The Love Of A: Vampire (College Fish)

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Romulus has awoken in a hospital to find he has no memories of who he is, or how he lost them. With the help of a little magic, and some short blonde girl, he'll start his quest to find his memories, and re-meet some forgotten high school classmates at Ringswild University along the way.
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NOTE* This story is written as a sequel, however, most things will be explained through character conversation.
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2. Chapter 2: Nurses Have Changed Over The Years






   "Huh? Ack!" I yelped, waking to a skull-splitting hangover, not. cool. I look around to find myself in what would look like if a hospital and a hotel had a baby, then left it to rot. About a minute of taking in the mold-stained walls went by before a nurse opened the door and walked in, clipboard-in-hand. Dyed brown hair(Holey Roots, Manbat!!), her face wasn't very remarkable, but she was cute, like a really tall ten-year-old would be, I guess.

   "Uh, hiah! Mr... Uhh... Valerius?" The nurse greeted in an excessively unprofessional manner.

   "Erm.. Hello." I retorted, "Not to be rude, but, who exactly are you?"

   "Oh, sorry, my name is Cierra, and I'll be a little more than your nurse tonight." As she spoke, she calmly closed the door, and locked the deadbolt with a loud *CLICK* on "more". Is this another weird dream?

   "Erm." I stated nervously, I hope she's not hinting what I think she is. "W-what do you mean?" Cierra spoke nothing as she stepped over to my bedside.

   "I've been watching you for a long, while, sir, and now that you're finally awake.." Cierra explained, giggling, then reached under my bed sheets.

   "Oh.. let's try the word, 'No'." I returned, pushing her hand away from me with one hand, and secretly taking the "call nurse" button off the bedside table with my other hand.

   "Um, excuse me, are you rejecting.. ME?"

   "Ye-Duh! You're not exactly my 'type'." I pressed the "call nurse" button from underneath my sheets, hopefully, the person that comes in will be on my side.

   "Your, 'type'?!" She hissed.

   "Yeah, that's what I just said." I challenged, savagely.

   "You.. Mother.. FUCKER!!" She snarled, "I was gonna fuck you to death, but now, oh no, I'm just gonna kill you!"

   "I knew something didn't smell right about you!.. Uh-oh." I realized, as my figure-of-speech had been taken out of context when Cierra lunged for my face, screaming. Somehow, by some miracle, she was just slow enough for me to quickly roll out of the way, off the bed, and onto the floor. I speedily got to my feet and saw the horrible mass of cloth shreds, that was my pillow, in her hands.

   "Hold.. Still!!" She squealed, pouncing again. I leaped out of the way with ease, but not without consequence, as I trip over the chair in the corner. Did I really jump that far? Ten feet?! Seriously?!! I flailed to regain my balance.

   "You first!" I taunted without thinking. I quickly scanned the room for something to defend myself with-Big Mistake. Cierra lunged again, catching me off guard and pinning me to the ground by my arms and legs. Damn, she's strong! As I continue to struggle, her grip just gets tighter. Well, I'm boned.

   Cierra begins to violently shake her head, as if she were having some sort of fit, fire suddenly bursts from her temples, burning brightly and growing into onyx black rams horns, before quenching itself. A gentile tap on my right shoulder jolts me away from the supernatural horror in front of me, to an even more frightening sight; a jet-black, spear-shaped, tail. "What. The! FUCK?!!" I exclaimed, quickly looking back to the face of this underworldly being. The creature opens its maw to reveal bone-white, razor-sharp, fangs, perfect for disembowelment. The daemon bows slowly, enjoying the final blow to its prey. Suddenly, the door breaks open with a mighty *CRASH*, I hear a speedy indistinct mutter followed by another *BOOM*, launching the beast off of me. "Huh?"

   "Hi, honey. Come on! Before she wakes up!" A voice demanded. I lay there, stunned and confused at my sudden Deus Ex Machina.

   "H-hune-Ahh!" An arm grabs hold of me, and forces me out the pile of splinters that was a door.

    "C-cut it out! Stop freaking out, it's me, Evangeline. Ugh! Whatever, just come on!




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