Papyrus wants the spaghetti, but at what cost?


5. The Oxidizing Spaghetti

Drinking Game: Drink everytime spaghetti is mentioned in any instance.

Papyrus kept walking, determined to know whatever happened to his one true bae. When suddenly, something popped out of the ground. It was not ( insert unfitting character here) because ( stupid excuse ). It was Flowey!

"Hey fam." Flowey greeted. "Whatcha doin' out here?"

"I'm glad you asked, Flower! I'm going to bring back spaghetti and its gluteny goodness for all to enjoy!" Papyrus declares heroically.

Flowey was unmoved. "O."

"Why u say dat, Flower?" Papyrus asks sadly.

"My name is FLOWEY. And I'm gluten intolerant." Flower- I mean Flowey, says agitatedly.

"But you're a flower."

"I know that, Sherlock."

When Flowey said that, Papyrus immediately thought up the solution to a puzzle. Except instead of picarats, he only got a bent penny.

"I have an idea! You can come with me!" Papyrus smiles at his genius idea.

"wait what." Flowey was plucked out of the ground and Papyrus potted him in a pink Metatton branded vase he won in a contest recently.

Flowey struggled to get out of the nutritious soil, but nothing worked obviously.

"NOW ON TOWARDS ASGORE!" Papyrus skipped as Flowey looked dead on the inside.


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