The Day I Died

Margo Sunshine wanted to die. She felt no reason to continue with living as she had no one to care for or care about her. Her view stays the same until she meets Sarah Luna. A sarcastic comment spitfire of radiant sun. The girl who saved her the day she planned to die.


5. Margo

Margo’s (P.O.V.) “How was school today Margo?” Sister Bluemoon asks me as soon as I walk through the door. I look at her in silence for a moment before answering. “It was fine.” On that note I turn and make my way towards my bedroom. I throw my bag onto my bed then plop on it staring at up at the ceiling my mind slowly fills up with the thought of my death day. But those thoughts are soon replaced by a girl named Sarah. I close my eyes picturing her silver-grey eyes and her beautiful silver hair. I imagine what it would be like to be in her arms. Wait! Why am I thinking about her? I need to focus I can’t let anyone get in the way of my plans. I think to myself shaking the thoughts of Sarah out of my head. I should warn her to stay away from me otherwise she could be an interference with my plans of achieving sweet relief from this wretched planet. I sigh then pull out my math book from my bag. Maybe if I did some homework my brain would forget about her. With that thought in my mind I get to work and soon lose myself in a swirl of numbers. After two hours of doing homework my brain is fired and my stomach growls at me to eat some food. I get up from my bed and walk down stairs to the kitchen to grab some food. Sister Bluemoon looks up at me briefly then goes back to reading the bible in her hands. I grab the bread, peanut butter, and then the jelly. All the perfect ingredients to a yummy sandwich. I make 2 sandwiches, put away the supplies then quickly eat my sandwiches ignoring the looks Sister Bluemoon kept giving me. After I finished I put my plate in the sink then head back to room. I plop on my bed again then close my eyes welcoming the darkness that clouds my eyes. *Hey y'all sorry for the short chapters but here is the next chapter to "The Day I Died..." I hope you're enjoying it so far. Thanks to those who are reading this story and have an awesome day or night wherever you live* -Zoe
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