Papyrus wants the spaghetti, but at what cost?


12. Joseph And The Coat Of Many Spaghetti

Papyrus rose out of the dumpster the next morning, forgetting what happened the day before.
 "idk why is there religion references in meh story?" Everybody gave Paps a shruggie as he then carried on with his day by skipping down the sidewalk singing a merry tune.
To The Tune Of Britney Spears "Baby One More Time"

  "Oh, Spaghetti, 'Sketti,
  With your goodness canned,
  I'm your biggest fan, 
  Oh, Pasta, Lasanga,
 You didn't have to go,
 They simply don't understand, bro
 Show me how you want to be cooked,
 Raw or even boiled,
 'Cause I need to know now, oh, because...

  My starvation is killing me ( and I ),
  I must confess, I'm still hungry ( for 'sketti ),
  Without you, I lose my mind,
  But nevermiiiiiiiiiiiiiind,
  Eat spaghetti one more time!"


That terrible song ended as Papyrus got bored extremely quickly. Without spaghetti, life was drained of all happiness. He sat down on the sidewalk right besides a bus stop.
 "This is too depressing." Paps depressingly depressed. Suddenly, Sans and Frisk came besides him holding ice cream cones.
 "SAnS? What are you doing here? Did you come to lift up my spirits?" His tears immediately evaporated.
 "nah. frisk and me just came up here to get delicious ice keem cones after i won ten matches in call of duty. here's a raspberry chocolate mocha flavor for u." Sans handed Papyrus a freshly made ice cream. He only stares at it before getting sad again.
 "ITS NOT SPAGHETTI!" the cone dropped onto the sidewalk for the nearby ant community to enjoy.
 "Wtf dude, that ice cream costed 50 cents!" Frisk says irritatedly. "It's my monthly allowance already wasted!"
 "...." Papyrus was still sad and everything so he and his friends awkwardly stood ( and sat ) around until they see a criminal get apprehended!
 "I believe you're under arrest!" The cop drags along a dirty faced criminal to his vehicle nearby.
 "What? But I wasn't doing anything wrong!" The criminal says with a scottish accent because why not.
 "O RLY?" The policeman got out a zip lock bag complete with the evidence to the crime committed; a can of microwavable pasta. "You well know posessing pasta is forbidden in the United States."
The criminal got shoved into the cop car as our main heroes watched on like sadists.
 "lol." Sans was taping the arrest to get some views on Youtube as Frick approved of the practice. Papyrus, however, was furious.

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