The Day I Died

Margo Sunshine wanted to die. She felt no reason to continue with living as she had no one to care for or care about her. Her view stays the same until she meets Sarah Luna. A sarcastic comment spitfire of radiant sun. The girl who saved her the day she planned to die.


3. Margo

*Warning this chapter holds explicit graphic detail and may trigger you please read with caution*


Margo’s (P.O.V.)


After school I walk back to the orphanage. A walk that’s filled with pouring rain and three girls that step into my path. The leader glares at me before one her lackey’s walks up to me and dumps a slurpee on me.


“This is what you deserve for being a little dyke you stupid girl. No one likes you so don’t even think about making friends with that new girl. You don’t deserve her you’ll taint her with your gayness.” The leader spits out at me. Tears start pouring down my cheeks mixing in with the rain. The girls laugh at me as I run away from them.


I run as fast as I can to the orphanage then slam the door behind me as I make my way to my room. I hear Sister Bluemoon calling after me but I ignore her. I need my razor. I pull my box of razors from under my bed and tear the lid off and grab the first one in sight. I go in my bathroom and close the door making sure to lock it. I sit on the edge of the bathtub, take off my shirt covered in slurpee juice then dig the razor into my wrists.


I let out a blissful sigh and watch the blood drip down my arm. I watch as it drips into the bathtub and turns into a beautiful dark cherry color. I hear a knock on my bathroom door which snaps me back into reality. I quickly turn on the water tap to clean out the blood. I then clean my wound a wrap it up.


“Margo? Are you alright in there? You seemed very upset when you walked in today.” Sister Sunshine chimes in through the bathroom door. I make sure everything is clear before opening the door. Sister Bluemoon stands there with a worried look on her face.


“I’m alright Sister. I just had an encounter with a few girls who had accidently poured slurpee juice on me and I just needed to come up here for a bath.” I lie. The worried look goes away and she nods turning around and heading back downstairs. I sigh looking at my arm I don’t know why I cut it just helps ease the pain. 1 month I remind myself. 1 month until I can leave this stupid planet and reunite with my parents.

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