Young Forever [REWRITING]

Jason McCann,
Everyone observed him as a fierce, cold-blooded criminal.
I'm not exactly like 'Everyone'.
I was told to stay away.
Did I listen? No.
I enjoy discovering the damaged ones,
the ones that need the most healing in their lives.
It's a challenge,
but I was eager to take that challenge no matter what.
Who would ever thought he would actually let me inside his isolated world and his complications.
I could've cared less if 'everyone' thought I was senseless to give in to him.
We were free, a breakaway from all the difficulties, anxiety, and people in our lives.
Did I care that he was on the run from the forces? No.
I was willing to be on the run beside him.
I wasn't just his partner in crime,
I was his girlfriend.
I was His,
something I desired to be from the first time my eyes came across his.
We were convicts together, remaining .


11. 11 | "Million"



December 27th, 2010


Tossing my suitcase on my bed, I threw in a few of my favorable shirts. I paced over to my drawers, dragging them open and scooping out my jeans. I dropped them inside the suitcase as well.


I wiped my hand across the top of my dressers, watching everything fall into the suitcase. I picked up the recent picture taken of my mom, my father, and I. I smiled a little, tossing it into the suitcase with the rest of my belongings.


I inspected around my room with my hands rested on my hips. Just about everything I truly cared for was stuffed into my suitcase already.


Grabbing my coat, I dragged it on my arms and covered my hands with my lilac colored mittens. The note I decided to leave my parents was left on my bed alone.


I zipped up my suitcase, picking it up in my right hand. My shoulder purse hung on my shoulder as I opened my bedroom door. I hurried down the staircase with my keys jingling in my hands.


Dear Mom and Dad,


Love is such an incredible feeling that is built in one’s heart. You both should be able to recognize that feeling by now. My conscience tells me to do what’s right, but my heart tells me to follow what I think is right for me to find a benefit in life. I want to travel and explore the world. Doesn’t everyone? I promise I’ll return to visit one day in the future, but for right now, I want to break out of this shell of not discovering the real world I’ve been in since I was younger. I’ll still attend college, as you both wish. This wasn’t a difficult decision, but leaving the two people that brought me into this world was a hard choice I had to face. Dad, even though my heart is still broken from your lack of visibility in my life, I still love you and appreciate the years you did spend with me before you departed. Mom, you’re so strong and courageous. I enjoy the company we shared over the years, even without Dad present. Thank you for being strong as a single-parent for not only me, but for yourself as well. I love you both and wish you utmost happiness while I’m away.








Slamming the moving truck close, I locked it with the keys at the bottom. The guys were huddled up behind me, shivering from the gusty wind before us. I rubbed my hands together before stuffing them in my pockets.


“Y’all ready for Miami?” Alex asked, pulling out his pack of cigarettes.


No.” I muttered.


A black Mercedes pulled up behind us. The windows were tinted so I couldn’t picture out who it could be. The driver’s door swung open and boot heels kicked out on the pavement.


I furrowed my eyebrows as Jade stood out of the vehicle. She popped the truck and walked over to it. She pulled out a beat-up brown suitcase. Her heels clicked over to us as she swung her suitcase.


“What are you doing here?” I questioned, racing over to her.


She dropped her suitcase, “I’m coming with you guys.”


I chuckled, “You have a great future ahead of you, Jade. There’s no point of running away from that now.”


“You were just going to up and leave me?” She shouted.


I nibbled on my bottom lip, staring into her brown, caramel-colored teary eyes.


“I-I didn’t want to drag you along with us. I would’ve come back to visit.” I whispered.


She laughed, stuffing her hands into her pockets.


“I don’t think you get it, Jason.” She licked her lips, “I see the real you. Beyond what anyone’s negative commentary against you, I see the person you are from the inside out. I’m willing to leave this boring, unfulfilled life of mine to join yours. Everything that has happened to you and I is in the past now. Right now, I have packed all my things and want to escape this town with you. You can’t just push me away because you have trust issues.”


Snow flakes and tears covered her cheeks.


“I’m in love with you, McCann. Nothing is going to change that. Whether you’re helping a senior across the street or you’re pressing your gun into someone’s chest, my love for you doesn’t get change. You need to understand that right now.” She balled while staring into my eyes.


My hands crawled around her waist, drawing her closer so our chests were in full contact with one another. I stared down at her while she refused to meet my stare.


