The Girls 2

Estal Academy is back! A new year, new students, new friendships.

With all the problems in their lives, can the three girls stick together?

*Contains triggers and emotional subjects people may find distressing/upsetting


5. 5



It was Tuesday, the lesson before lunch, and I was anxiously waiting for the bell to go. Today was the day where the roles would be announced for Annie. English was dragging more than ever as Mr O'Neill rambled on about Hamlet.

Finally, the bell went. Mr O'Neill was lecturing his way through the homework but I didn't pay much attention. I was shoving all of my books and my pencil case into my bag. He dismissed us, so I ran to the theatre. We all stood backstage, anxiously waiting for our names to be called out. If we weren't called out, we didn't make any of the roles.

They eventually started reading out names. Several names of boys and girls names were read out, including Diaz, Pippa and Ashley. "Latisha Hall, Jack West, and finally Laine Chapman." My heart started beating really fast. I was so happy. Now I just had to wait to see the role I got. The girls gestured me over. I was so proud of them, too.

They started reading out the roles. Pippa got the role of Pepper. Diaz got Grace Farrell. Ashley got Miss Hannigan. At that point, I realised I'd get a little role. Maybe another one of the girls in the orphanage?

The only roles left were Annie and one of the orphan girls. It was me and Latisha Hall left. Latisha' audition was amazing; she was super enthusiastic and everyone loved her. I knew, when it was just her and me on the stage, awaiting our fate, that she'd get to be Annie. She was also really pretty too which is another perk for performance.

"The role of Duffy goes to..." the judge started. I knew it would be my name, but I crossed my fingers and hoped that my name wouldn't be on that card. My heart was beating fast. I wasn't going to get my opportunity to show them how good I am. I was finally ready to accept me fate when... "Latisha Hall! That means Laine Chapman, you're playing Annie!"

I wanted to scream. My jaw dropped and I started laughing. "Thank you so much!" I said to the judges. Latisha came up to me and congratulated me. She was disappointed but at least she was nice to me.

I rushed over to Diaz, Pippa and Ashley, who all hugged me and we were all laughing and screaming. We were all so happy for each other. I finally felt this was it. This was amazing. I was given the lead role in the school show. I was given the chance to show what I'm really made of.

After lessons, I headed back up to the dorm. I hadn't seen Suki or Amber since I found out about my role as Annie. I decided I would lead them on a bit before I announced the starring role.

"How did it go Laine? Are you in the show?" Amber asked.

"Yeah..." I sighed.

"That's excellent! What role did you get?"

"Well... I didn't get Miss Hannigan, Ashley got her," I said. I tried to sound disappointed as I bit my lip, holding in the laugh.

"Did you get Grace?" Suki asked.

"No, Diaz got Grace."

"Are you any of the other orphan girls?" Amber asked. At this point, Amber and Suki were looking at each other, wondering why I was so 'upset'.

"No..." I whispered.

"So what role did you get?" Suki asked.

"I..." I started as I looked up to them and smiled, "I got Annie! I'm the fucking lead role!!!"

They started screaming and repeating "OH MY GOD!". Shortly after, they congratulated me and hugged me.

For once in my life, I felt proud of myself. I finally felt like I did something great. I'm finally getting recognition.

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