A Butterfly's hard life( A HP fanfic)

Solcetice Butterfly, a girl who doesn't know what to choose: the love of her life that is never gonna be, Harry Potter, or her mistirious parents? Albus Dumbledore makes her desicion easier, by showing her who they are, what they did and what mistakes they made...


3. A meeting in the graveyard

"I can't believe that I agreed to this!" muttered Solstice Butterfly to herself. The light summer brease flew through her jet-black hair and it made the baby-blue circles on her cheeks shimmered in the pale late-summer sun, while her blue eyes looked after the place where she had buisness. "'Go to the graveyard', Albus said, "Find who he was. Nobody will see you!". No, just the whole magic population of Godric Hallow!", she muttered angrily. Suddenly, she bumped into something hard. Or rather someone.

"Oh, hi Sol. I didn't know you were coming to Godric's Hallow! Why didn't you owl me?", said her best friend, Harry Potter, helping her up, who was, of course, living in this little village. "And might I ask why you are in the graveyard at this time?"

"Hi, Harry. I didn't expect you to come either, but Albus sent me here with some stuff to do for the Order... So, yeah...", responded Solstice. "And don't call me Sol!", she snapped suddenly at him.

"And what is this, oh, so important stuff Dumbledore sent you to do?", Harry asked her curiously.

"Sorry Harry, but I can't! Though, you can watch if you want to..." Solstice replied.

"It would be my honor to do so!" the boy replied solemnly with a fringe of humor from Harry thinking about how to lighten up this meeting.

Solstice started walking between the gravestones. She was looking for one in particular.

"It should have a triangle with a circle and a line in the middle of it..." the Butterfly informed Harry who tried to help her find the gravestone.

"Oh, I think it was next to that one ", informed Harry.

"Thanks." Solstice kneeled in front of the gravestone and read 'Ignotus Peverell'. This is the right one...

"Priori Histori", muttered the girl and made a complex flick with her wand. As this was done, silvery-blue lights came out of the grave and as suddenly as the lights began to appear, they also disappeared. Harry would have thought it all was a trick of the eye, if his friend didn't hold a vial with that silvery-grey stuff.

"How did you do that? And, and your underage... And what was that-", Harry asked franatically.

"Oh, Harry!", Solstice chukeled. "There is so much you don't know about... Oh, well I need to give this vial to Dumbledore, so... Byeeee!", said the Butterfly.

"Oh, okay then. See you, when..", Harry said still mesmerized.

"See you later then. Bye, Harry!" And with that Solstice disappeared in thin air.

Oh, well that was weird...

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