The Love Of A: Vampire (College Fish)

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Romulus has awoken in a hospital to find he has no memories of who he is, or how he lost them. With the help of a little magic, and some short blonde girl, he'll start his quest to find his memories, and re-meet some forgotten high school classmates at Ringswild University along the way.
Please do not copy an original story.
NOTE* This story is written as a sequel, however, most things will be explained through character conversation.
NOTE** Please leave comments, tell me what you think.


3. Romulus






Name: Romulus Valerius

Nickname: Lucie/Blood Boy


Biology: Inhuman

Human Form:

Height: 6 Foot, 7 Inches(2.0066 Meters)

Weight: 180 Pounds(81.6 Kilograms).

Length: 8 Inches(20.32 Centimeters).

Monster Form:






Hunting Behavior:




Personal Task:







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