The Girls 2

Estal Academy is back! A new year, new students, new friendships.

With all the problems in their lives, can the three girls stick together?

*Contains triggers and emotional subjects people may find distressing/upsetting


14. 14



I honestly don't think Amber has forgiven me for yelling at her about Dom's sex change. I just needed to knock some sense into her. Dom has stood by her side through thick and thin, so surely it is her turn to stand by his side? I was just so angry, everything has been annoying me recently. I'm so irritated. I think it's because I'm confused about my emotions, and the scholarship money issue is really getting to me too.

Whilst Suki was out on Monday night, Amber and I went down to the cafe. We ordered milkshakes and sat in a booth. "I am sorry for shouting at you," I said as I hook a sip from my milkshake.

"It's okay Laine," she smiled, "I know you were just trying to make me see. I just don't know what to do. I don't know if I can go through with this."

"Why, though?" I questioned.

"I think people will judge him, and I don't want to be judged too."

I felt angry again, but I couldn't afford to show Amber that. As her best friend, I have to try make her see sense, but I have to support her decisions. I just can't believe she cares more about her reputation than Dom. "And that's the only reason?"

Amber nodded. "I just don't think I can go through all that judgement."

Deep inside, I wanted to scream at her, shout at her, because I couldn't quite believe that she could be so selfish. I quickly changed the subject before I seriously got angry. We finished our milkshakes and headed back to the academy.

It got to 10pm and Suki came walking through the door. She looked hammered. Her hair was messy, her makeup was smudged, she came in stumbling around. "Are you ok?" I asked as Suki took off all of her clothes and put on an oversized t-shirt.

"Yesssssss..." she said as she laughed and jumped onto her bed, "sleepy."

"You're sleepy?" I whispered in the dark, as Amber was fast asleep.

"Suki very sleepy," she giggled like a child, and she got into bed, rolled over, and started nodding off.


"I'm telling you, she's really bad Amber," I said. I was telling Amber about Suki's state when she walked in last night. Suki was already gone when I woke up, which is normal in a morning. But this gave me chance to tell Amber.

Amber rolled her eyes. "Wow, she was drunk! We've all been drunk before!"

I glared at her. "Amber, I'm serious. I'm worried about her. She hasn't been herself lately."

Amber shrugged. "So what? I doubt you'd be yourself if you had a sibling who was a terrorist. Maybe you'd understand if you actually had a sibling."

Ouch. That hurt. "Whatever Amber. But I'm telling you, something isn't right with her."

Amber laughed as she picked up her bag and headed for the door. "You're being paranoid again Laine. I give up." And with that, she closed the door and headed off to her lesson.

Since I didn't have any lessons until this afternoon, I decided to head to the theatre to practice. For the first period, I was alone. I assumed Ashley, Pippa and Diaz all had lessons this morning. It was pretty quiet in the theatre, so I got to sing some of my solo songs. One teaching assistant was hovering around in the theatre on her iPad, so she didn't pay any attention to me. I didn't mind though.

After break, Ashley came into the theatre. I waved at her and went over. "Hey Ash," I said, "do you want to put your bag with mine?"

"That's where I was heading, I know which bag is yours Laine," she laughed as she pointed to my bag.

We went backstage with our water bottles and sat down. We talked for a bit, and I told her about how I've been feeling irritated. "Why?" She asked.

I couldn't possibly admit to having some feelings for her, especially since I didn't know if they were actual feelings. I knew I had to tell her something quick, and I had to tell her what I was planning on keeping a secret. "My mum is broke and can't afford a scholarship. The school board refuse to pay for another one. They've paid for this year. I won't be here much longer, so I've got to find other options. Either that or manage to bag two more scholarships from somewhere."

Ashley took my hand and rubbed it. I felt a tingle. "It's okay... hold on. People who are looking for new star talent come to see our school show! You can wow them with your amazing performance, and maybe they'll sign you and you'll get your scholarships!"

I shook my head. "There are so many talented people though. There's you, Pippa, Diaz... there is no way they'd ever notice me."

She burst out laughing. "Are you kidding? You're the lead role! You're the one who will be watched the most!"

My cheeks started burning. I felt happy, but also terrified, knowing that the whole theatre would have their eyes on me the whole time. "Will it work?"

"It better work!" She said, "because I'd really miss having you around here. It would be lonely, and I'd have nobody to think about."

I looked into Ashley's eyes and saw a sparkle. At that moment, I knew my feelings for her were serious. It's not a phase, not a stupid girl crush. I have an official crush on Ashley. She took her hand and stroked my hair from my face, and ran her hand down y cheeks. I leaned my face into her hand, and then looked up at her again. She started to lean in, staring into my eyes.

"Hey!" We heard a familiar voice shout. Ashley pulled back and took her hand from my cheek, and also moved the one that had slipped onto my thigh. It was Diaz and Pippa, who finally had a free period just as me and Ashley were about to get close.

We greeted Pippa and Diaz, and started to practice. I caught Ashley staring at me, so I smiled at her, and she smiled back. At that moment, I knew that the feeling was mutual.

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