The Return

Coven falls was just like any other ordinary town, except it was hiding a secret, a big secret from its towns people. And no one was safe, not even Emma Thomas, or was she ?

*^ this book is based off of the vampire diaries, all the characters that show up in it that are NOT mine, except the ones I add*^


5. chapter 5

Word count 1239


When I woke up I was still laying in front of the door. My head was pounding and my ribs felt like they were on fire. Before I tried to get up, I checked my Surondings around me to see if Rick was around, but heard no sound.

So slowly and painfully I got up off the floor and limped up to my bathroom. I lock the door and leaned myself against counter, and took a moment to regain myself. I lifted up my shirt and the right side of my ribs were Black and blue. As I laid my fingers to run across them I squealed and instantly felt a striking pain. Broken?

I was no doctor but I could tell that this wasn't good. He really didn't show any mercy this time. I put my shirt back down, unlocked my bathroom door and walked into my conjoining room. The window was open. But I don't remember leaving it open this morning, but then again maybe I could of.

I shut the window, locked it and pulled my curtains. Painfully I laid down in bed and stared at the ceiling. I had just closed my eyes when I heard the front door open and shut.I heard the footsteps coming up the stairs and coming towards my bedroom door. I prayed that it wasn't rick as I close my eyes and hoped for the worst but for once my prayer was answered. It was Louis.

"Did you forget about picking me up"? His voice was deep because he was annoyed. He walked in my door and saw me laying on my bed, my face was stained with tears, and he knew what had happened. He shut the door, walked over to my side of the bed, and slowly laid down with me. Louis Put my head in his lap and brushed the hair out of my face.

"I'm sorry" I said and he just shushed me.

"It's okay, don't worry about it" his voice was now soft and he was clearly upset that I was hurt, again.

"Emma we can't keep living like this, this isn't what I want, or what you want, we need out" Louis had changed from upset to pissed.

"You know very well that rick is the town sheriff, and if we tried to run and get out, we'd be in even more trouble than we are now and nobody would believe us" I told him, and slowly sitting up with the aid of Louis, I scooted back up with my back against my headboard.

Why was our lives so fucked up?

------------------Time skip------------------

The Next Day, Friday

Finally the last day until the weekend, and for once I was actually excited about this weekend. Rick had a meeting with the town Council, and then he was going with a few buddies out of town to go camping and he won't be back until Sunday night. So I will be free for a whole weekend. Lou is staying with his buddy Kyle this weekend so I will have the house to myself.

I walked into my fourth period class which was history. I haven't had a problem with my ribs all morning, but is soon as I walked in to history Leah was walking around the corner and ran right into me. And when she hit my ribs I let out a squeal in pain.

"Emma are you okay? Did I hurt you?" Concern was laced through her voice and I felt bad so I tried to hide it.

"No, I'm fine" I tried to put on a big smile, and I mouthed that I would tell her later, even though the class hasn't started yet there was still people around and I didn't want them to find out. But one of those people that's stood out to me the most was that brown haired boy, Stefan.

His eyes just locked with mine, as if he was trying to read my mind. I broke our intense stare and walked over to my desk. Slowly and carefully I sat down, but it didn't stop Stefan from staring at me.

Finally I looked over his way and when our eyes met, he gave me a soft smile. I return the gesture then put my focus back on the board, his stare no longer on me, but on Mr. Morris instead.

When the bell rang I was one of the last people to leave the room, because when I slowly got up from my desk to get my books, a hand reached over and grabbed them for me.


"Here let me help you with that"

"Thanks" I said not really going to argue. I don't like when people try to help me out. I want to be an independent person, but I knew caring those books cost me even more pain, so I let this one slide.

"You're welcome, so were to"? His brown eyes looked into mine and he just smiled, and just like that a something tingled inside me. Gosh he was so cute, but he wouldn't even look twice at me if he knew everything that has happened to me.

"Lunch" i smiled back and we walked into the cafeteria together, him setting his books down beside me, not that I cared. I slowly made my way up to the line and nothing really looked good, I mean come on it's school food. So I settled for a apple and a bottle of water.

Stefan was still at the table, so I guess he wasn't hungry. I sat down and ate my lunch, half way through lunch Leah finally showed up and sat beside me.

"Hey rick is out of town this weekend and so you maybe wanna come over"? I hate being alone in that house, it gives me to many bad memories.

"I wish I could Emma, but my aunt is in town and wants to spend some time with me" "that's okay, another time" I was upset that she couldn't stay with me, but I knew seeing family was important to her, so I just smiled back with my response.

Stefan just looked at me and said nothing, but his stare just kind of got to me, and it made me wonder what he knew and what he was thinking. Once lunch was over I continued on to my last couple classes, and finally ready to go. I had to drop Louis off at Kyle's and then it was home alone At last.

"If you need anything, just call okay"? Right before Louis shut the door, he nodded, "yeah yeah"

Once I got to the house I noticed that ricks car was gone, so that meant he left already. Walking inside I walked up to my room and decided what to do, I mean come on it's not every weekend that the monster's not here.


My phone went off and I saw I had a invite from Cara to a party out at the old cemetery.

Well let's check our options. Option A: I stay home all weekend in sweatpants in bed watching movies like any other weekend. Or option B: I go out, have a good time for once and not have to worry about consequences. I think I've made my choice.

But what I didn't know is that I made the wrong choice.

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