Up There so High

What do you get when you have a space fanatic, a runaway princess and a bunch of miscreants? Well, you get the three E's; Explosions, Expletives and Enemies.
You may not laugh along with this story but you may sing (because the main space man is very much fond of that).


13. The Warning


~The Warning~



Skylar heard about the news while getting food from a market. She was only getting enough to fit into her bag, enough to not have to eat fruit after fruit just to feel full. The stalls were full of whispers like a deadly disease and it tittered in place.

“Did you know that Princess hired an imposter in her place?”

“Did you know that the imposter was killed?”

“In the Palace no less?”

Skylar froze. Mallory was dead. Killed. The Miracle must have gotten to her. They knew that she had escaped. She panicked. She bought the dried seeds that she had been bartering, accepting the too high offer from the vendor, closed her bag and she high tailed it out of the market. Her boots moved quickly and she hurried to put on the dark green cloak that she had bought.

She wore hunters garb this time, breeches and tunic with boots. She even carried daggers at her waist and a bow and arrow on her back. Those were useful for her safety but she couldn’t store them for long. Surely they wouldn’t suspect her of being the Princess?

Her skin felt hot and clammy. The thought of the Miracle even knowing that she had fooled them once made her feel fearful. They would not let her go again. Fooling them once was more than enough for them. 

Once she was clear of the market, clear of people, she started to run. She didn’t register the bobbing of the weapons and her bag against her hips. She just had to keep running. Soon the trees were green blobs and everything was green and disorientating.

Her heart was loud, a panicked, frightened bird in her ribcage begging to be able to fly. But she couldn’t fly, she didn’t have that luxury. She ran until her lungs pained and her breath trapped itself in her throat. She stopped and tripped over her own feet, her balance failing her in her fear. She felt her front against the muddy ground and the smell of the earth invaded her nostrils, the mud clinging to her face and hair.

She had to calm down. Being panicked meant that she would make mistakes. She could not make mistakes.

This was the warning. The sign that the Miracle was coming for her and she had to be ready to either avoid it further or fight it.

She had to be ready. If the Miracle wanted to send a warning that meant that they had something special for her. This was their cat and mouse game and they were enjoying it.

The Miracle was truly a bastard. 


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