Young Forever [REWRITING]

Jason McCann,
Everyone observed him as a fierce, cold-blooded criminal.
I'm not exactly like 'Everyone'.
I was told to stay away.
Did I listen? No.
I enjoy discovering the damaged ones,
the ones that need the most healing in their lives.
It's a challenge,
but I was eager to take that challenge no matter what.
Who would ever thought he would actually let me inside his isolated world and his complications.
I could've cared less if 'everyone' thought I was senseless to give in to him.
We were free, a breakaway from all the difficulties, anxiety, and people in our lives.
Did I care that he was on the run from the forces? No.
I was willing to be on the run beside him.
I wasn't just his partner in crime,
I was his girlfriend.
I was His,
something I desired to be from the first time my eyes came across his.
We were convicts together, remaining .


13. 13 | "Fire & Desire"



January 5th, 2011


Jason’s arms snaked around my midriff while I slept. A smile broke on my lips as I whirled around in the bed-sheets. His eyes glimmered brightly in the sunlight.  


“Happy birthday, baby.” Jason whispered, drawing me closer in his embrace.


“I see you have a wonderful memory, but thank you.” I joked.


Jason’s eyes twinkled as he said, “I’m known for the best memory.”


I cocked an eyebrow, “Oh really?”


Jason nodded, pulling me into a hug so his head could nuzzle into my shoulder. A finger traced across my back lightly.


“What do you want to do for your special day, birthday girl?” Jason whispered.


My body trembled at his voice. His lips tickled my shoulder as he kissed it.


“I always wanted a tattoo.” I murmured.


Jason pulled away, lifting his head from my shoulder. His eyes burned into mine as he appeared to look a little amused.


“Well, today is the day you will finally own a fake ID, baby girl.” Jason addressed with a smirk plastered on his lips.


I grinned, “I can never underestimate you, McCann.”


Jason chuckled, pressing his lips against my cheek.


“You should go get dressed while I get that together.” Jason advised, hopping out of bed.


Jason strolled over to the door, shielding himself in his robe.


“By the way, watch your step when getting out of bed.” He suggested, swinging the door open and closing it behind him.



I cocked an eyebrow, swinging my feet over the bed. I examined the carpeted floor. There were balloons scattered beside my side of the bed. I smiled, carefully stepping down from the bed.


I stepped over each balloon, being cautious not to pop any. After struggling through them, I made my way towards the set of dressers. I dragged open the top drawer, searching for an outfit or dress to wear.


“Guess I’ll search after I get out the shower.” I muttered to myself.


Sighing, I grabbed my robe from the closet. I swung open the bathroom door, noticing there was a bag sitting on the sink with my name written on it.


I skimmed the inside of the bag, finding a cute outfit sitting inside. Underneath the outfit was a small note. I picked it up to read it over.


“Figured you’d be searching all around for the ‘perfect outfit.’ I did the searching for you. It’s not perfect, but you’ll look great in it. Trust me, baby.” - Jason.




“What are you guys doing today?” Brent asked, leaning back in the kitchen chair.


My eyes scanned the fridge shelves for the orange juice. Once my eyes laid on it behind the milk, I grasped it and dragged it out.


“Nothing big and special.” I answered bluntly, watching the orange juice slip inside the glass.


“That’s boring.” Derek added, chewing on his piece of toast.


“Well, big and special is cliché.” I confessed, twisting the top back on the orange juice and sliding back into the fridge.


The sound of footsteps made our conversation go to a hush.


“Good morning, boys.”


My heart thrusted at the sound of her voice. I spun around quickly, noticing Jade was dressed in my planned birthday outfit.


The white crop top complimented her structure nicely. I knew she was flannel type of girl. Her crop top was accompanied with a white, blue, and pink checkered flannel. Her shorts greatly exposed her shaved mixed legs.


“Happy birthday, Jade.” Derek and Brent spoke in unison.


Thanks guys.” She replied, leaning up against the wall.


I sighed, picking up my glass of orange juice.


“Ready to go?” I asked, taking a sip from my glass.


She smiled, crossing her arms over her chest.


“Yup.” She answered.


I took a few more sips of my orange juice before placing it next to the sink. Brent and Derek continued their breakfast as we exited the kitchen.


Jade’s purse hung on her shoulder as she raced over to the door. She unlocked it, swinging it open. She escorted herself to the car as I twisted the door shut, sticking my key in to lock the door.


