Amy`s Story

Amy is a 16-year-old girl who lives a terrible life. Secluded from the others, pursued by the government because she is a living experiment, no family. But thanks to her best friend, David, she takes it all away, but sometimes she doubts. She wants to give up everything and risk her life.


3. The strange bar (2)

Bartender: So, why were you running out earlier?

Amy: Oh... you saw me?... Well, I saw something in one of the mirrors. So I were going near it and then

          something creepy happened. I don't mind if you don't belive me. Whatever, suddenly a little kid

          appeared. It... attacked me and then... I was scared... And I ran out. But I fergot my bag. 

Bartender: Okay. Wait a minute. (Goes inside a room and comes out with Amy´s bag) Here you go.

Amy: God, thank you mr. Bartender. 

Bartender: Stop calling me mr. Bartender. When you do, I'm feeling so old. Just call me Rover.

Amy: Okay mister- sorry, I mean Rover.

Rover: And what is your name? 

Amy: I´m sorry. My name is... Amy. "Should I really trust him?... Well he didn't call me stupid now..."

Rover: Oh, I hear someone's coming in. Let's go back. (Goes back to the bar)

Amy: Yes. (Follows Rover back)

Rover: Oh, hello Nicole. You brought everyone here?

Nicole: Hello Rover. Of course I'll bring everyone here. Oh, I see that you're not alone. 

Rover: Yes, that's Amy. Amy, that is Nicole.

Amy: Hello, nice to meet you.

Nicole: Same. Well, I want you to meet Frisk.

Frisk: Hi Amy.

Amy: Hey Frisk.

Mike: Oh well. I see that my brother fell asleep here.

Rover: Oh, yes.

Frisk: Mike, you should take him home or wake him up.

Mike: You are right Frisk. I'll wake him up. (Wakes Simon up)

Simon: W-wha...? Oh... Hey bro... What´s up...?

Mike: Simon! You were sleeping here!

Simon: Oops. 


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