Young Forever [REWRITING]

Jason McCann,
Everyone observed him as a fierce, cold-blooded criminal.
I'm not exactly like 'Everyone'.
I was told to stay away.
Did I listen? No.
I enjoy discovering the damaged ones,
the ones that need the most healing in their lives.
It's a challenge,
but I was eager to take that challenge no matter what.
Who would ever thought he would actually let me inside his isolated world and his complications.
I could've cared less if 'everyone' thought I was senseless to give in to him.
We were free, a breakaway from all the difficulties, anxiety, and people in our lives.
Did I care that he was on the run from the forces? No.
I was willing to be on the run beside him.
I wasn't just his partner in crime,
I was his girlfriend.
I was His,
something I desired to be from the first time my eyes came across his.
We were convicts together, remaining .


4. 4 | "Don't Kill The Fun"


September 22nd, 2010

"I have an announcement." Luke addressed.

I yawned, tossing my backpack over my shoulder. Everyone was huddled in the living room, still dressed in their pajamas. Luke stood in behind the coffee table, holding a steaming cup of coffee in his right hand.

"Get on with it, Luke. It's too early for this." Derek grumbled, scratching his arm roughly, shifting into a comfortable spot in the cushion of the couch.

Luke glared at Derek and rolled his eyes. He cleared his throat. His attention fell back to everyone in the room.

"In honor of Jason and Alex returning, we're having a guy's night out at the bowling alley on this Friday night."

I grinned widely, appreciating the honor. I stuffed my hands into my pockets. The guys began obnoxiously applauding and whistling loudly. Alex raised a hand to settle the abrupt celebration. The room quickly grew silent before he spoke.

"Is that old hag joining us on our night out?"

Luke shook his head quickly and scoffed. "No."

"Good." Alex and I said in unison.

"Now, since that's over, I'm getting back in those comfy bed sheets," Derek exclaimed, standing up from the couch. His spider-man blanket cape over his shoulder. He started to head back to his bedroom.

"I wouldn't do that. I'm ready to make pancakes, eggs, and bacon." James advised before strolling into the kitchen.

"Darn it." Derek groaned, turning on his heels.


September 24th, 2010

"Jade, we never do anything together," Vanessa whined on the phone line.

My teeth bit into my third slice of pepperoni pizza. My legs flew back and forth through the air while I laid on my stomach.

"We spent time together at the mall last week, Vanessa."

She's been carrying on about this for the past two hours. That means two hours exactly wasted out of my lifespan. I've been thinking of countless excuses for me to get off the phone for the past thirty minutes, but all my friends know that my days are only consumed with school, work, and sleep.

"Please, Jade! We might see some cute boys there." She replied, trying to seem a bit convincing.

I scoffed, re-positioning the phone against my ear.

"Since when do you ever hear me drooling over a million boys like you?"

"Whatever, Jade. Can we please just go somewhere?" She nagged once more.

I grumbled, knowing it was my only option to give in.

"Fine, Vanessa. Where do you want to go?"

An obnoxious squeal blasted out of Vanessa through the other side of the line. I quickly jerked the phone from my ear to save my hearing.

"The bowling alley!" She screeched.

She would pick the one place I have shunned since I was eight years old.

"Alright," I muttered irritably.

"I'll pick you and the girls up at eight!"

My finger pressed against my phone, ending the call, finally. I sighed in relief, tossing my phone on my bed. I stood up, extending my arms as if I just woke up for the day.

I walked over to my dresser, pushing aside shirts and jeans to find something to wear. A white tank top, indigo plaid flannel, black ripped jeans, and white converses was my best option for the evening. My head shot over to the clock on my dresser. The clock read seven thirty-five.


I poked three fingers in the holes of the ball. Perceiving the pins at the end, I fixated and sunk the ball slowly. Jerking my arm back a bit, I swing forward and let go. The bowling ball rolled down the lane, knocking down every pin correctly.

"Nice one, McCann!" Derek applauded.

"Thanks," I said before staring at the leaderboard.

My name was raised to first. Skylar's dropped to second place.

I turned on my heel with a smirk plastered on my lips. Skylar's arms were crossed over his chest as he scowled at me from his seat.

"I don't know why you're glaring, Jackson. You can't ever top a McCann." I assured him while heading back to my seat. 

Alex chuckled, smacking hands with me before I sat down. Luke stood up from his seat beside mine, clutching a ball to begin his turn.

"Look who decided to ruin guy's night out." James scoffed, gesturing towards the front double-doors of the bowling alley.

All our heads whirled to see the evil gossip trio and a beautiful goddess following behind them: Vanessa, Kristen, Paige, and Jade.