Pressing unlock on my keys, I pulled the car door handle. Jade and I slid into our seats. I stuck the keys into ignition, hearing the car roar to life.


“So what do you want for your first tattoo?” I asked, pulling out of the driveway.


She huffed. “I can’t spill. It’s a surprise for you.”


I chuckled, “Okay.”




“Here’s your ID. I kept the same picture from your permit.” Jason said, handing her a little white card with all her fake information.


“Okay. You wait out here.” Jade demanded, pushing him back by his chest.


He grinned and walked off to his car. She rolled her eyes, opening the door to the tattoo parlor.


A woman with sleeves of tattoos was working on someone. A man dressed in black leather stood behind the cash register.


Jade could feel the nervous tension rising inside of her, but she wanted this more than anything. She wanted to not only feel older, but appear to be older than just a seventeen-year-old teenage girl.


She sighed, pacing up to the front counter.


“Can I see ID please?” The man asked, eyeing her with disbelief.


She quickly handed him the card, letting him read it over. After skimming it over for a minute or so, he handed it back to her.


“What do you want today, little lady?” He questioned, dropping his book of tattoos on the counter.


“Well, I just wanted words written.” Jade answered, rubbing her thumb against the strap of her shoulder purse.


While Jade was ready to lose a bit of her innocence, Jason sat outside in the car like she had requested.


His phone started buzzing in his pocket. He sighed loudly, cranking his radio down. Pulling it out of his jean jacket pocket, he stared at the caller ID. Pressing answer, he pulled his phone up to his ear.


“What you do you want, Mark?” He snapped.


“Aye, what’s wrong with you? I just wanted to know where you and Jade ran off to.” Mark answered.


“It’s her birthday today.” Jason huffed, rubbing his hand down his jean-covered leg.


“Alright. Tell her I said happy birthday. Have a great time.” Mark replied.


“Okay. Thanks.” Jason concluded, hitting the end button on his cellphone.




The needle was almost done piercing into my skin. I smiled to myself, proud that I basically made it through the entire thing. I’ll admit, I’m teary-eyed, but that’s all.


After the tattoo guy was finished, he wiped away the blood with a cloth covered in alcohol. I looked down at the tattoo on my right shoulder.


“All done.” He announced.


I stood up, walking back over to the front counter. I handed him his money once he walked over, including a tip afterwards.


“Thank you! You have a nice day. Happy birthday to you.” He said.


“Thank you. You too.” I replied, pushing open the tattoo parlor door.


I walked out to the car, swinging open the door and hopping inside. Jason eyes burned into my skin as I snapped on my seat-belt.


“Let me see it.” He ordered.


I turned on my side, shoving off the top of my right arm.


The tattoo was written in cursive words that said, “What’s the fun in forever, anyway?” with three tiny stars drawn underneath. 


Jason grinned widely, “I see you thought about me.”


I nodded, pulling my flannel sleeve back down. I leaned back in my seat as Jason snapped on his seat-belt.


The car started up as the AC of his car hit my body. He pulled out of the parking spot. He twisted the steering wheel, turning around to drive through Miami.


“Where do you want to eat?” Jason asked, keeping his undivided attention on the road before us.


“Top Burger.” I spoke bluntly, noticing it up the road.


“You are really my kind of girl.” Jason joked, glancing over at me.


I laughed, crossing my arms over my chest.


• • •


Jason and I strolled into Top Burger, finding a booth for the two of us. Our eyes together fixated on a two-person booth with red leather-looking seats and a white table.


I slid into one side as Jason went into the other. A waitress that appeared to look about twenty-five raced over to us, placing menus on the table.


“Welcome to Top Burger. I’ll be your waitress, Kim. How may I help you both this afternoon?” The waitress greeted, grinning down at both of us.


I cleared my throat, “Could we have two waters?”


The waitress nodded, writing it down on the notepad she had in her hand.


“What do you both want for an appetizer?” Kim asked once more, preparing to write it on a notepad.


“Fries will be good.” Jason chimed in.


The waitress nodded, departing our table. The restaurant was practically empty this time of the day. They receive the most business at night.


My phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled it out of my shorts, reading the message on the enlightened screen.


“Aye, no phones! This day is for us to interact more with each other. Don’t let that get you stuck out of reality. Your special day will give us a way to discover more things about one another, alright?” Jason said, gently turning my phone over in my hands.


I smiled nervously, “Okay.”


Shoving my cell phone in my pocket, I set a mental reminder to read the text message later on today. 


