Texing Harry Styles (H.S x Readers)

"babe stop ignoring me"

"babe? im not your babe freak"

•in which you get a text from harry styles who was trying to text his girlfriend, but instead he messaged you•

*short chapters*

⇰ starts: 2017.30.07


2. two

[1:30 pm]

H: babbbbbbbeeeeeeeee

H: loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

H: honey buuuunnnnnn?

Y: would you shut up

Y: you messaging me is annoying

Y: im not your girlfriend idiot

H: why are you being soooo mean

H: i mean, i said i was sorry ~ 😥

Y: okay, im going to play along.

Y: who do you think i am?

H: my baby girl ~ 😏

Y: uh huh

Y: and what is your name?

H: sexy harry styles love ~ 🌚

Y: harry styles? THY HARRY STYLES?

Y: now you're the one pulling pranks

Y: say "harry styles" text me when you know who you are because you're NOT harry styles

H: no no no. i am harry styles 😢

Y: sure sure, and im louis and you both are married


im a hard larry shipper and so i couldn't help, but add that part lmao.

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