"Who is the last chick?" Alex asked, cocking his eyebrow.

"Jade Taylor," I muttered.

Vanessa's rosy pumps were the first to click over to our direction. Her facial expression screamed her nasty attitude.

"Exactly why are you guys here?" She snapped, scoffing at our appearance.

I rolled my eyes and looked back at the gang. Alex licked his lips, rubbed his hands together, and stood up from his seat. He brushed past me to deal with Vanessa.

"Look, Francis, we aren't here to listen to your unneeded commentary. Either you roll some balls or leave. Your choice." Alex spat.

I back in my leaned seat. My arms crossed over my chest. I glared at Vanessa as she walked closer to Alex, leaning down, inches from his face.

"Who do you think you are, McCann? You don't own this bowling alley. It's a public place as you can see. We didn't ask for you guys to be here." Vanessa argued, nudging her finger into Alex's chest.

Jade rolled her eyes behind Paige. She paced over to Vanessa, snatching the back of her arm.

"Vanessa, leave it alone. I don't think either one of us expected the other to be here. Let it go. They didn't start trouble with you. We came here to bowl, not argue."

"You better listen to your girl," I warned, nodding towards Jade.

Vanessa huffed angrily and stormed away to the other side of the alley with the girls shadowing her footsteps. Luke rolled his eyes before flinging his ball down the alley.


By the thirteenth round of bowling, I had given up. There was no point. I embarrassed myself every single time. The girls have been giggling at my failure all night long.

I walked over to the brunette-coated bench, plopping down by myself. The girls continued playing and observing their scores rank higher on the leader board.

I gazed up at the admirable upbeat lights that glimmered all over the alley. Today's hits blasted through exactly five speakers embedded all over the place.

Surprisingly, Jason's friends were the only ones to accompany us in the entire room on a Friday evening.

"You're either a bad bowler or just not interested in playing."

I regarded the voice and gazed up to see Jason stood before me. His hands were stuffed in his pockets. I began to wonder why we always encounter each other this way.

Laughing, I nodded, "It's just about both. I suck at it, terribly. Not something I would typically go out and do on a Friday night."

He chuckled, "Wow. We're total opposites. I'm an expert at this."

"Cocky much?"

"I could teach you how to play sometime." He added.

I chewed on my bottom lip, "Maybe."

A few seconds went by with us just gazing around the bowling alley. The tension was excruciating. His comfort with standing annoying me from the inside out. I cleared my throat, drawing his attention back at me.

"Why don't you sit down?" I offered, patting the vacant bench seat.

His breath hitched before he sat down beside me. It wasn't close like I anticipated. He leaned back a little, dragging his phone out of his pocket. Not trying to seem interfering, I stared at every other object in the room except his phone.

The lights started flickering on and off. A sound of clicking was also followed with the flickers. I felt as if it was one of his friends trying to scare the girls and I. I decided not to react.

Jason stopped typing away on his phone and regarded up.

"What in the world?" He muttered, standing up and shoving his phone back into his pocket.

Everyone hesitated their conversations and actions. Radio music and clicking of switches were the only uproars perceived in the room.

"Jade, let's go. This seems like it's ready to get out of hand."

Vanessa's pumps started to click over to me.

I shook my head. "No. I'm not leaving."

"Jade-" Vanessa started.

I raised my hand up to stop her.

"I said, I am not leaving."

My voice was the last thing to be heard before the lights abruptly went off. The girls shrieked in panic. A hand snaked around my waist, while another cupped my lips. My first retort was to scream, but I comprehended it had to be Jason out of all people.

"Jason McCann," A voice roared before chuckling.

Boots clicked up against the firm wood floor of the alley.

"Who is that?" I muffled.

"Shush," Jason whispered, removing his hands from my mouth and waist.

All the lights flashed back on. A man that appeared to look at least twenty-five stood not too far from us with a crew shadowing behind him.

Disregarding the situation for a second, I gazed around to see the girls had abandoned me for the night. This is the main reason I should have remained home... sleeping.

"What are you guys doing here?" Jason barked, standing up from the bench.

"It's a public place, right?" The man sneered.

Jason scoffed, shoving his hands in his pockets.

"You guys live on the other side of town. I'm pretty sure there's a bowling alley somewhere on that side, Vincent." Jason spat.

"A guy can't pay a visit to his long known rival?" Vincent grinned, throwing his arms out while glancing back at his buddies.

"Just tell us what you're doing here." One of Jason's friends, I'm predicting, spoke up.

"Ah, if it isn't Alex McCann. How was your mission? I heard it was long and exhausting. Oh and no pay."

Vincent and his crew snickered.

Jason's brother, I'm predicting again, fists clenched as he stood up from his seat. Vincent raised up a hand to break him from storming over.

