The Story you dont know

Five teenagers growing up in abusive home. Struggling to make ends meet. Allison, Caleb, Elizabeth, Asia, and Ricardo own stories through their journals, letters, and minds. As their lives around them fall apart. Where they end up meeting each other in New Angels PRTF Treatment Facility. Then ultimintaly finding their own strength through each other.


4. Chapter 4

 This story is may be a bit confusing but keep reading and you will understand who is your favorite character, least what do you want to happen? please comment and vote thank you. Enjoy


Pay day, pay day, pay day! Today is payday! I actually did better than I've expected actually better than second mom expected. I paid off my entire rent, with $80 days left for anything else. That honestly used to sound like a lot, But  it's just enough for toiletries, food, and a bit of dishware. My second buys me clothes and does my laundry. She got me a box tv. It has ten channels. But hey im not complaining. thebed she got me is somewhat comfy but really noisy. I love it.I've never been so good. Oh! My second mom is an older lady lady who has never had kids. She loves to garden, cook, talk, and give help anywhere it's needed. Her name is Mrs. Barb. I have to thank her or I would be homeless.  - Elizabeth

Looking into the mirror hasn't always been easy, But when I take "E" everything is so much better. I look once again and I see everything I always wanted and more. No more feeling like I'm worthless. Well at least for a little while. I know I shouldn't be so happy about fucking up my brain. But who cares nobody leaves life alive anyway. Right? The only thing I hate is that feeling of going down. My heart feels like it's slowly stopping. My brain begins to panic because it knows the high is almost over. I begin to shake and cry my bones are showing. Now I look half-dead. I no longer feel the need to even care about myself. Sometimes I feel so mellow I have to remind myself I am real. So I find myself taking a blade to my legs, arms, and stomach then watch the blood ooze out. I wipe my blood all over my and feel whole. Then I wait to do it all over again- Caleb

His scream, moms sreams echo in my head. " Worthless, stupid, fat, selfish, disgusting, and more. Because Mr. Mikes brother is now my social worker he easily made Mr. Mike and Mrs. Jasimine my.... Parents. Now they're slaving over my body for money and pleasure. How can somebody be so inhumane. Surely they wouldn't want this for themselves. Would they? I asked . Mrs. Jasimine said this. " It's not happening to us now honey, Don't you now that. You can be so stupid i have to feel sorry for you. At least you have us we'll show you the proper use for yourself." Those sickly honey sweet words will always be scarred in my mind. But for now i'm.... Never loved. Unwanted. Touched. Sold. Me.                                               This is me. - Allison

I hope you have enjoyed this as much as have. I know this has been a little sad. But I promise it always get better. If you have any ideas anything you want to now or to ask the characters please comment please vote or follow thank you for reading this

        stay strong     


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