The Girls 2

Estal Academy is back! A new year, new students, new friendships.

With all the problems in their lives, can the three girls stick together?

*Contains triggers and emotional subjects people may find distressing/upsetting


12. 12



It got to the weekend. Laine had been stressing most of the week since Suki came home covered in bruises. She believed Suki hasn’t told us something, she also believes that Suki self-inflicted those bruises. I reassured Laine that Suki wouldn’t do that no matter the circumstances, and perhaps she’s been shaky and clumsy since the news about Kaito got out.

I decided that, since Dom wasn’t going to bother with me again this weekend, that I’d take Laine and Suki into the city to do a bit of shopping. We got changed, sorted our makeup and fixed our hair, and we were out of the house by 11am. We took the train into the city, with our bags empty and our purses full of savings. By the end of the day, that would be the opposite. Our bags will be full, and our purses will be empty.

The first shop we went into was Suki’s favourite. It was this shop with a lot of cute ‘junk’ in it. There were bracelets and necklaces made from all sorts of materials, dreamcatchers, small perfumes, stones, and old books with witchcraft and magic spells in them. She decided to buy herself a dreamcatcher, to catch all the nightmares she says she has had, but Laine nudged me and whispered, “but she doesn’t even go to sleep.”

I rolled my eyes. More paranoia, more suspicion. I wish Laine would just drop it. There is nothing wrong with Suki. She is totally fine. A bit sad about her brother, of course, anyone would be, but other than that she is perfectly fine. She gets changed every day, she’s always off to the library to study, she attends all of her classes and she eats and she showers and she sleeps. I don’t get Laine’s thoughts.

We went into so many more shops. We picked up some cute clothes and some new phone cases. We decided to buy three friendship necklaces. We all wear necklaces, so it was fitting. They were all love-heart shaped. Suki got the purple one that said ‘Best’, Laine got the blue one saying ‘Friends’, and I got the pink one saying ‘Forever’.

As we strolled around, we kept running into random shops just to see what they had. In one of the clothing shops, Suki picked up this white cold-shoulder jumper. “That’s cute!” I said.

Laine nodded. “I think it’d go great with these.” She picked up some bright pink pleather trousers. We both laughed at her, and then she joined in, “I’m joking. I wouldn’t be caught dead in these.” As Laine put them back, a woman walked in wearing the exact trousers. We all caught each other’s eyes and burst out laughing.

Suddenly, my phone started buzzing in my pocket. It was Dom calling. I rejected the call. A few seconds later, he called again. I knew I couldn’t afford to ignore him again. “Hi Dom! You’re finally bothering with me!”

I heard him sniffing. It sounded like he’d been crying. “Amber, I really need to talk to you.”

His voice kept cracking as he talked to me. “What’s up?” I asked.

He paused for a few seconds. “I can’t do this down the phone. I really need to see you. There is something I really need to tell you. It’s pretty urgent…” his voice trailed off, and I could hear him sniffing, before he said, “I just feel so alone!”

“I’m on my way. Where should I meet you?”

“The place we were on the night the signal went down.”

The phone line went. He’d hung up. Laine looked at me. “Is everything okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

I touched my cheeks. They were burning. I felt so nervous. My heart started beating really quickly. Dom had worried me. “It’s Dom. He said he really needs to talk to me about something, and it’s urgent. He told me he feels really alone, and he sounded like he was crying.”

“You go!” Suki said, “Dom needs you! We’ll come too if you want?”

I shook my head at her. “You two enjoy the rest of the day. I’ll see you back at the dorm.”

They both hugged me one at a time before I dashed out of the shop and down to the train station. I kept anxiously checking my phone to see if Dom had messaged or tried to call again, but he hadn’t. Thankfully, the train set off and I was back at the station near academy within 30 minutes. I got off at the station and ran. It took me 5 minutes to run all the way from the station to the academy. I was out of breath, sweating, and I was probably spotted by a lot of people, but I didn’t care because I needed to get to Dom.

It started raining as I got onto the fields and found Dom. He was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. He was clinging to his body, shaking, rocking back and forth. I pulled my umbrella out of my bag and sat down next to him, sheltering us both with my umbrella. “Dom!”

I wrapped my arm around his waist and pulled him closer to me. I kissed his forehead as he sobbed into my lap. “I really need to tell you this.”

“What is wrong honey?” I asked, stroking his damp hair from his eyes.

Dom sat up and looked at me. His eyes were full of tears and he looked so lost. He looked confused and sad. “Something has been on my mind for a while. I didn’t know it would get this intense.”

“Please just tell me, Dom!” I urged, taking my arm from around his waist and holding the umbrella with both hands as the rain started to pour harder.

“I’m so uncomfortable in this body, Amber! I don’t belong in it!” he cried.

I was confused. “What are you talking about?”

“I’m not a boy Amber…” he cried some more, “I’m trapped in a boy’s body! Don’t you understand?”

I shook my head.

“Amber, I’m supposed to be a girl!”

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