I picked up her chin slightly, making her look me in the eyes. Her eyes were still teary while a smile tugged on her lips.


“I’m in love with you, too, Taylor.” I admitted, smashing my lips onto hers.

• • •


“Why didn’t you guys even warn me that we were getting on a plane?” I snapped, dropping my luggage as the guys kept walking into the airport.


Luke glanced back at me with his eyebrows furrowed together.


“Why would we need to warn you?” He asked.


“I have acrophobia” I announced.


Alex spun his head around, “What the heck is that?”


Jade gazed up at me.


“Being afraid of heights, you idiots.” I growled.


“Be a man and face your fear, Jason.” Brent chimed in, grabbing my hand and pulling me inside the airport.


Beads of sweat drew on my forehead as we were each individually scanned. Thank God everyone was had the knowledge to not carry a weapon on them.


“Put your luggage over there, and then head off to be escorted to your seats.” One of the airport employee’s instructed the way to go.


I placed Jade and I’s luggage with the others that were being moved to the back of the plane. We were escorted out the back of the airport and onto the plane.


Jade got on before me, taking the window seat. I huffed in relief to not be head up against the window the entire time.


“This is your first time on a plane?” Jade asked.


I shook my head, “I have flown a few times, but didn’t enjoy it.”


Jade nodded slowly, laying her head on the window.


“Flight 55 taking off now.” The flight attendant announced.


“You got hold on tight, Jason!” Mommy assured me.


I gripped onto her arm as the Ferris wheel rose higher off the ground. I could feel my feet lose gravity as gusts of wind flew by my body. I squeezed my eyes tight.


“Stop being a punk!” Alex chimed in, slapping me on the back of my head.


I flinched from the pain, feeling tears swell up in my eyes.


“Don’t hit your brother, Alex!” My mother yelled, reaching across me to slap my brother on his arm.


“Sorry, Mom.” He muttered.


“Open your eyes now, sweetheart. Gravity has welcomed us back.” My mother patted my thigh.


I popped open one eye to peak around at the millions of people walking through the carnival. Some people were winning stuff animals while others were stuffing their faces with cotton-candy.


I smiled as my mother picked me up, placing my feet back on the ground. She ruffled my hair, grinning down at me.


“For being a brave eight-year-old, I’ll buy you cotton-candy.” She announced, patting me on my back lightly.


Alex huffed, rolling his eyes. 


I gripped on my arm rests as the plane started. Jade rested a hand on my knee for comfort. When the plane lifted off the ground, my heart felt like it sunk to my stomach. I laid my head back, taking continuous deep breaths while the plane took off through the atmosphere.


“We will be landing in Miami in three hours and thirteen minutes.” The flight attendant addressed to everyone before helping a passenger in the front.


I sighed loudly, keeping my head glued back on the seat.




December 28th, 2010


Miami wasn’t like a city in California, but it was quite similar in beauty. Palm trees hung on each side of the street. The sound of waves crashing against the shore was peaceful. We arrived at the best time in the afternoon. It wasn’t too late to go out on the beach or to walk on boardwalks.


“I need to get in touch with the landlord of this house I booked for us.” Alex addressed from the passenger’s seat, pulling out his cellphone.


Mark was driving while Quincy, Brent, and James sat in the middle seats on the van. Luke, Jason, and I were in the very back, observing the beautiful scenery Miami had to offer. Since the was no extra room, Derek and Skylar are following in a taxi behind us.


“You’re at the house now? …Alright... We’ll be there in five minutes... Thank you, goodbye.” Alex concluded, ending his call with the landlord of our new house.


“Mark, turn down this street.” Alex commanded, pointing left.


Mark pivoted the wheel, turning down a neighborhood street called Bay Shore Estates. I gasped at each house we passed by.


“Right here!” Alex yelled, pointing at a single-family house.


Everyone’s jaw hung in awe at the beauty of the house. The scenery on the outside was magnificent. It was painted white with a palm tree in the front on the left and right. There were multiple windows built into the building. The front doors were shaped together as a dome, painted a light version of indigo.


A car was parked out front, which we figured was the landlord. The van door slid open for all of us to exit. I followed behind Jason as we walked up to the lovely house that stood high in front of us.


