Papyrus wants the spaghetti, but at what cost?


11. Dare To Be Stupghetti

Well, Papyrus couldn't get any ideas just then, so he decided to brainstorm over some magnificent yummies at the local Fazoli's a block away. After hearing it was an Italian restaurant, Paps figured that maybe pasta wasn't somehow outlawed there and went.

Papyrus stepped in to see all of the customers chowing down on Vitamin C dishes and cringed. Haven't these people ever learned of the wonderful goodness of paskett? 

His cringe was uncringed when he noticed spaghetti on the menu. 

"YAY!" THe cashier took notice.

"O can I halp u fam?" the genderless npc questioned.

"I'll take one fine plate of your finest spaghetti plz." Paps got out his cool wallet.

The cashier didn't move. "Thats actually not on the menu any more. I can offer you a plate of banana though."

"nO." Pappie said and within seconds, Papyrus left Fazoli's with it now mysteriously burning up somehow. I decided not to go behind the scenes and ask what happened.

"Now that situation is taken care of..... where am I going to find spaghetti now?" He began to get really depressed at not ever getting his spaghetti back, when he heard pssting from a nearby shady alleyway.

"lol wut." Paps skipped over into the alley and found Catty and Bratty dressed in trenchcoats and cool hats with shades.

"We can get you spaghetti." Bratty tells him. Papyrus immediately sat down criss crossed apple sauce with wide eyes.

"TELL ME MORE :O" He interrogates.

"Give us 50 G and we'll tell you." Paps immediately got out the G and threw it at them.

Catty gets out a can of high quality Chef Boyardee and He quickly gobbled that raw shit up. When Papyrus looked back up, Catty and Bratty were gone. That was at the bottom of his worries for now, as he now had a gluten high coming on.

"ooooooOOOOH YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHH!" Paps threw his hands in the air and spent the rest of the day setting fire to many a store before finally going to sleep in a dumpster.

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