Young Forever [REWRITING]

Jason McCann,
Everyone observed him as a fierce, cold-blooded criminal.
I'm not exactly like 'Everyone'.
I was told to stay away.
Did I listen? No.
I enjoy discovering the damaged ones,
the ones that need the most healing in their lives.
It's a challenge,
but I was eager to take that challenge no matter what.
Who would ever thought he would actually let me inside his isolated world and his complications.
I could've cared less if 'everyone' thought I was senseless to give in to him.
We were free, a breakaway from all the difficulties, anxiety, and people in our lives.
Did I care that he was on the run from the forces? No.
I was willing to be on the run beside him.
I wasn't just his partner in crime,
I was his girlfriend.
I was His,
something I desired to be from the first time my eyes came across his.
We were convicts together, remaining .


6. 6 | "No Angel"


October 10th, 2010

Ducking under bed's and lifting couch cushions seemed to be my only task this morning. I had a few important notes written on a crumpled piece of paper.

No one outside of this gang needed to see those notes. My room was practically torn from head to toe because I've been searching for one piece of paper.

I can't search for much longer. Alex would want to slit my throat if he found out I lost it. I should have thrown it away right after the mission ended.

The boys already were pissed the rest of that week because Mark, Quincy, and I departed the scene before the action begun. Did I care, though? No.

I only cared about finding those notes before someone else does.

"Jason, what is going on with you? You've been quite suspicious all morning. What the hell did you lose this time?" Luke questioned, plopping down on the single-person couch across the living room with a bowl of chips in his hand.

"All I can say is that if someone outside the gang finds what I lost, we are dead meat." I clarified, storming back upstairs to take another search in my bedroom.


Earlier that morning of October 10th, 2010

Tears brimmed in my eyes as I stared down at the unfolded crumpled piece of paper. I've been reading it over and over for the past ten minutes to make sure it was actually what I was reading. The sloppy handwriting was surprisingly readable for me.

The note read:

Bomb funeral on Tuesday, September 21st

Things needed:

- bombs

- maroon van from storage

- shovels

- masks

- latex gloves

"I can't believe she was right." I sobbed, tumbling on the tiled bathroom flooring.

I angrily crumpled the note back up, throwing it against the wall. It rebounded and fell on the floor. My face hid in the palms of my hands as I cried hysterically.


"Pretty bad shiner that you got there, Jason. How did you get that?" Stokes grilled as I glared down at the glazed silver table in front of me.

"How does a seventeen-year-old prick take over a grown man's job, huh?" Huxbee barked, harshly backhand slapping me to the pavement.

I groaned, turning over to glare up at him.

"We brought you in, ungrateful hag! You didn't invite yourself!" I retorted, pointing at him.

His shoe shot punched me in my stomach. He rolled his eyes as I groaned again. He turned on his heels, storming to his imperial crown convertible.

"Skateboarding," I mumbled.

Scrutinized underneath a bright light hung from the ceiling. I get why I'm here, but they got me in for the wrong reasons.

Police were forced to bring in ex-convicts with a record of bombings. Of course, Alex and I were in that category. Alex came in the other day. Now it's my turn, unfortunately.

"Yeah, sure. You know why you're in right?" He snapped, pressing his hands pressed against the table as he leaned in to glare at me.

I rolled my eyes. "Stokes, let's get something straight here. Why are you even wasting your time? There's absolutely no proof I was at the scene. As a matter of fact, only proof that was at the scene was the bombs. Your bomber is just going to have to stay left unknown."

He huffed as I leaned back in my seat, smirking.

"How do you know so much about what was left at the scene, huh, McCann?" He cocked his eyebrow, folding his hands together.

"There's something called the news. Maybe you sure watch it sometimes. Can I leave now? I got better things to do. I'm already on probation. I don't need to be accused of extra stuff in my record." I spat, slamming my fist on the table.

Stokes waved a hand, "Get out of here, McCann."

I smirked. "Gladly."

Pushing the seat back, I stood up and walked out the interrogation room. I strolled down the hallway and storming out the double doors of the police station.


October 15th, 2010

"Halloween party tomorrow night," Kristen repeated for the thirty-millionth time during this school day.

Kristen thought it would be the best idea to hand out her invitations at the end of the day. She would've done in through her classes, but her teachers kept warning that she would get Saturday detention. She sneaked a few throughout lunch, though.

I honestly believed this party was way too early in the month.

"Don't you think the whole school just might be too many people in your house?" I asked, handing out an invitation to every person that passed us.

"Jade, are you crazy? The more people, the more people they will invite from other schools. That means more guys..." She mumbled.

I halted from giving a guy an invitation and glared at her.

She caught my glare and fake coughed.

"I mean... more friends."

I rolled my eyes, shoving the invitation in his hand. He shrugged, taking it and walking out the double doors to his bus.

