. I knew they wouldn't be very quiet, so I decided the library was the best place to go.

I pushed the double doors and stepped into the library. It always smells like wood and book pages. I love the winter days in the library, when you can hear the rain pounding against the old windows. It feels so cosy in the library. It is a nice place to relax with a good book or to study in silence. There are tall, wooden bookshelves filled with educational books, reading books and pots filled with stationary. There is a fireplace in one of the corners with some cosy one-person sofas in a circle, with a small coffee table in the centre. There are a few studying tables at one side of the library, and on the other side are a few computers and desks to plug in laptops or iPads to use for work.

I sat down at a little table and plugged my laptop in. I took my books out of my bag and started flicking through the pages about theories and experiments. I typed out key notes, ready to compact the facts into an essay later on. I like structure; I get my notes and information first so that I can set the essay out the way that makes sense. It helps me to cover all the topics too.

There were a small handful of people reading and studying, and only me and one other person were at the desks. Three of the popular girls, Katie, Paige and Becca, were sat gossiping at the computers. They had the news page up but I couldn't read it. I shrugged it off. The news was never interesting anyway; popular girls usually read about celebrity gossip or the latest fashion trends. I don't associate myself with girls like that. I prefer to be quietly away with supportive friends.

I started jotting down notes and highlighting parts in my revision guide. Over my laptop, I could see Katie, Paige and Becca giggling and looking over. I sighed. They always stare at me whilst I'm trying to work, probably making racist jokes about me or laughing because I'm a 'nerd'. But honestly I take no notice.

It was about half an hour later. I was still sat there highlighting notes. I took a sip of my Starbucks. Becca, Katie and Paige stood up and walked past me, glaring. They never usually glare enough for me to notice. Once they'd passed and were almost at the doors, they started laughing and saying, "wait until she finds out!" I was puzzled. I looked around to see if there was something on my desk or on my chair, or if there were any rude notes stuck to the desk. Nothing. I pulled out my makeup mirror and checked my face. Nothing. I looked down to see if there were any spills or pen marks down my clothes. Again, nothing.

My phone buzzed on the desk, causing me to jump. It was a text from my mum:

Call me as soon as possible baby. We need to talk. Urgent. Xx

I decided to pack up my laptop and my books so that I could get out of the library and call my mum. She has never sent me worrying texts like this. Once I'd packed up, I raced out of the library as quickly as possible.

I called my mum. She didn't answer. It went straight to answerphone. I tried again, and she answered.

"Cerys, it's really not a good idea to tell her!" I heard my dad crying in the background.

"She has a right to know, Akira! She could find out on the news instead!" I heard my mum shout back.

"Mum," I shouted down the phone, "what's going on?!"

"Suki, hi darling, I have something I need to tell you. I don't want you to be too worried..."

"Just tell me!" I shouted. I felt so nervous. I felt like I had a million tiny butterflies flying around in my stomach. I had no idea what could be wrong.

"It's Kaito, darling..." mum started, "he's been arrested."

I started laughing down the phone. "How predictable! But why would I be worried? What has he been arrested for?" There was silence, I could hear my mum sniffing. She didn't respond. "Mum?"


I laughed once more. "Just as a suspect, right? He's not a terrorist."

"He set off a bomb in central London. He killed around 100 people..." she paused, and I could hear the cracks in her voice as she spoke, "the community hate us, Suki! We're getting death letters through the door, telling us to die, telling us we don't deserve to live after producing such a 'vile human'!"

I laughed again. I couldn't quite believe what I was hearing. "Nice trick mum. I need to go, I have studies to focus on."

Before she got chance to talk again, I cut off the call. I was walking down the hall, laughing to myself and shaking my head. Kaito has done some stupid things in his life, but nothing that stupid! He never would.

My mind suddenly changed when I saw the news report on the TV in the hallway. There were dozens of police cars and ambulances in central London, with their blue lights flashing and the whole street cornered off. It dawned over me that my mum wasn't joking with me. I felt hot, I felt sick. Bile rose to my throat but I swallowed it down. Tears rolled down my cheeks as everyone stopped to watch the TV. They revealed his name. Kaito Webb. It was plastered all over the news, along with an image of him. I couldn't cope. Everyone turned to look at me.

I ran. I ran as fast as I could, away from the ringing sound of the sirens and the blue flashing lights and the hundreds of eyes that all turned their attentions to me. I turned the corner, and there stood Lewis. "Suki, are you ok?" He said as he held out his arms. I fell into him. I just collapsed to the ground and dragged him down with me. I clung to his sleeves and buried my head in his shoulder. I tried so hard to breathe, so hard to stop crying so I could explain.

We just sat on the floor, clutching onto each other. Then and there, I hoped the floor would just open up and I could escape this tragic reality.

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