Up There so High

What do you get when you have a space fanatic, a runaway princess and a bunch of miscreants? Well, you get the three E's; Explosions, Expletives and Enemies.
You may not laugh along with this story but you may sing (because the main space man is very much fond of that).


36. The Secret


~The Secret~



There was something in her chest that reverberated on her rib cage and made her feel like a feather. They were getting somewhere! They were finally winning, or at least they were half way there to winning. In the moments after winning the drag race she looked to Everett to share her exhilaration and found a similar expression plastered over his face. His smaller eyes creased at the corners and his skin was flushed with a redness that gathered on his cheeks.

It was now that she realised the true honour of being human, of being from Earth instead of being from Zeld.

She shook her head, now was not the time to be distracted, even when they had a bit of an advantage she could not let her guard down. To let her guard down was to be at mercy to the world and that was something she had learned, long ago, to be wary of.

There was something that was worrying her however. The temptation to just persuade the Squonk to reveal her secret was disconcerting. She did not want to be like The Miracle.

They were coming down from their win, having just received their winnings, the electronic total of half a million, “How am I going to convert that into Earth money?” Everett asked and the flush began to dissolve as they came down from the high.

“Mate, I have no idea but if you don’t want your share…” Fitz suggested and Skylar watched as the two men grappled for a moment, Everett trying to poke the nearly indestructible man. They paused in their mock fight and straightened to smile at each other.

The spaceship of Juda pulled up next to them and the purple haired Squonk swam out the window of her vehicle, her arms folded to push her cleavage up. Skylar was proud that Everett’s eyes never strayed to follow the motion.

“Well done on your winning, although I can’t deny that I’m a bit sad that I didn’t win myself.” She smiled like a sharks with a neat row of sharpened teeth. Her tail curled as she hovered in the water and she watched them stand just outside of the Aglaia.

“I believe you promised us a secret?” Reese spoke up from next to Fitz.

“That I did,” Juda crooned and came closer to them, so close that they could reach out and touch her even despite the curling feeling that was growing in Skylar’s stomach. “I told you that there was a way to avoid The Miracle. To know that you first have to know that The Miracle is a monster, a being that once you’ve saw it makes you forget that you’ve ever saw it in the first place because a command is already put into your mind. This command allows The Miracle to make you either susceptible to everything the Miracle is or it places a block so that your abilities are useless against it. They want to place a command in everyone’s minds and their only goal is to find the Milky Way Galaxy, why they want that galaxy besides taking over the entire universe is anyone’s guess but they want it. They will stop at nothing to get it.

But back to the point. There is a plant on Zeld called The Superfluous Flower, it’s a plant that grows at the beach and it looks like the conch shell but in a plant form. They are enriched with a mineral that originates from Nova, the very same planet which used to be the home of all Beings, I believe that the Sole Protector used this mineral to hide the galaxy that The Miracle so seeks. Find the plant and you are protected from The Miracle.”

“Thank you,” Skylar whispered to the Squonk, touching her bare forearm in an expression of gratitude. Juda smiled briefly and turned her head.

“Wait,” Reese startled, her hair on end, “There’s something you’re not telling us, isn’t there?”

Juda went to open her mouth, presumably to deny the request.

“Don’t you dare, I got a flash of Zeld and then you, you know something about Zeld and because it is our home we deserve to know what that is.” The anger was rising in her voice and the feeling in the pit of Skylar’s stomach began to fester.

Juda’s eyes went downcast, her tail curled more tightly, knotting almost uncomfortably to her waist, “The Miracle has been bolder, seeking out the one thing that they know for definite: Skylar was visited by the Sole Protector and one of her companions comes from the very galaxy they want. They want you and in retaliation they captured Zeld. The Beings know nothing more due to communications being cut off. I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry? Sorry!” Fitz cried becoming incensed by the very words, “That is our home you dink and you’ve just dismissed it like its utter shit on your shoe. How dare you!” Juda squirmed under the derogatory label and shielded her eyes away.

Reese was quick to place an arm on the Lich man and placate him, whispering something in his ear that made the smoke clear from his ears. “At least she told us unlike the Beings.” Reese went on to say.

Skylar knew one thing for sure; the feeling that made her resemble a feather was long gone and instead dread seeped into her bones. Her home, her country, was gone because of The Miracle.

“You’re going to take me back to the Beings, and you’re going to make them have another audience with me or so help me god.” The redness bulged back onto Everett's skin but Skylar knew that this was not from exhilaration. 

“Everett no,” Skylar looked at him and noticed how the concrete resolve had took the place of his prior flush. “We’ll go to Zeld, we’ll sort this.” I’ll sort this out, I’ll stop running away and sort all of this out.

“I’ll go to the Beings, they’ll tell me more about Earth, things that are too dangerous for you three to hear. I have to do this just as much as you have to go back to Zeld,” he looked at her then and held her hand, his calloused hands cold against hers.

The unsaid words of before stretched between them, he knew that she blamed herself for this, he knew that she had to fix this and beat The Miracle.

“Meet me at Bavalon, I’ll be alright I swear to you Skylar, I promise you that we will fix this together.” He meant his words, the tiny particles of hazel standing out from the pale green in his eyes as he promised her.

