Papyrus wants the spaghetti, but at what cost?


17. Yet Another Chapter About The Spaghetti

What were you expecting?

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA." Papyrus A'ed as he fell through time and space. It went on as Papyrus kept the already long running gag longer by ten minutes. 

 "oof.mp3." Papyrus dropped onto the ground and quickly gets up and looks around him. It looked as if he was now in some sort of... noodley dimension? Everything appeared to be made of out noodles, including the ground Papyrus was standing on.

 "Hmm, I wonder.." Papyrus took a piece of the Fettuccine noodle he stood above and ate a piece. To his low level of IQ, Papyrus was surprised at the pasta tasting pasta.

 "THIS IS A DREAM!" Papyrus got down on all fours and began devouring the universe.

~ 90 Noodles Later ~

"doh." Sans exclaimed. "how come you keep getting first frisk thats no fukin fair m8."

Both stood in front of a DDR machine and were just done dancing to some bubblegum dance. Frisk had a high score of 86469986325 9987 which pissed Sans off.

 "Because you're supposed to STEP on the tiles, not shuffle in place." Frisk reasons.

 "o. well maybe some ppl want to retain their weight." 

Frisk sighed. "Whatever, I'm going to redeem these tickets." 

They walk off as Sans stood around like a dumbass until he saw a nearby tv showing a livestream of Ricedum and his best pals torturing Papyrus.

 "looks like my bro is having more fun than me." Sans jokes as he watches the tv. When he saw the moment when Papyrus falls into the portal, that was when Sans lost his cool.

 "Hey, Sans, I got this cool limited edition Game Boy SP that is lemon scented and tells time! Oh, what are you watching?" Frisk looks at San's angry face and the television and tried to make the connection.

 "they may have taken our papyrus, but they can't take our freedom." Sans referenced.

 "Again? Why is it always Papyrus?" Frisk thought about that last sentence thoughtfully. Sans shrugged.

 "idk but i'm even deader on the inside today. come along, kiddo." Sans dragged along Frisk and they dropped their SP, comedically breaking into a thousand of pieces.


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