The Girls 2

Estal Academy is back! A new year, new students, new friendships.

With all the problems in their lives, can the three girls stick together?

*Contains triggers and emotional subjects people may find distressing/upsetting


19. 19



I apologised to Laine and promised I’d stand by her side. She hugged me and told me she understands I was mad. I still am, but I decided to make life a little easier, it would be better to apologise for being a cow. However, when she started asking me questions about how I’m doing and why I always look rough, I had to leave. I couldn’t possibly answer those questions.

I’ve avoided Lewis since that night he saw me after the fun at Dan’s. I don’t want to talk to him about my feelings or about my life choices, or about how Dan is ‘too old’ for me. Fuck it. I don’t care. He’s the one who has been visiting Amber with me in hospital, he’s the one who has been looking after me. I’ve not even talked to my mum, though she has tried to call a million times, I can’t be arsed hearing about her and my dad arguing about whether or not they should tell me things about Kaito. They’ve probably been taken to court by now, so at least I know they weren’t found guilty as they keep pestering me.

Most of the time, I’m under the influence of way too many drugs. I don’t like it, but Dan looks after me, and he says he can only cope with me if he can drug me. I let him do it because he’s dangerous and knows some bad people, and I don’t know what they’d do to me. Lena and Cody haven’t been out much either, I haven’t seen them. Dan has been introducing me to all of his drug friends. They’re all really nice, and we have a laugh and a good time. They are the only people who help me forget about all the other crap going on in my life, and they’re the only ones who say I’m good for ignoring Lewis and Laine and my parents.

I headed down the snicket, but Becca, Paige, Katie, Blake and Graham were there smoking cigarettes. I turned around and headed back down the snicket, knowing I could get to Dan’s another way. They’ve called me names around school and pushed me a few times, and they won’t leave me alone when I’m walking by myself. But going down a snicket in the dark by myself with them there is the last thing I’ll do. I don’t know what they’ll do to me. They could kill me, or bribe me for drugs, and though I don’t want to do drugs, I definitely wouldn’t deal them, no matter how many death threats Dan throws my way.

“Hey terrorist!” Blake shouted as he stubbed his cigarette on the wall. I carried on walking away, but he caught up to me and pulled me to the ground. He kicked my head. “Fucking terrorist, don’t you dare walk past me.”

I held my head, but he kept kicking. It really hurt. Graham came over, picked me up, and pushed me against the wall. The girls were all laughing and cheering at him. He slapped my face and pinned me up. He leaned in and whispered, “terrorist deserve to be beaten, don’t they?” I didn’t respond, so he pulled my hair back, then shoved my face back into the wall. I collapsed to the ground. “I asked you a question, you fucking bitch!”

I nodded. “They do,” I responded, hoping that would be enough to keep them off my case, but boy, was I wrong. They continued to beat me up, and when they’d finished, they ran down the snicket back to the school grounds. I laid there, in a small pool of my own blood. They’d kicked one of my teeth out, so I stared at my stained tooth that I held in my hand, and I just cried. I can’t take this bullying anymore.

I picked myself up and headed to Dan’s house. When I arrived, he was stood in the doorway with a joint in his mouth and a bottle in one of his hands. He slapped me as I walked in. “Why are you late?” he screamed.

I held out my tooth to him and he looked at my face under the dim light. “Oh my Suki, I’m sorry.” He handed me a glass of vodka and I just chugged it. He held my arm tight and jabbed me again. It became a regular thing when I arrived at his. He’d hand me vodka, jab me, then continue to give me alcohol and joints until I was too out of my mind to say no to sex. But tonight, I was taking it easy. I took the rest of my alcohol in small sips, and only took small drags from the joints. He noticed I was being weird. “So those bullies beat you up real good, huh?” he asked.

I looked up at him. “Good? Hah. And how do you know about them?” I questioned.

He laughed an evil laugh as he sipped his drink. “I sent them.”

I looked at him, shocked and hurt and upset. I stood up and my vodka spread across the carpet. “You did what?” I asked, hearing the cracks in my own voice.

“You heard. I sent them. Ever since I met you, I knew you were Kaito’s brother. Do you know he killed my sister when he set off that bomb? I’ll never forgive him, and I’ll never forgive you either. You fucking terrorist spawn.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Everything went dizzy and I felt so sick. As I ran for the door, Dan grabbed me and dragged me back. “No!” I screamed, trying to escape his grip, but I couldn’t. He’s too strong. Suddenly, the door flew open and my saviours were there. “Cody! Lena! Help!”

Cody jumped over me and pinned Dan to the ground. He punched him a few times to make him still, and Cody and Lena picked me up and rushed me out of the door. We ran as fast as we could down the snicket, but they both had to keep hold of me because I couldn’t possibly stand up myself.

They took me back to my dorm and cleaned me up. Laine was there and she jumped up. “Oh my god! What happened Suki?” she asked as she grabbed the first aid kit.

