Papyrus wants the spaghetti, but at what cost?


18. One Spaghetti

Papyrus laid on a pasta mountain with an overstuffed ribcage full of food.

 "That.... was amazing." Papyrus amazed. He heard something in the distance and turned to see a golden pirate ship sailing on the sea of noodles.

 ":D! PIRATEKIN!" He forgot about the stupid chapter before and ran to the shore, waving to the piratekin.

 "OHAYO MATEYS!" Paps fanboyed as the ship took minutes to get nearer. Papyrus was feeling bored, so he took a handful of pasta under him and ate it.

After a deck of flipping through Spongebob time cards, the pirate crew finally lands.

 "AHOY There!" Papyrus emphasized happily.

 "Ahoy!" The lead pirate greets. "Wha' be a scallywag like ye doin' here?"

 "I came here through a portal wondering the same thing!" Paps then forgot his woes. "Where am I?"

 "Ye're in a world full o' noodles 'n other sights more mysterious than th' sea."
That made tons of sense to Pepsi as he foamed at the mouth in excitement after hearing the word Noodle.

 ":D This is HEAVEN!"

 ":l" The pirates looked at each other in hidden depression. The head pirate comes up with a good idea since Papyrus was already stuck here for now.

 "Do ye wants t' join our crew?" The pirate d00d asks as his pet parrot made of various pasta sat upon his shoulder like all complimentary pirate pets did.

 "WOULD I?!?" Papyrus immediately warps on pirate clothing from the plot hole in his arse and ran onto the ship like a hyperactive -1 year old on L'est of D.

 "This is gonna be FUN! We can go hunt down spaghetti WHilE we spaghetti!" He kept on rambling about fun K-rated debauchery as the confused pirates took their sweet time strolling aboard. Dey shrug at each other as the ship began setting sail.

 "Onwards, t' th' great temple ahead!" Papyrus grins, knowing this genre shift would lead to exciting adventures on the high.... uh... gluten.

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