“Welcome, Mr. McCann and friends. Let me show you all inside.” The landlord greeted us before walking up the porch with the keys to the house.


She unlocked the doors, pushing the doors open. The guys dropped their suitcases near a dark brown cushioned sofa.


The landlord gave us a long, but formal, tour of the entire house. There was exactly nine bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and a few extra rooms here and there.


While Alex was in a conversation with the landlord, we all departed to our brand new bedrooms. Jason and I shared a bedroom on the far left side of the house.


Wow.” Jason muttered, walking over to the huge glass framed window across the bedroom.


I followed him over, staring out the window. In window view, there was a sea of water. Boats were gliding back and forth through the ocean.


The room door burst open, causing Jason and I to spin our heads towards the door. Alex was standing in the door frame with his hand still hooked on the door knob.


“Get your bathing suits on, losers! The house is bought and I’m ready to slide into that pool.” Alex announced.


• • •


“Get in, Jade!” Luke shouted, tossing water my way.


I giggled and shrieked, “No!”


The water appeared to look very refreshing to my sweaty body, but I wasn’t in the mood to get my coral floral bathing suit soaked. Plus, I just curled up my hair really cute.


A shadow hung over me, blocking out the sunlight. I glanced up to see a smiling Jason standing in front of me. I rolled my eyes, laughing.


“Why don’t you get in?” Jason suggested.


I shook my head, pointing at my Great Gatsby book that was lying in my lap. He sighed, tossing it beside my beach chair. The guys started cheering in excitement. My heart pounded violently in my chest as his hands cuffed me up in his arms.


“Stop, Jason!” I shrieked as he tossed me into the pool.


I threw my arms up, pulling my body back up to breathe. My bathing suit and hair was drenched of pool water.


“I hate you guys!” I shouted, dragging myself back out of the water.


Jason stood beside my beach chair with a purple towel. I snatched it from him, cuffing it around my body for warmth and dryness.


He chuckled, “Sorry, babe.”


I shook my head, sitting back down in my seat to relax. My phone began to vibrate constantly on the table beside my chair. I leaned over to see who the caller was. I sighed, ignoring it. Jason glanced back at me with furrowed eyebrows.


“Aren’t you going to answer that?” He asked, gesturing towards my phone.


“It’s just Vanessa probably being curious to know where I ran off to.” I muttered, pulling the towel around my body tighter.




Leaning up against the railing of the deck, I stared out at the beautiful ocean view. The sky was painted an orange mixed in with a hot pink. A cruise was floating by with all the lights brightened from the inside out. The music was blasted so loud that it could probably wake up other cities in Florida far from here.


I squeezed my lips around the cigarette, breathing in smoke and releasing it out into the nighttime atmosphere.


“Did you ever find out what happen to Huxbee?” Alex asked, tossing his bud into the trashcan beside his seat.


“No. What happen?” I glanced over at him before flicking off a few ashes.


“He was shot in the chest. Police found him in an abandoned warehouse a few days before Christmas.” Alex replied.

I cleared my throat, not realizing what to say. Alex chuckled, standing up from his seat. He walked over, patting a hand on my shoulder. I gazed up at him with furrowed eyebrows.


“I know you killed him, Jason. You don’t have to lie to me. We’re blood. I couldn’t stand the old hag either. I don’t get why they decided to bring him in. He was just a waste of space and time, in my opinion.” He admitted.


I chuckled, throwing my burnt cigarette off the balcony.


“Yeah, he was.” I replied.


• • •


Strolling down the street around the corner from the house, I searched for the nearest convenience store to buy a new pack of cigarettes. The store lights in Miami were still ridiculously bright at night. 


The doorbell of the convenience store rung as I entered. A few people were in here as well, purchasing food items mostly. I walked up to the counter to find a Hispanic man standing behind it.


“How can I help you?” He offered.


“Two packs of new-ports in a box, please.” I asked.


He pulled the new-ports from under the counter, pushing them in front of me. I handed him a twenty-dollar bill. He gave me back my change. I grabbed the new-ports before departing the store.


I shoved my change into my pocket while a body bumped into mine. I grabbed whoever it was by the arms.


“I’m sorry.” A young female voice apologized, looking up to see who it was.


Her brown hair came into view as her gray hood fell down. The inside of the convenience store brightened my eyesight as I stared into her ocean blue eyes.


“Grace?” I muttered.

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