“It doesn’t matter! We need to fix her up and get her some help!” Lena screamed, grabbing water and towels.

Laine started crying. “Who did this to you, Suki? Who?”


The next day, I was sat on a plastic chair in the police station. I felt rough and sick, hungover and emotionally exhausted. I was battered and bruised. My friends tried to patch me up and ease the bruising, but I still looked like a mess. The police woman behind the desk kept looking at me. She knew I was Kaito’s sister, so she probably thinks I deserve this shit. I didn’t really want to come to the station, but Laine, Amber, Lena and Cody told me it was for the best, before Dan does anything else. They’ve then told me I’m going to Mrs Abbott to tell her about what Becca, Graham, Blake, Katie and Paige have done. I don’t feel like talking about it, but I know it is safer that way.

A woman officer came out and smiled at me. “Suki Webb? I’m Louise, and I’m your worker. I’ll be taking you to an interview room so you can tell me exactly what happened. Do you want me to grab you a coffee?”

I stood up and nodded sleepily. I followed her to an interview room. She told me to sit down whilst she fixed us up some coffees. When she returned, I took so many sips of the coffee. I haven’t been hydrated in hours, and I’ve definitely not had a good coffee in a long time. “So Suki, I understand you’ve come to make a report against Daniel Garcia, am I correct?”

“Yes, that’s right,” I said. I just wanted to nod at her, but I knew it was on record, so I had to speak, otherwise the recording wouldn’t pick it up.

“Daniel Garcia, he’s 38 years old, and he’s known to the police for drug dealing and attempted murder.”

I felt my heart pound. Attempted murder? I never knew that. If I’d have known that, I would never have gotten involved with him. “I never knew about the attempted murder,” I offered.

“Daniel never told you about that?”

“No, then again, he never really wanted to talk much,” I replied, taking another sip of my coffee.

“Suki, I know this is really difficult to talk to me about today. I need you to tell me everything, every single tiny detail about your relationship with Daniel Garcia, and what he did to you. You can take your time, but please, just be honest. If it gets too much for you, we can continue later on,” Louise said.

I took a deep breath and intended on telling her everything about Dan. “I considered him a friend, really. I knew he was older, a lot older, and I knew it was weird to be friends with someone so much older. But he made me feel special. When I first met him, he gave me alcohol. I’d never had alcohol before, so I took it slowly. He didn’t want me to take it slowly. He injected me with some drugs… I’m not sure what drugs, because I really didn’t want them. I didn’t have the choice. After that, I ended up getting so wrecked, that I ended up kissing him. Every time I went over, whether I was alone or with my friends Lena and Cody, it was the same cycle. I would chug pure vodka, he’d inject me, give me joints, give me more alcohol… then we’d make out. After a while, it went a lot further than just making out… we’d have sex. But I wasn’t in any state to consent… If I’d been sober, I would’ve never touched him. I wouldn’t…” I felt the tears, but I couldn’t stop now. “Since everything with my brother Kaito, these kids at school have been beating me up. I’m going into school about them. But last night before I met Dan, they were down the snicket I took to get to Dan’s house. They beat me up so much. When I arrived at Dan’s, he slapped me for being late. He gave me alcohol, drugged me. I took it slowly last night, because I felt ill and shaky after the snicket situation. Dan told me he was involved in the bullies and he told them to get me. He opened up and told me that when Kaito set off the bomb, his sister was there. His sister was killed by Kaito, and he wanted to get his revenge. I tried to run but he pinned me down. I thought he was going to do something really bad. Lena and Cody came in and rescued me…”

I left the station feeling like I’d gotten something off my chest. I walked into school feeling overwhelmed with dread. I didn’t want to face Mrs Abbott to tell her about the bullies, but I went, because I had Lena there to support me, and I know Laine, Amber and Cody will be supporting me too, and praying that today’s confessions all go well. Louise promised me that Dan wouldn’t get away with anything and he will definitely be locked up for child grooming. I never looked at it that way, but now I know that what Dan was doing isn’t right. It is child grooming, and he was drugging me so much that I couldn’t consent, and Louise told me that could be classed as rape too. Anyway, I entered Mrs Abbott’s office and told her all about the bullies. I told her about the name calling, the death threats, the beatings I’ve taken from them. Mrs Abbott said she will contact their parents, she’ll get the police involved to get them completely done, and she will remove their scholarships for everything they’ve caused me.

After all my confessions, I felt exhausted emotionally. I told Lena I was going to go sleep in the dorm for a little while. When I got back, I fished out one of the bottles of vodka saved in my bedside cabinet. I took it out and started chugging it. My mum called, but I rejected her calls. No doubt she’s heard all over the news about what Daniel Garcia, a 38 year old drug dealer who’s already been locked up for attempted murder, has done to her precious 16 year old daughter. I can’t cope with the conversations. I looked past the bottles of vodka to find a tin of rolled up joints. I didn’t ever want to do drugs, but now I can’t see my life without them.

I’ve fallen into a dark world that I never wanted to fall into.

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