"Aye, we didn't ask for any fighting, tonight."

He cleared his throat before continuing, "But I wanted to make sure you guys understood that it was no joke that we have returned."

Vincent was ready to turn on his heel before he peeped over at me.

"By the way, is the pretty girl here joining the gang? I always believed there were too many balls to be in one gang." He winked over at me.

I scowled at him with my arms tightly crossed over my chest.

"Feisty, I see. I'll be sure to see you again."

"Don't have your hopes up," Jason spoke up furiously.

Vincent and his crew chuckled. They strolled out of the front doors of the bowling alley. I peeked over at Jason's friends. Their chests were heatedly rising up and down.


"Yes, Mom, I'm on my way home now... I love you too... Bye." Jade pressed end on her cell phone. She stuffed it back into her black shoulder purse.

Jade's so-called friends left her with no ride for the evening. I was her only option, which I had absolutely no problem with at all.

I drove at a twenty-five-mile pace, only for Jade's safety this evening. Beads of sweat dripped down my head. My hands seemed to be unusually warm as well, which made it hard to keep a steady grip on the steering wheel.

"I-I just wanted to apologize for this evening. I know that wasn't anything you had planned or were expecting. I swear it was totally unexpected for me as well. I-"

"No. It wasn't the worst night of my life. I'm glad I at least got out the house for once. No worries." She peeped over at me, grinning.

"Oh... Alright." I chewed at my bottom lip, stopping as the light that was transitioning from yellow to red.

My eyes couldn't help but roam over to her. Her fingers fumbled together in her lap. Her jeans were fairly constricted but attractively admired her structure. Her hair fell past her chest. Her chewing her bottom lip screamed her nervousness, which I found adorable.

"Jason..." She spoke quietly.

"Huh?" I said, snapping back to our current reality.

"The light's been green for ten seconds now." She responded, giggling.

The car behind me was honking harshly. I raised a hand out my window, indicating an apology in driving and turned down her home street.

"It's the third house down on the left." She instructed.

I pulled up in front of a single-family house with downstairs lights still bright. There was only one car parked in the driveway.

"Thank you so much. I'm sorry you had to do this. My friends were little punks and decided to ditch me for the evening." She laughed, swinging her purse on her shoulder.

"It was no bother at all."

She smiled. "See you at school Monday. Goodnight."

She gestured for a minor side hug. I gladly accepted.

"Okay. Goodnight."

Jade clicked passenger's door open, pacing out of the car. I watched as she strolled up to her front door, dug in her purse for her keys, and unlocked the door.

She stepped inside safely and waved before closing it. I smiled and put the car in reverse, turning around and departing her neighborhood.


I could feel Jason's eyes burning into my back while I picked with my door lock. Stepping in the house, I waved at him. I locked it and closed it softly. I sighed in relief, turning around to hang my coat up on the rack.

"Who was that?" My mom asked with her hands rested on her hips. She had the biggest, foolish grin on her lips.

I shrugged, replying, "It was just an acquaintance from school."

My mom cocked an eyebrow.

"Seemed like more than an acquaintance. I saw that side hug." She joked, waving her finger in my face.

I rolled my eyes. "Mom! Stop being a stalker!"

"Please let me meet him soon! You barely have any friends. Well, any normal looking friends." She pleaded, pulling on my arm since she was quite shorter than me.

"Maybe, Mom. Maybe."

She did a little dance to herself as I strolled up the staircase.

Entering my room, I closed and locked the door behind me. My body happily struck the bed sheets. I sniffed in the fabric-scented smell my mom applied when she washed my covers. After a crazy night, this is where I needed to be.

Realizing I was still dressed in my clothes, I stood up. Rambling over to my closet, I pulled out my freshly clean pajamas from my laundry basket. I changed quickly and slid into my covers. My body felt protected from the cold AC atmosphere in my room.

Twelve twenty-nine at night, my eyes were still shot open. I've been tossing and turning like I had a corrupt dream and couldn't fall back asleep. I couldn't seem to wipe my goofy grin off my face. Nothing even really happened between me and Jason yet, but the butterflies won't let me be.

No matter how much stuff I try to top over the idea of him, he just keeps popping back up. It felt like the effect of a boomerang. I throw away the idea of having feelings towards him, but they swing back around in my brain every single day.

I can only honest with myself. His eyes were remarkably gorgeous. I'm a sucker for boys with chestnut eyes. His lips were very plump and appeared to look kissable. His hair always fell on his face, which was adorably cute. I can't even think I'm sixteen when I'm in front of him. He makes me want to feel like I'm a little girl drooling over a grown man.


I know.

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