Up There so High

What do you get when you have a space fanatic, a runaway princess and a bunch of miscreants? Well, you get the three E's; Explosions, Expletives and Enemies.
You may not laugh along with this story but you may sing (because the main space man is very much fond of that).


44. The Rescue


~The Rescue~



Maybe she had saw this, not in a vision sense, but in a gut wrenching feeling sense. When she had debated with Fitz over who should take the Superfluous Flower she had felt a feeling that had anticipated this moment. The moment that she watched Fitz’s arm crack and splinter over a punch with The Miracle, the air reverberating back at the force that they both exerted, and then be thrown across the room like a ragdoll was when her heart broke.

She screamed. She remembered that. Fitz crumpled against the wall and her voice was taken from her as soon as she screamed.

“Ah yeah, what a shame,” The Miracle tutted, for that was who the woman was in the middle of the room, and in the rage that she felt Reese threw her final blade at the woman.

It surprisingly connected, cutting close to a sodden ankle. It was shallow, a small portion of the blade being sunken into the skin, but it was there. The Miracle looked down and lines etched themselves onto her forehead. She was astonished that it had connected too. She bent down to pick it from her skin and as soon as it was pulled free the blade was zooming out of her hand and across the room to the small window at the back. It collided with the glass with the force of Fitz’s punch and splintered off into more blades causing the window to crack from the corner. If Reese knew anything it was that the corners of things were the points where the crack could splinter off more dangerously.

With The Miracle distracted with the cracking window Reese took off to Fitz. She would feel better when she knew that he was still alive, nevertheless alright.




When The Miracle had transformed into the octopus it had made a brief appearance out of the water to show off its impressive size. Then it shrunk back under the water and transformed into the pale skin form of the woman. It was clear that The Miracle preferred this form to the eight tentacles and dare she say it perhaps The Miracle was ashamed of her original appearance.

The woman appeared once more with a hand slapping down onto the tiles surrounding the pool, emerging like a wet fish. She smoothed out her hair and didn’t appear to be bothered that she was soaking wet.

“Garrick how about we bring in the parents for a little incentive?” The Miracle uttered to the Goon still in the corner. Garrick didn’t seem to be fazed that his leader had just changed into a gigantic octopus.

Garrick left without a word of protest and left Skylar and The Miracle in a standoff. “You are going to do what I need you to do this time, because you’ve already had two strikes, the first one with not immediately caving on that spaceship two years ago and the second one for running away. You do not want to get that final third strike.”

Skylar nodded even though she didn’t really meant it.

“Don’t you get it Skylar?” The Miracle asked, sauntering over to her even though water cascaded to the floor, “together we can have the whole universe in our hands.”

She was close enough to touch now and that was what she did, cupping her hands over Skylar’s. Skylar’s vision turned into a galaxy, an endless space of planets and stars and patterns. An endless curiosity. An endless mystery.

This vastness, this greatness of planet after planet after planet can all be ours, the voice echoed in her head and Skylar felt her lips scrunch at the thought. All you have to do is give me the Pantheon and I will leave this planet to you. You can be the Queen and all your people are saved by your one good deed. You will have this planet under your ruling and you will have every planet in the universe under your belt.

Skylar’s eyes opened and the view of the galaxy melted back into reality. The Miracle frowned down at her. “What’s the matter with that?”

“You will starve this planet of creation.”

The Miracle laughed, artificial bells ringing into the air, “That is it? That ghastly stone prevented natural creation from taking place to begin with. Without the Pantheon there will be no choosing who is what, only the natural order of genetics and mutations. Zeld will live its rightful course of life.”

What The Miracle didn’t mention however was that it would take one monumental catastrophe to wipe out their population and without the Pantheon that could not be restored. With one organised disaster Zeld would be murdered by sleight of hand and dodgy deals.

Skylar gulped and was only saved from answering further by her parents being escorted through the door.

Her mother looked distraught. Her father looked unconscious. Their hands were tied together with metal chains and it was only Garrick that pulled them along and forced them to move. He dumped them two paces away from Skylar and walked back off to his post at the back of the room.

Skylar knew that her limbs would work if she tried and she ached to be nearer to her parents, but she couldn’t break the illusion of paralysis.

“I have already hurt your father, I do not want to hurt your mother but I will if you force my hand,” The Miracle looked sad as she said it but Skylar knew that this was fake. The whole Being was fake.

