Papyrus wants the spaghetti, but at what cost?


14. Papsketti 2: Spaghetti Boogaloo

They're back.... For Everyone Who Believes In The Spaghetti.


Papyrus was drinking some Fanta and whatever product placement we could afford right now while trying to search for that mysterious stranger from earlier. 

"I WONDER WHERE THAT D00B could be?" Papyrus asks like a dummy as he looks in the dumbest places ever. Right now, He was longingly gazing at the tv set display straight out of an animated movie/Simpsons opening. Papyrus actually thought Jimmy Fallon was the one who wanted Papeye. However, none prevailed.

 "WHO WANTED ME TO SAVE THE SPAGHETTI!?" Papyrus gives up searching after less than a minute. "WHOOOOOOOOO-"

 "It's me, idiot." Ricegum cooly walks onto the battlefield like an edgy anime character. He adjusts his expensive Rolex watch while trying to look as swag as possible.

 "OH Wow! the RICEGUM himself wants to help me save spaghoot?" Ricegum hesitates for a minute before nodding. 

 "Yeah, and my other friends would like you in our circle."  Ricegum gestures over to his two other friends, Jacob Sartorius and Jojo Siwa who were dressed in Supreme branded trenchcoats.

 "WOWIE! I have FANS!" Papyrus began to boogie when JoJo disapproved of it, for the criticisms had already touched the sand.

 "Noice jojoke." A bystander commented as they causally walked by.

 "So, what now homie?" Jacob asks the rebellion leader. Ricegum's fancy Lamborghini spawned behind them and prob crushed some people as well. 

 "Let's all go have a party in my privately owned balloon slash casino!" RG suggests. Papyrus suspected something was afoot, as indicated by the Spongebob quote, but decided it wasn't worth the thought and went to go save spaghettzi.

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