"I better see you, Vanessa, and Paige there too." She warned, pointing at me.

"For the tenth time, Kristen, I'll be there. I'm not a ditch like you guys were on bowling night." I reminded her.

She laughed, patting a hand on my back.

"You know that was good. Who drove you home by the way?" She questioned, cocking an eyebrow.

Remembering who, I decided not to say.

"I-I called my mom and she picked me up."

She nodded, continuing to finish off the hand-outs of the invitations. I heard heels clicking our way and knew exactly who it was.

"Vanessa, wait! I'm not finished!" Paige nagged.

"Don't care," Vanessa shouted, walking up to us.

"What happen?" Kristen asked.

"These stupid boys, I swear. About sixteen guys have flirted around and asked me if I will be attending." She rolled her eyes, yanking Paige's invitations out her hands and shoving them towards Kristen.

Kristen snatched them back and said, "And the problem is?"

"They all were unattractive!" She barked back, making a few people look our way.


October 16th, 2010

"Mark, let's go!" I yelled, grabbing my car keys.

A hard booming style of music played from the basement.

"He's doing that recording crap again." Quincy huffed, walking out the front door.

I strolled over to the basement, pressing my ear against the door.

"I'm more than just an option... Refuse to be forgotten... I took a chance with my heart... And I feel it taking over..."

I grinned, shaking my head. Swinging my keys, I walk out the front door. I closed it behind me and locked it. Sliding into the driver's seat, I slammed the door shut.

"Where's Mark?" James questioned from the backseat.

"He's recording. He probably won't be missing much. Look whose party it is." I scoffed, chuckling.

James chuckled, "Yeah, that's right."


"Vodka?" A drunk guy yelled, handing the drink to me.

I grinned, shaking my head.

"I. Don't. Drink." I yelled back over the music as I pushed the drink back.

He chuckled, nodding before chugging it down. Turning around, I rolled my eyes. There were too many bodies at this party for me to breathe. I'm not claustrophobic, but I think I'm starting to feel the symptoms.

An intoxicated Kristen was grinding up against an unfamiliar guy with long, dark-brown chestnut hair and dressed in a devil costume.

Vanessa, on the other hand, was leaned up against a wall with her arms crossed over her chest. Twenty-five minutes ago, a guy tried to sweet talk her, but she rudely refused by splashing punch in his face.

Paige was squished on the couch between two very attractive jocks but was completely uninterested because Kristen played both of them not too long ago.

She was too memorized in her cell phone to hear anything they were trying to yell over the music to her.

My attention spun towards the door as it swung open. I glared at him as him and his friends strolled in wearing their costumes.

He was dressed as the joker from Batman. A smirk played on his lips as he pushed through the crowd of people.

Don't remember handing him an invitation.

My adrenaline throbbed as his eyes met mine from across the room. I quickly looked down, turning on my heel and heading towards the kitchen.

One girl dressed as superwoman was puking her guts in Kristen's kitchen trashcan. A guy was sucking lips with his girlfriend sitting on the counter. I swear people have no respect for someone's home.

Disgusted, I kept walking. Thankfully, Kristen's kitchen was designed with a back door to the backyard. I twisted the knob, walking out into the evening atmosphere. I sat down on the grass, playing with the holes in my white stockings.

The sun peered over the high hill. A mixture of indigo and white painted the atmosphere beautifully behind the sun as it set for the evening. I studied the sky while laying back on the itchy grass.


She was nowhere in sight. When you're at a party, it was impossible to discover one person out of the entire crowd.

"I'll be back," I whispered to Derek, who was the only sober friend here with me.

He nodded before pulling out his cell phone.

I pushed through the costumed dancing bodies around me. A tiny, yet strong hand stopped me from walking into the kitchen. I rolled my eyes, staring into her chestnut-colored eyes.

"What, Francis?"

"I don't remember handing you an invitation." She snapped, resting her hand on her hip.

I scoffed. "I don't remember this being your damn party."

She rolled her eyes, sipping on her punch.

I continued to walk into the kitchen. The back door to Kristen's house was sitting wide open.

Jade was sitting outside alone, laying on the grass and staring up at the afternoon revolving into the evening. She was dressed in a white angel costume with matching stockings and flats. Her hair was tied back in a bun with white clips holding it up neatly.

Sighing, I walked out to accompany her.

"Beautiful night," I mumbled, glancing up at the sky.

She crooked her head to see me standing not too far from where she was laid.

"It would've been a beautiful night on Tuesday, September 21st."

She stood up. My jaw hung was she glared at me. She scoffed, dusting her costume off and storming past me. I huffed, turning around to see Alex standing there with a cigarette between his lips.

"What was that?!" He shouted, pointing back to emphasize.

"She saw the notes. She knows."

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