Up There so High

What do you get when you have a space fanatic, a runaway princess and a bunch of miscreants? Well, you get the three E's; Explosions, Expletives and Enemies.
You may not laugh along with this story but you may sing (because the main space man is very much fond of that).


46. The Origin


~The Origin~



He had figured that time slowing down and the matter of pulling Skylar out of the pool were examples of The Knowledge. He didn’t know how exactly, since Knowledge didn’t transcend to the physical ability to levitate people. But each and every time he felt painless electricity along his arms, something like a thousand static shocks which his brain didn’t completely register, and he knew what it had to be.

He didn’t know how to understand it and maybe he would never understand it entirely.

All he knew was that he had saw Skylar in a pool with something that turned into a gigantic octopus and that was the worst place for her to be. Then the shocks were back and she was out of the pool and he was gathering up her parents and the window was shattering.

Then he was on the Aglaia and the floor rose to meet him as darkness smudged his vision.

He was surrounded by pure darkness, utter blackness where you could not tell which direction you faced or whether your hand was pointing up or down. It was total and absolute and settled.

Somewhere in his mind a thought provided the location of this blackness. This was pure dark matter, the universe before creation occurred to add colour. Everett watched as particles fused together to form a moving mass of ridges and folds and eyes and teeth. This entity formed along with the stars and the galaxies and the first planet of which was purple and atmospheric. Was this the Big Bang? Had the  Entity, for that was what it was called, been the catalyst for all of creation?

This planet – Nova – became the home of those the entity created, who flashed teeth and forcefully pushed particles together to form two types of creatures; the Beings of Peace and the Beings of Chaos. Every being the entity made was a creature of a sort and they did not have names, not the kind that Everett knew to be normal. Both types of Beings were gifted with labels; Being of Sentience, Being of War, Being of Earth. Each one had a polar opposite and each one defied or defined the common conventions of their label. But the two types of Beings created could not exist in harmony and so they went to war, the civil war being nicknamed the Purge of the Beings.

The Beings of Peace triumphed and so they beat their siblings into the corner of the universe where no creation would ever occur. They warded it with spells and power and they policed it with a new type of Being, forged from prayer to the entity.

The Miracle was a Being of Water and a part of the Beings of Chaos. She was given a name for the first time in her life in the Warded, the prison that she would serve the rest of her existence because her kind was not trusted with survival in the universe. Her name was Tisera, meaning miracle, and she was given it because she gave her kind some hope of escape. She was clever enough with her fluid powers of which there were plenty, of the water form and water manipulation to name two. But her brothers and sisters disagreed that their moves should be stealthy and they wanted a progression that was near impossible to achieve, something that she couldn’t manipulate.

So she tested her escape plan on herself, faking her death with a poison she had manipulated and changed. She was transported to a spaceship to be delivered back to Nova for burial, and yet when she came free from the constraints that held her limp body and when she killed the crew of her escorts, the Beings of Consciousness, she found her home planet non-existent.

This was the time where Nova disappeared, and the space where it existed was only inhabited by a purple stone.

The other stone, the sister stone of which was also created by the great entity, had been found and taken with the Beings of Sentience when they had left their diminishing planet.

The Miracle did not know this however, and so she sat in a drifting spaceship with a purple stone and the power of mind persuasion which had been transferred from the Beings of Consciousness. That was the thing with Beings, when one of them killed their own kind their powers were transferred as if their bodies were merely vessels for power.

She named the stone Colosseo, and she called it that to mimic the destruction that her kind was made to create. They simply couldn’t create in the same way that her brethren could and she couldn’t bring life to creatures and entities, no she could only destroy it and create by the art of destruction.

To destroy was to pave the way for creation and her brethren had never gotten that concept.

She bonded with the stone and so she drifted into space and explored, learning about the art of destruction through the death of stars and the crash landings of asteroids.

The universe would not exist without it destroying and rebuilding itself all over again.

She gathered and twisted the life forms that her brethren had created, forming an army to show every life form the power of destruction. She wanted the universe because the universe was made to destroy itself.

But unfortunately not everyone had the same idea. Tisera one day came across the Protectors, a clan of people created by the Beings of Peace whose job it was to protect, and she became furious. They did not fulfil their job, they did not use their powers of creation and of wisdom and of pinnacle strength to protect her planet, the very planet that she had lived and been exiled from. The Protectors were the ultimate kind of Beings, the first ones gifted with humanoid bodies and the first ones entrusted to protect the universe through endless creation.

They held the cards because the entity had wished it so and Tisera was envious.

Why should the concept of creation and of peace equal greatness?

And when she saw that they held the sister stone – a darker purple compared to the green tinge that Colosseo had – she had a goal in mind. To hold both stones in her hands, both of creation and destruction, was to make them finally see that they were equal.

But when she manipulated the minds of the Protectors and got her hands on that stone – which Colosseo referred to as the Pantheon because the Protectors had named it – she saw her own death.

She saw her own undoing in fire and death and pain, pain, pain. It was excruciating and the Pantheon would cause this eventuality.

She was terrified and in her weakness she had become visible to the Protectors, who used their powers to weaken her further.

They took both stones from her and she never saw the Pantheon again until millenniums had passed. They tried to send her back to the Warded, but even they did not know the exact coordinates of the prison. She escaped and from that day forth, her true hatred for the Protectors was born.

But the location of Colosseo was never entirely hid from her. She could sense it, feel it in her bones that it was somewhere across the universe. Somewhere where a small, red sun spun around its own axis, in a galaxy that would one day be named the Milky Way.

