The Return

Coven falls was just like any other ordinary town, except it was hiding a secret, a big secret from its towns people. And no one was safe, not even Emma Thomas, or was she ?

*^ this book is based off of the vampire diaries, all the characters that show up in it that are NOT mine, except the ones I add*^


8. chapter 8

P.S!!! About 90% of this book will be in Emma's point of view unless stated otherwise, please leave me feedback on how you guys like the book so far and what you'd like to see in it! And please remember to check out some of my other stories! Much love ❤️-B

Emma's POV

Okay I had 1 hour to clean up this entire living room, and kitchen. I got this. I Whipped out the vacuum over the carpet, and dusted off any thing that looked dusty. I threw out the cigarettes that were in the ashtray and put the ashtray in the cupboard under the sink.

Just as I was about to grab the air freshener the doorbell rang. So as fast as I could I sprayed the autumn scented air freshener over the living room, kitchen and hallway before going over The front door to let him in.

I composed myself to make it look like I wasn't trying to impress him. I took one last deep breath as I opened the door and I put a small but real smile on my face.

"Hi Stefan! Come in" closing the door behind him I walked him into the kitchen to grab 2 cups and poured us some coffee.

"Cream"? I asked but he politely declined and drank his coffee black.

"So how are you feeling"? I froze, what? Had he found out about the beating? Or had Leah told him? Had he figured out everything?

"Wh-what do you mean"? I stuttered but I composed my breathing and hoped he hadn't noticed.

"Well you seem to have been in a lot of pain yesterday and I just wanted to make sure you were OK and it was nothing too serious" awh, he's so sweet!

"Yeah I'm fine just a little sore" I lied, again. Truth is I was still in pain, from my ribs but how would I explain to him about how that happened?

"So what happened again, I'm just curious"?  I played it off as I fell down the stairs, but the look on his face told me he didn't believe me one bit.

Stefan set his coffee down and walked towards me but once he got close enough I backed up until I was cornered by the sink and the counter with his arms on both sides of me. Shit.

He slowly lifted his hand but I flinched out of instinct, only for him to set his hand on my chin and lift my head to look into his brown eyes.

It's like I was mesmerized by them.


Bold is stefan. Italics is emma.

"Now Emma I want you to tell me the truth, what really happened to you"

"My uncle Beat me when you came over to bring my journal and he busted a rib and I passed out"

"How long is this been happening"

"8 months, since my parents died"

"Thank you, now you won't remember this conversation we had, just that you invited me over for some coffee and we are hanging out"

I smiled at Stefan but then got confused as to why we were in the position we were in.

"Uh Stefan"? I questioned motioning to the way we were standing.

"Sorry" he spoke and moved back to were he was standing and hopped on the counter top. Not that I minded because he has muscle. And damn it was hot.

"So what do you wanna do" I sipped my coffee waiting for his response but he just had a state going. Like he was in deep thought.

"How about swimming"? He suggested, but I politely declined because I told him I can't swim. Which is true I use to be able to but after the car accident I just forgot how and now I'm to scared to go back in the water.

"Okay so how about a movie then"?

"Yeah sure, action or scary"? I asked while walking into the living room and pulled out two movies from the cabinet.

"Spiderman or dawn of the dead"?

Stefan laughed a little and chose Spider-Man.

Halfway through the movie I ended up beside Stefan and my head was resting on his shoulder. He turned his body to face me and I lifted my head to look him in the eyes.

"Emma, I think you're beautiful and I wouldn't do anything to hurt you, I just want you to know that" his Face was gradually getting closer and closer to mine, until his lips were almost an inch from mine.

I knew this was wrong, but it felt so right. So finally I made a bold move and pushed my lips onto his and surprisingly he didn't hesitate to kiss me back. His lips were so soft and it felt so nice. But I broke our kiss once I heard the door open.

"Lou, what did you forgot"? I spoke turning to face who I though was Louis but I was greeted by Rick.


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