Our overjoyed waitress, Kim, came racing back towards us with a tray of our fries and two ice cold waters. She placed the waters down in front of us before setting the fries in the middle.


“Thank you.” Jason and I spoke in unison.


“Now, what would you two like to eat today?” Kim asked, pulling her notepad back out of her pocket.


Jason sat up in his seat, opening the menu and skimming at the foods Top Burger had to offer us.


“I’ll take two cheeseburgers with pickles, tomatoes, and lettuce. No sauces of any kind. Also, a salad on the side please.” Jason requested, shutting his menu back up and placing it on the table.


Kim scribbled everything down before turning to me with a bright smile plastered on her lips.


“And you?” She asked.


I grinned, “I’ll just have a cheeseburger with the same condiments.”


“Of course. Coming right up for you both.” Kim assured, pacing back to the kitchen of this diner.


Jason frowned, “You aren’t hungry?”


I laughed while picking up a hand of fries from the basket between us.


“I am, but not as much as you.” I confessed.


Jason shrugged, leaning back in his chair.


“What made you think about getting that tattoo?” Jason questioned, scooping up a fist-full of fries in his left hand.


I sighed happily, “That night when you explained your frustration with the word, I couldn’t help but relate to everything you said. It was one of the first times I felt truly connected to you.”


Jason grinned, chewing on a french fry slowly.




“Baby,” I choked, chuckling at the sight of her.


Her eyes gazed up from her burger secured in her hands.


“Huh?” She replied, raising an eyebrow.


“You have mayonnaise on the corner of your lips.”


She gasped as I picked up a napkin, wiping it off for her.


“Well, that’s not embarrassing.” She mumbled, staring down into her lap with her cheeks brightened to a rosy pink.


“You’re right-” I started.


“It wasn’t. It was cute.” I continued, smirking widely.


She rolled her eyes, laughing a bit.


Kim, our waitress, paced over to our booth.


“How’s your meal?” She asked happily, gripping onto her notepad.

“It’s wonderful. Thank you.” I said, trying to shoo her away again.


She nodded, “Here’s your bill. Thank you for eating at Top Burger today. Have a great day!”


A couple walked in, not sitting too far from us. Kim strolled over to their table, becoming their server next.


I placed twenty-five dollars on the table. Jade finished off her fries, wiping her mouth with a napkin and standing up. I followed, escorting us out of the restaurant.


“Where to now, birthday girl?” I asked, throwing my arm over her shoulder.


“We could check out Miami. If you want to…” She trailed off, staring into my eyes.


I chuckled, “Of course.”


• • •


“How did you feel after you spoke to Grace the other night?” Jade asked, intertwining our hands together.


I stuffed my free hand into my pocket.


“I felt… betrayed. That feeling always stays. I just didn’t understand how someone could be absent for so long and not speak a word about anything. A call or even a text would have been nice. I spent days regretting everything, thinking I was the one at wrong.” I huffed, staring up at the palm trees that swayed above us.


She slowly nodded, “I understand.”


In the corner of my eye, Jade began chewing on her bottom lip.


I cleared my throat, “So what about you? How did you feel about your father showing after years of unexplained absence?”


Jade shook her head, “I couldn’t believe him. I found it ridiculous. There would be nights where I’d hear my mother sob from downstairs at about two in the morning. It broke my heart. He will never know the feeling of being left. That feeling will never be mutual between me and him. That’s why I couldn’t really approve his return.”


I tightened our hand embrace. I stared down at her. She continued staring forward as we walked past casinos and shops.


“Aye, look at me,” I commanded.


She looked up with a frown written on her lips.


“Forget your father. We have a mutual feeling. Right here… right now.”


She remained silent, which scared me. She continued to stare into my eyes, burning a hole into my soul. Her feet rose as she leaned up and pressed her lips against mine.


I grasped her face with my free hand.


She pulled away after a few seconds, curling in her bottom lip. She looked down at the ground shyly as we continued walking down the streets of Miami.


I chuckled, wrapping my intertwined hand over her shoulder.


To interrupt our time spent together, my phone began vibrating in my right pocket. I sighed, stopping at the closest bench.


Jade sat down beside me. A worried look stayed on her face as I pulled out my cellphone to check the caller ID.


“It’s Luke. This should only take a minute.” I assured her.


I pressed answer and held it up to my ear. There were whispers in the background of his side of the line. I furrowed my eyebrows together.


I huffed, “What is it, Luke?”


“Jason, you need to get back here quick. We got unexpected visitors here.”

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