She didn’t feel sad when she killed them all, or what she thought was them all. She didn’t feel anything when she exterminated the Protectors. She felt nothing but rage when before she could grasp Colosseo, it was getting away from her again and the sun disappeared from view, in the same fashion that Nova once had.

From that day forth she did not feel Colosseo and the loss haunted her each and every day. Tisera vowed to find it only to prevent the crater in her chest and the eventual destruction of her form. She vowed that she would hunt for the Pantheon and prevent anyone from using it to kill her.

She vowed that she would take a humanoid form and be known as The Miracle, the greatest destroyer the universe had ever known.




She was in a hurry when she escorted Fitz to the medical room of the Aglaia because god that man needed all the help he could get. She pushed his broken body onto a cot, looking at his ashen complexion and his slowly falling apart arm.

Reese remembered the first time that Fitz took her to this room, giving her a tour while Everett and Skylar discussed her powers. Was that only a day ago? Twenty two hours ago that was how short of time had passed and yet so much had happened, even when she got a few hours of sleep.

Ever since Everett had arrived it seemed like time didn’t have much of a space in their world anymore.

“And this is the medical room,” Fitz had shown her with a wave of his arm, gesturing to a slate grey room.

“You could have painted it a lighter colour,” she joked as she stepped into the makeshift room. Three cots, a series of counters in a u shape, bottles of mixtures and medical tape littered on the surface.

“I like grey,” Fitz muttered, “Anyway I don’t see many people in the Aglaia.”

“Socially awkward Fitz?” Reese had quirked, throwing her arms up as she did a twirl in the middle of the room.

“Not particularly, just like to stitch myself up in peace.” He smiled and joined her in the centre between the first two cots. “I don’t get hurt substantially but this is here just in case anything happens to anyone. I wouldn’t leave a dying soul out there alone to meet the Reaper, not if I can help it. And I feel like with the princess and Everett, we may be visiting this room a bit more.”

He then showed her some tinctures that could help them, Morosea herbs to cure general illness, Boro to slow blood loss, Hoy to increase adrenaline and mental cognitions and Wunt to force the body into rapid healing. He then picked up a milky white emulsion and grinned at it, shaking it up to the light.

“This is called Juju, yes really that is its name, and it’s the one thing that can cure any skin ailment, even that inflicted on Lich skin if it ever so happens. It’s the perfect concoction, and a pretty crystal bar got it.”

“You seem to be full of pretty crystal bars,” Reese remarked as she took the bottle from the man and put it back on its holder on the wall.

Fitz cockily grinned, “Well I am the master space man around here.”

“I think Everett will fight you for that title.”

Reese reached for the Juju concoction now, desperately tearing it out of the holder and uncorking the bottle. She slathered the thick cream over Fitz’s arm, applying two layers up to the man’s elbow. Her hands shook as she did it, and she personally didn’t care about the fact that her own hands were covered in the stuff. She then injected Wunt into the skin of Fitz’s arm and prayed for the best.

“He needs healing of the soul my child,” a voice came from the doorway and it was the Queen, Skylar’s mother. She looked in ill states and Reese was quick to reassure the queen that it was unneeded. “I know when it is needed my child, my husband has received it and Fitz will need it too. Pain inflicts a funny sort of ailment to the body and the brain.”

“I couldn’t my Queen, I do not want to put you in harm’s way.”

“Shush and let me work,” the Queen would not listen to Reese’s refusal and placed a hand on Fitz’s unbroken arm. With a look of pain and concentration purple light spread from the queen’s fingertips to the man’s skin. Then the Queen was withdrawing and drawing in a breath of her own pain.

Skylar was quick to enter and catch her mother as she fell to her knees. “Mother you have done too much, the Pantheon separation and the healing has exhausted you.”

Before Skylar could panic further a flash appeared in Reese’s eyes of the Queen sleeping and waking up looking marginally better than she was. “She just needs some rest,” Reese reassured Skylar and then they were helping the Queen onto a cot and the Queen was out between one breath and the next, exhaustion turning her bones to lead.

Once the Queen was asleep, Skylar was leaning against the other cot and looking over at the two unconscious people. “We are the only ones conscious,” she laughed, “my father is still out from his torture and Everett collapsed when we arrived.”

“Is he alright?” Reese asked, concerned over their friend.

“I don’t know, he seemed fine during the battle but then again even I don’t know what Humans are capable of during a fight.”

“Might just be exhaustion.” Reese agreed and gazed at Fitz on the bed, colour had peaked under the lay of Juju and that was a good sign.

“You feel something for Fitzgerald Malloy, don't you?” and when pressed on how Skylar knew his name the girl replied that the family was well known to that of Zaro and therefore the Gov.


“Perhaps,” she answered instead, knowing that if she tried to describe her feelings for the man she wouldn’t say the right words. Yes her, Reese Turner, the seer who had lived with the Moracci for years because she didn’t know her proper place in the world, had feelings for Fitz. “Just as you have the exact same feelings for a certain human man.”

Reese looked at Skylar and saw a blush to her cheeks. In return she blushed too, knowing that the emotion wasn’t shared by her alone.

“Love is a fickle thing, a power that not even the Pantheon can describe,” Skylar replied and ducked her head to the ground.

Reese couldn’t think of a better and more chaotic phrase for it. Even if she didn’t know if the word love covered her feelings just yet, she knew that perhaps it eventually would and that eventuality made all the difference.




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