Amy`s Story

Amy is a 16-year-old girl who lives a terrible life. Secluded from the others, pursued by the government because she is a living experiment, no family. But thanks to her best friend, David, she takes it all away, but sometimes she doubts. She wants to give up everything and risk her life.


4. Meeting everyone

Simon: (Sees Amy) Hey, weren't you that girl from earlier?

Amy: *Sigh* Yeah, the girl that is always feared. "Great Amy, now mess it up just a little more"

Simon: Feared? What do you mean?

Amy: I have lots of fears. I also- 

Mirror: Amy.... Amy... Amy....

Amy: WHAT THE HELL?!?! (Goes to the mirror) 

Mirror: They're coming.... They're behind that door...

Amy: Y-You don't mean.... T-They're really...?

Mirror: Hide... They're after you....

Amy: G-God no.... O-Okay everybody. (Turns around to the others) C-Could you please do me a favor?

Frisk: Of course. What is it?

Amy: I-I want you to hide. 

Simon: Huh? Why?

Amy: J-Just do it. T-Trust me, you'll be s-safe.

(There are noises behind the door)

Amy: T-They're a-already here?? Fast! Hide! Just do it!

Frisk: But Amy-

Amy: Please! If they find you. Who knows what's gonna happen! Please!





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