“I won’t give you the Pantheon, I don’t even know where it is and my mother won’t give it up,” it would kill her mother to do so, to put that stone in danger would emotionally bankrupt her.

“Well, then I am sorry to have to do this…”

The Miracle walked back to the podium and that was when the doors had burst open and Everett stalked in with Reese and Fitz, making bullets fly and time speed up for minutes.

Skylar blinked and Everett was near them, begging them to stand and begin to walk, her parents were attached to each other by chains and Everett was trying to break them apart through knuckle dusters that grew into gloves. She had to pretend that she couldn’t walk or move and so she remained there on the ground, staring in disbelief as Fitz was thrown through the air and then as Reese aimed a blade at the small window.

“This is your cavalry?” The Miracle was tutting, inspecting her fingernails after she had punched Fitz. “How rather pathetic.”

The chains snapped in between her parent’s wrists and her father was slumping, her mother clinging to him in order to steady the both of them. Then Everett was on her, his arm around her shoulder as he asked her how she was doing and if she was alright, and she could only nod in answer.

She leaned heavily against him in illusion. Then a grin came over her face and she knew what she was going to do with the few seconds left before the window shattered completely.

“Go and help Reese with Fitz,” Skylar murmured into Everett’s ear and he gave her a puzzled look. Then she was shrugging off the arm around her shoulder and she was leering at The Miracle in defiance.

She had beat her manipulations and she had had an advantage all the long.

Persuasion do not fail me now.

“I wouldn’t call them pathetic just underestimated,” Skylar said and began to walk closer to her enemy.

“Stop,” The Miracle enforced, stretching out a hand in order to create a sense of authority between them, but Skylar did not stop. It took a moment before a look of displeasure and realisation overcame The Miracle’s face as she worked out why Skylar wasn’t responding to the order.

“Now how about you do not move,” Skylar lectured, putting all of her strength into the command.

There was always the feeling of swarming butterflies when she used her Persuasion aggressively and she felt this now, her stomach being gifted with wings with a passionate fervour as she said the order. She watched delightfully as The Miracle’s limbs seized, being drawn into her sides. The frustration on her face was amusing and Skylar didn’t hesitate to come closer to her now.

She was in control. This time she was better and she felt powerful and crazed and wonderful.

With one deft move Skylar pushed The Miracle into the pool and did not anticipate when some other force pulled her into the water as well.

The cold was her first shock, the salty composition of the water was the next. Then she knew that she was in the water, in the close proximity, to the person – the Being – she so feared and the panic set in. Bubbles rose from her nose and her limbs as she began to thrash. As she sunk, Skylar watched as between one second and the next The Miracle changed, the transformation happening so fast that there was a flash of skin and then a flash of octopus. A tentacle wrapped around her throat and squeezed with a force she couldn’t match. The brown eyes stared at her imploringly, narrowing as Skylar choked.

Then there a flash, like a torch suddenly being turned on in the musty darkness. The tentacle retreated as if branded and if Skylar concentrated she could see a darkened burn on the end of a tentacle. The same force that had hauled her in the pool was hauling her back out as though she was a fish hooked on the end of a reel.

Then she was out of the pool, hanging in the air and the very same force pushed her across the room, her body curling inwards at the strength of it. She was by the window, the window that was shattering and cracking and falling apart, and then she was out of it and hanging in free air.

The contrasting mediums of water and air were so different that Skylar was sure that she blacked out for a breath. The next thing she knew the Aglaia was before her and a hatch was folding open and she was falling into it, the force letting her go just enough for her limbs to be of her own control again.

She thumped against the floor of the spaceship sodden wet and shaken and glad to be alive.

Less than a minute later Reese entered, dragging the unconscious Fitz behind her and she was pushing him towards the medical room with a panicked look on her face. Everett entered with her parents just after that.

It was only when everyone was on the ship that the hatch closed and the Aglaia rose into the sky without a driver at the controls. Her mother looked better, with colour in her cheeks and her hands still remaining on her husband.

They were alright. All of them had made it out of the Palace, even if she didn’t know how Fitz was doing.

Suddenly Everett was toppling and he went head first into the chairs, his head braining on the upholstery as he fainted into blackness.

Skylar had to admit that she invented many colourful swear words in front of her parents after that.




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