Papyrus wants the spaghetti, but at what cost?


15. Bill and Ted's Excellent Spaghetti

They all made it inside RiceGum's balloon casino by RG's Lamborghini flying itself into the entrance. Yeah.... don't question it. Papyrus got thrown out of the car into a lottery machine because the car secretly was programmed to hate the skelebroob.

"oof." Papyrus battlecried out as the others casually walk out.

 "It was just three minutes, so it wasn't that bad." RG says to him while walking to the casino table. Papyrus frowned as he yanked himself out of the lottery machine. The casino gleamed with gold and platinum and just screamed out "RICEGUM IS RICH" which made Paps feel like the pleb of all plebs. He joins the kewl kiddos soon later.

 "Alright.... so... the gluten rebellion?" Jacob Sartorius wonders. 

Ricegum stopped getting distracted from watching Papyrus suffer and awkwardly coughed. 

 "Oh..yeah! That!" He then gets out his overly big IPhone from his ass. Or at least it looked like that to Papyrus. Ricegum scrolls through his photo gallery and pulled up some generic battle plans.

 "So, I planned on us holding a protest at Jojo's concert tonight. We can get our "message" across that way." Ricey explains while eyeing Papyrus in a suspicious way.

 "Ora- I mean, sounds super cool!" Jojo Siwa tells them hella generically. 

 "And then we'll get all the-" Jacob was about to say something when Rice and Joj shoot him a look. "Er... I mean, then we'll get ALL the fame we could possibly get with our... Spaghetti Protests!" He plastered on a fake smile for extra emphasis.

 "OH BOY THE GREAT PROFESSOR FETUCCINE PAPYRUS CAN'T WAIT TO ATTEND SAID CONCERT! Do I get to be on stage too?" Papyrus asked. The three shitters shoot each other looks, minus the Nerf guns.

 "Sure.. we'll fit you in there somewhere." Jojo says. 

 "Now that all this ellipsis is out of the way, who wants to see me win a double?" Ricegum asks.

 "ME!" His followers cried out while Papyrus just sat there awkwardly before finally deciding to join them.

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