Texing Harry Styles (H.S x Readers)

"babe stop ignoring me"

"babe? im not your babe freak"

•in which you get a text from harry styles who was trying to text his girlfriend, but instead he messaged you•

*short chapters*

⇰ starts: 2017.30.07


4. four

3 days later

[10:59 pm]

Y: hi idiot

[11:30 pm]

Y: helloooo

Y: pabo?

[12:15 am]

Y: whatever, night 😑

[7:30 am]

H: i thought you said i should not messaged you again?

H: or did you really missed me 🌚


H: 🌚 ???

Y: i mean dummy!

H: yeah sure ~

Y: i really did!!!!!!!!!

H: uh huh

Y: and here i thought i missed you 😪 smh

H: y-you missed me? 😍

Y: n...o?

H: omg you DID missed me!

Y: okay bye dummy 🙃

H: you missed me <78289x

Y: smh


did YOU really missed Harry? 👀🌚💕

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