The Return

Coven falls was just like any other ordinary town, except it was hiding a secret, a big secret from its towns people. And no one was safe, not even Emma Thomas, or was she ?

*^ this book is based off of the vampire diaries, all the characters that show up in it that are NOT mine, except the ones I add*^


6. chapter 6

Word count 562

Emma's POV

When I arrive at the party you could practically taste the alcohol and pot from where the cars were parked. I made my way over to the crowd searching for Cara, and it wasn't hard to find her once I noticed her long blonde hair.

"Emma! I didn't think you'd come! Come on have a drink"! And so I did. It only started with beer, then after about 2 hours it went straight to vodka.

I eventually found myself talking to this cute boy, I think his name was max? But he was cute and he didn't seem like a ass like most of the guys at school, but then again I'm plastered so how would I know?

"Let's go for a walk and I can get to know you more" and I tried to say no but my mouth says otherwise. "Sure". So he grabbed my arm and started kind of pulling me away from everyone, But just as we are getting out of the crowd I saw a familiar face. And I knew the face anywhere, and just before we were out of sight his eyes caught my drunken ones, Stefan.

We were good distance away from the party but my legs felt like Jell-O so it could've been farther, and my head was spinning and I just wanted to go home but I didn't want to seem rude so I started to spark up a conversation. "So what do yo-" I was cut off by a pair of rough lips. Max's arms rapped around my body and pushed me against a tree holding me there. I couldn't move or push him off of me, because a) I was plastered and b) he was a lot stronger then me. I started to squirm and try to get out of his grasp, but nothing was working. His lips then moved to my neck started sucking, and I could only imagine the bruise I would have in the morning.

"STOP! STOP! Hel-" his arm came up and covered my mouth.

"Shhh I'm just having fun" I felt tears start to swell up and I kept struggling. All of the sudden it all stoped. Instantly his weight came off of my body and he was no longer pushing himself against me. He was thrown off of me.

My Head was spinning and my heart is still pounding against my chest from what all just happened. Tears cascaded down my cheeks as I slid down to the ground against the tree, and cried.

"Hey, hey, Emma? It's okay, shhh" Stefan's voice was soft and reassuring. Was he The one that pulled Max off of me? "It's going to be OK let's just get you home" he lifted me and tried to help me walk but my legs were so shaky from not just being drunk but from the whole situation I just encountered. After noticing I could barely walk Stefan just lifted me off my feet and cared me bridal style back to what I assumed was his truck.

He put me in the passenger side then very quickly got the driver side. I was so drunk and tired and scared that my eyes started to droop shut. But before I can let myself I spoke two simple words with so much meeting behind them.

"Thank You Stefan"

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