She knew that he wasn’t going to back down and although it hurt her, making the feeling in her stomach roar, she separated their hands and nodded.

“Just –“ she couldn’t form the words and yet Everett understood them all the same and nodded back, grinning quietly before turning to Juda.

Then they were walking away and the others were looking at her with puzzlement, Reese less so than Fitz.

“Why did you let him be that reckless?” Fitz demanded, heading back into the Aglaia, “Now we’re down a member.”

“When did you start referring to us as a team?” Skylar said in a voice that sounded far away even to her ears, in the distance she could see Juda pulling along Everett into her spaceship and they were zooming back in the direction they had come.

She didn’t register the response she got to that question and instead answered the question that he had asked before, “I had to.”

She remembered when she had to weigh up the possibilities of right and wrong, instead of right and left.

It was around about a month into Skylar’s adventures in the forest when she became a Barbarian. The Barbarians were a group of people who policed the forest in their own ways. Normally people became Barbarians to do their own kind of law but Skylar became a Barbarian so that she could pass through the trees and people would run from her. Perhaps she became one to stretch the barriers of what she knew about herself. Everyone was guilty of something. She painted the ceremonial battle markings across her eyebrows and under her purple eyes. She looked like someone to be feared and she was, as she patrolled and took up her daggers and her Persuasion to stop the killing of creatures and the gang violence that spread up around the darker parts of the forests. It was the first time that she killed someone, the first time that she had lain near the body of the woman she had killed and the two bodies of children that she couldn’t save, that she realised that somethings were out of her control, no matter how much she didn’t like it.

Everett was something that was out of her control. The possibilities of right and wrong were no longer in her hands but Everett’s and this was something right, something mad but right.




He stood in front of the Beings of Sentience once more and he found that he wasn’t frightened. He was angry, the familiar emotion rolling through his veins with a fury.

“Why didn’t you tell us about Zeld?” he asked with his arms folded across his chest. Juda was behind him, several paces away somewhere near the door and he didn’t care if she heard the way his voice cracked as he shouted.

“We felt it was unnecessary. If they didn’t know, the chances of going back and risking being caught were minuscule compared to the other options.” One of them intoned, and Everett realised that the jellyfish couldn’t look concerned or worried. They only told their feelings on the situation in their voice and in the way their bodies briefly flashed when they talked.

Everett wasn’t good at reading them but maybe he didn’t have to.

"Then why did Juda tell us instead, if she felt like it was necessary surely you should have told us?" He asked, referring to the Squonk behind him with a wave of his arm. 

"As a confidant of us she is not under the same rules as we are, perhaps we need to restrict these rules so that she doesn't stray from her purpose as representing the Squonk in this chamber."

With that question answer Everett switched topics, hoping that he could gain information that the group couldn't earlier, “I know that the Miracle wants to take over the entire Universe but why Earth, what is so special about Earth that they want?”

“Even we do not know Earth Child, Earth is as much of an enigma as Nova is to us now, but even we can tell that being human can be used as an advantage to take over said universe.” Everett couldn’t figure out why that was and the Beings were quick to answer back, “You never give up, even when you get knocked down you get back up, you go towards the frightening and the horrifying and you greet it with a smile. You are both a Being of Chaos and of Peace, yet you don’t have any mystical powers within your skin.”

“We see now why the Sole Protector did what he did. We see now why perhaps you are here.”

“Maybe we can rectify the no mystical powers?” one of them said and the others chittered, swarming around the one who had dared speak of the suggestion. Everett could only see orange flashing bodies and tentacles as they discussed the matter and turned back to face him.

“We can give you The Knowledge, something that when the right time comes will grant you our own powers, the ability to be omniscient, but only partially. With this knowledge you will protect yourself and use it to defeat The Miracle. Do you wish to have this?”

Everett thought of all of his gifts; he was clever sure, clever enough to build the Space-onator 3000 but he was not as clever as his companions. He didn’t have the ability to be super strong or to see the future or to persuade others. He was just a human and what did that count for against a Being that wanted to destroy absolutely everything?

"What does it entail?" he asked because he was clever enough not to run head first into something.

"Your intellect will improve, when the time is right you will have the power of foresight, not of the future, but to know several key elements of the universe. You can then use this to your advantage. Due to your status as an Earth Child the secrets of Earth that are hidden from us may be available to you since the Sole Protector trusted this information with the very people his kind created."

The Beings had missed out on one thing when they described humans; they were willing to risk it all. Risk every card they held and every cell they had in their bodies for what they believed in. Everett held on to that fact and said the word that made the Beings swarm around him.

A tentacle,  deep orange and feather like, came to stroke his forehead, another came up to weave in between his dark hair, and another on the base of his spine.

There was the feeling of electricity and Everett felt like he was finally powerful enough to take on the world. To be truthful, he didn’t feel anything other than a switch finally sliding into place, something that felt right.

“We look forward to seeing what you do with The Knowledge Everett Tyson.”

“So do I.”

He walked out of the building to see the Aglaia waiting outside and he whistled the tune of Abbas The Winner Takes it All as his heart felt ready to burn down the bastard that had dared to mess with the people he now felt were his friends.




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