The Love Of A: Vampire (College Fish)

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Romulus has awoken in a hospital to find he has no memories of who he is, or how he lost them. With the help of a little magic, and some short blonde girl, he'll start his quest to find his memories, and re-meet some forgotten high school classmates at Ringswild University along the way.
Please do not copy an original story.
NOTE* This story is written as a sequel, however, most things will be explained through character conversation.
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1. Chapter 1: Strangest Dream





>Y          >N


    I jolted awake in a cold sweat, flailing myself upright, I look around, expecting familiar surroundings, instead I find myself in an unfamiliar room, in an unfamiliar building, in an unfamiliar place. In a chair in the corner, a man in a white lab coat has his eyes on a clipboard. A doctor, maybe? "Um, excuse me? Sir?" I asked, begging his attention. Nothing. "Hey! You in the coat!" I shouted. He jumps like I startled him, looks at me blankly, stands up, and walks over to my bedside, clipboard in hand. As he steps up to my bed, his coat and scrubs shimmer, becoming Army Greens, the rank of Sergeant on his shoulder patches.

    "Ho-ly Sweet, MOTHEROFGOD!! Cadet! What is your major malfunction?!!" The Doctor-Sergeant bellowed.

    "W-what?" I sputtered.

    "You have got to be the STUPIDEST sack of shit I've ever seen in my life, and I have lived, GODDAMMIT!!"

    "What are you talking about, dude?" I calmly demanded.

    "Say 'What' again," The clipboard metamorphosized into a handgun, naturally, pointed at my face, "Say 'What' AGAIN, I dare you, I DOUBLE dare you, Mothafucka, say 'What' ONE MORE GODDAMN TIME!!!"

    "Whoa! O-okay, let's just-ah.." I stumble, hastily throwing my hands up in surrender, "Take it down a little, alright? I just want to know; where am I, and why am I here?" The psycho-military-doctor's clothing shimmered once more, becoming the lab coat and scrubs he wore originally.

    "I would answer that but, alas, I have a tight schedule of patients to keep up with at the moment-" The Doctor calmly explained, but was quickly interrupted by a voice outside the room's door.

    "Doctor Radcliffe, your next patient will see you-"

    "SHUT UP, NURSE!!" Dr. Radcliffe blared, speedily exiting the room. I heard him turn to another nurse outside my room, "Nurse Daemnara, Mr. Valerius, can and will see you now!"

    "Valerius?" I murmured to myself as I heard a quick, sharp, feminine "Oh!" followed by several crashes, what sounded like marbles being spilled onto the floor, and a loud, blunt, THUD against the wall next to the door to my room. What, the.. What?? The doorknob jiggled a few times, then a very voluptuous nurse with crimson hair tumbled through the door, onto the floor of my room, gasping for breath.

    "*gasp*... Had to... Find my... Gahh... Clipboard... Whoo!.. *gasp*" She sputtered, struggling to get up. She took a moment to regain her composure, and answered my questions. "You are in a Hospital."

    "Well, thanks. I already gathered that, Great Gaspy. Why am I here?"

    "Okay, one: that was mean." She pouted, "And two," She grinned, giggling a little, "If you want to know so badly, you're just gonna... have to.. wake up." She spoke, taking a step toward me with each word, and poking my nose on "up".


    "Shhh.. Just. Wake up." She breathed as my eyelids grew heavy.

    "But... I'm not.. Tired." I slurred, drifting off.




>Y         >N

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