Up There so High

What do you get when you have a space fanatic, a runaway princess and a bunch of miscreants? Well, you get the three E's; Explosions, Expletives and Enemies.
You may not laugh along with this story but you may sing (because the main space man is very much fond of that).


30. The Panic


~The Panic~



Everett woke up in bits and pieces. It was like the world was a wall and it was slowly being constructed brick by brick. His head felt like it was full of sand and as he come to he realised he was on the floor.

Reese was standing in front of the Goon still with the stone in her hand. She looked at him worriedly. “Thank Heavens you’re up, you alright?” she asked turning her head but not her body. If she did that the Goon would come to life once more.

“I feel like I’ve been hit with a sledgehammer,” he tried as he sat up and gripped his head, “But I’m alright.” The dart had made him become stuck in his memories, why they were those specific memories Everett wasn’t sure.

Bradley Kings was part of the reason why he was the person he was today. Harry had been released a year into Everett’s sentence and he had gone with the promise that when the time came Everett could cash a favour in with him. He would probably need that favour if he ever got home. Bradley Kings had escaped when it came to month four of Everett’s sentence, it involved a lot of corruption with the cops and costume changes and switching camera feeds. Everett had gotten a week in solitary confinement for his involvement and although the punishment could have been a lot worse, maybe even death, solitary confinement was punishment enough.

“We need to wake Skylar up,” Reese was adamant about this and she almost sounded panicked.

“Why?” Everett said as he tried to stand and stumbled back to his knees. God that dart certainly packed a punch.

“You’ve been out for nearly an hour, more Goons are coming.”

“Oh shit,” Everett slurred and shook his head. The liquid in the dart had messed with his memories, turning some aspects yellow and weird. That was how he knew that he wasn’t reliving the exact same moments he had before.

He stumbled over to Skylar from where she was slumped almost comatose on the floor. “Skylar, Skylar c’mon you have to wake up.”

She moaned and her eyes screwed themselves further shut. Everett placed a hand on her arm and shook her gently. A sharp breath escaped her lips and her eyes blinked themselves open, although it hurt to do so. Everett could relate.

It almost ached to relive her memories of being on The Miracle’s spaceship especially since she relived a memory in a memory. She felt fuzzy, like she was made from static, and she was sure that she couldn’t move.

“We’ve got to go, more Goons are coming,” that was Everett, he was so close to her. The word Goon made her more awake but she still couldn’t move. Everett helped her up, providing his own body as a crutch.

“Do you have an estimate on when they come?” she asked Reese as she blinked herself awake and tried to walk.

“About twenty minutes give or take,” Reese answered ignoring the way that her arms cramped from holding the stone up so long. “You’ve been out for about an hour,” she repeated for Skylar’s sake.

Skylar cursed and guided her way to her bed and to her backpack. She began packing once more. “Everyone prepare to leave, we don’t have much time. Reese did you have many belongings?” Skylar asked as she motioned for Everett to hurry up. Their time at the Moracci was coming to a quick end.

Reese did but not much. Skylar was still blinking the last dregs of the liquid out of her mind but she still shouldered her backpack and made her way to Reese. “When I say three, you transfer the stone over to my hands and you go get your stuff, okay but be quick,” she waited until Reese nodded to say the word. Quickly the stone was transferred and Reese was darting out of the tent.

“What are we going to do?” Everett asked as he packed up his own backpack.

Skylar didn’t really know yet, “We’re going to run and hope for the best,” that was all they could do if they were close. They had to outrun them. That was their best chance at the moment.

The moments in between Reese coming back were tense but when she emerged, her own backpack on her shoulders, she seemed panicked. “We don’t have long, they’re breaching the barriers any moment now.”


“Then let’s go,” Skylar pocketed the stone and herded them all out the tent, “We have about a ten minute window before that Goon starts to wake up.”

“And we have about a five minute window before the other Goons breach the barriers,” Reece uttered as Skylar let him across the village.




“We’ll head towards Zaro and hopefully we run quick enough to lose them,” Skylar planned as they walked briskly. The village was semi-organised chaos, the people were in their tents huddled together for protection and the Moracci were at the barriers trying to keep the Goons out.

The Priestess came walking up to them, “These are the people you were talking about,” she asserted as she stopped in front of them, trapping them from progressing onwards.

“They’re not people but yes—“

“You’ve put my people in danger even though you promised you would be gone.”

“I did not know that they were so close!” Skylar shouted looking at the barriers, “We don’t have time for this they’re going to break the barriers any minute now.”

“The best thing to do is to hand you over and protect the Moracci,” Skylar was shocked at how fast the Priestess was willing to sacrifice one of the people she swore would be under Moracci protection.

“I’m sorry for this,” Skylar whispered looking down, the Priestess was going to say something else but Skylar stopped her. “You are going to protect me and my companions at all costs, do not let them follow us.”

The only beings that could resist her Persuasion were the Goons and The Miracle. The Priestess squirmed but she was under no choice. She stalked away. Skylar closed her eyes as she said her next order in a loud, clear voice, “Everyone will protect me and my companions, and you will not let them follow us. No one will follow us, do you understand?”

She watched as everyone around her, sans Everett and Reese, nodded their consent. This was mind control, everything that Skylar hated about her power. But this was what needed to be done. Otherwise the Miracle would get her and they would not rest until her mind was laid open, involuntarily open, in front of them.

“Let’s go,” she said finally and they ran, heading for the barriers where the Goons were stood snarling and begging to be in. Under her command the Moracci and people alike fought for them, fighting for a path in the swarm. Skylar could see the hesitation on their faces, how they didn’t want to fight, but she couldn’t dwell on that.

The Goons tried to follow them but more people fought against them, under order to not allow them to follow her. Skylar didn’t dwell on the fact that the Moracci would be a bloodbath by the time the Goons were done with them.

“Skylar…” Everett tried to say but Skylar did not give indication that she heard him. She just kept running. They all just kept running, to where yet it wasn’t definite. If they would make it there wasn’t definite either.

But running was all they could do for now. 



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