My story

This is my story... It isn't a particularly happy story, but it's mine. I will admit that there are parts of my story that I can't remember properly, there are some parts of my story that is difficult to write about. But my story is a humble and honest one.
You can judge me for my actions and decisions, but please do not tell me that I'm lying or exaggerating... No part of my story that I have to tell you is a lie or an exaggeration. It's true what they say, "We regret the things we didn't do more than the thing we did do." This will tell you more about me than just reading some of my fictional books....
This book is to warn you of the dangers of bullying and saying the wrong things, things that could damage and hurt someone without you knowing it.


6. After death comes life:

When living with my dad and my grandfather, I learnt many life lessons and had a lot more scars than what I did before I moved in.

I spent two years living under the same roof as my grandad and my dad, they both taught me math solutions, or at least try to help me understand some of them.

It wasn't long after I moved in with my grandfather that the relationship between my dad and I started to go bad. There were fights and things said that left invisible scars on me, along with visible ones. I can't look at my hands without seeing the scar that my dad put there when I was only 12 years old. My dad was angry when he shoved me backwards. I was trying to balance myself but my hand went through a glass water filter, it shattered and there was a lot of blood. I have had the scar for five years and I'm always going to have it.

My dad contributed to many of my scars, to this day, I can't look in the mirror without thinking about how I was broken, time and time again. My self esteem and confidence is gone, my self worth is gone. I have no hope for the future, I have no dreams. There are days when I can't feel anything what so ever. I hope the day that I no longer feel this pain comes soon. Because it hurts, all the memories and all the scars from long ago come back to haunt me. They all hurt. It hurts so bad.

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