The Day I Died

Margo Sunshine wanted to die. She felt no reason to continue with living as she had no one to care for or care about her. Her view stays the same until she meets Sarah Luna. A sarcastic comment spitfire of radiant sun. The girl who saved her the day she planned to die.


6. Sarah

Sarah's (P.O.V.)

My dad welcomes me with a hug as soon as I walk through the door. He then starts rambling on and asking me questions on how school went today. I quickly but gently push him away.

    “It went okay dad. I drove that girl I told you about home today she seemed really shy so I didn’t ask her anything.” I explain to him calmly and soon a giant grin is spreading across his face. I sigh knowing what that look meant I then sit down on the couch and prepare to give my dad all the details.


“So what is she like?” he asks

“She’s a shy creature that I don’t think she really talks to anyone not unless someone is bullying her. This school is so stupid everyone follows everyone, they all think the same way, and violence is tolerated.” I explain in frustration. My dad frowns in thought.

“Do you need me to get involved at this school?” He asks after a moment of thought.

“No. I think I can handle this school alone it’s just going to take a few weeks.” I reply then turn and head to the kitchen to grab some food.


My dad follows me, I hear his stomach growling and chuckle. My dad was always hungry no matter what he eats or what time of the day it is. I grab a yogurt and a spoon then walk up the stairs to my room. I close my door then plop on my bed. Instantly my mind fills up with thoughts of Margo.


She was very quiet today. She was also wearing long sleeves which means she’s cutting herself I would only know this because I can sense her injuries. After all, I am her mate she just doesn’t know it yet. I sigh and turn on my side and stare at the wall, I need to help before it’s too late.

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