Up There so High

What do you get when you have a space fanatic, a runaway princess and a bunch of miscreants? Well, you get the three E's; Explosions, Expletives and Enemies.
You may not laugh along with this story but you may sing (because the main space man is very much fond of that).


47. The Nonsensical


~The Nonsensical~



There’s something startling about waking up with a brain fully submerged with headache inducing information. Maybe this was the downside to The Knowledge, the feeling of hurt when you knew too much and too little at once.

Everett knew that he was on the Aglaia and he was safe, that wasn’t what was bothering him. What was bothering him was how The Miracle made sense. The insane version of this creature made definitive sense, both the physical nature of Tisera and her motives.

Tisera was an octopus, who had a high intelligence due to the five hundred million neurons that she housed in her body. That added with the fuels of magic and the powers of Consciousness, made her a formidable creature.

It all added up and that infuriated him. How could something so nonsensical make sense?

He groaned acutely into the stillness of the Aglaia, surprised that the only noises were beeps and whirs of technology.

“Everett?” a whisper asked and his eyes blinked open to confront the world. He was glad that the lights were low, only omitting a dull blue to register the stand by status of the ship, and his eyes were met with the roof where it intercepted with the windscreen.

He was in the passenger seat at the front of the ship, reclined into a lying position, and the cosmos was before him, a mix of blue blackness before it met with the near distant view of Zeld. They were in the stratosphere and safe from the orbit of the planet, held aloft in a stationary pose outside of The Miracle’s grip.

Everett turned his head to the left and saw Skylar’s mother, the Queen of Zeld. For a moment he panicked because this was a Queen, the very same person that he had only saw a glimpse of maybe hours before. When his eyes met hers the woman studied him and saw something that he didn’t know he had. But she seemed to keep the revelation at bay, her lips thinning. 

The woman looked better, her hair braided to avoid looking limp and her eyes more rested even though worry instilled itself into the creases of her face.

Everett didn’t know what to say and the Queen knew this.

“Are you well?” she scrutinized and he nodded his head, still not knowing how to form the proper words. The Queen smiled, “My daughter was quite worried about you.”

“Where is she?” Everett asked, his nerves abating due to the shifting topic.

“Well,” her tone was reassuring and the creases straightened from her cheeks, “she is sleeping at the moment, as are all of the occupants of the Agalia besides us.”

“They need their rest,” Everett murmured, repositioning the chair to be sitting. He noticed that the Aglaia was drifting on auto pilot, Fitz still unconscious but probably healing under the care of Reese.

“As do we all, I believe The Knowledge wore you out?”

“How do you know...?” Everett hedged and watched as the Queen tapped her forehead and laughed into the silence.

“The Pantheon shows me flashes and that serves as my version of The Knowledge. I saw you in a jail cell, I saw you in a spacesuit and I saw you with the Beings of Sentience receiving The Knowledge.” She paused for a moment to collect her thoughts, tapping a finger on her bottom lip as her eyes strayed to the back of the cockpit where her husband still lay across the chairs. “The Knowledge is a power gifted to the worthy, those deemed able to handle such a thing. It only makes sense for you to receive it as your ancestors are the Protectors themselves.”

“What does it do, exactly?” Everett asked, wanting to know more about the power he had been given.

“It allows higher cognitive functioning, giving the brain access to the fundamental connections of the universe. To put it simply, the universe is manufactured in echoes of time and events. The Knowledge allows you access to these echoes, to know the information the very universe runs on and is affected by. It allows openness to experience, both physical and sensory, that prepares the body for future echoes.”

“So I can see vital events of the universe which is why I saw The Miracle’s origin?”

The Queen perked up at this and then sighed, deflating back into the driver’s chair that she had moved to face him.

“Yes, unfortunately the creature that The Miracle is has impacted the universe in such a way that these echoes bounce around in a specific order. The Pantheon tries to alert me to future catastrophes; however, The Miracle cannot be seen by it due to the echoes not being recognised in the order it needs to be.”

“The Pantheon came into contact with The Miracle, perhaps that is why it cannot read the ‘echoes’ like I apparently can. The Miracle is terrified of what the Pantheon can do.”

“Are you sure?” The Queen asked, concern lacing her voice.

“The Miracle looked into it and saw its destruction. The stone can help us.”

“The stone is vital to Zeld, it was transferred in order to forge the planet. If you sacrifice it, Zeld will be in dire straits.”

“And if we don’t Zeld will be crushed by The Miracle’s hands.” Everett was quick to stand and make his way to the medical bay, his legs wavered from not being used in so long and the Queen followed him.

“This will only lead to death and destruction, we can’t tell Skylar this,” The Queen was desperate even when Everett walked to the slumbering form of Skylar on a cot, her legs curled up to her chest.

“You can’t stop me from telling Skylar,” Everett mumbled and was shocked when his feet were kicked out away from him. He grappled to gain purchase on something, his hand coming on Fitz’s cot, which made the wheels skid across the floor before Everett could make it stop. The man didn’t stir, which was to be expected from someone who was unconscious. Then he turned around and missed the punch thrown his way. The Queen was fighting him and that was something he had never expected.

“Oh but I will Mr. Tyson,” The Queen rumbled as she threw more hits, Everett moving to avoid them. He pivoted and blocked her fists, moving around the cots and the vials on the benches. 

“What the hell is going on here?” Skylar questioned, her eyes open and squinting as she lifted herself up on the now crooked cot.

“Nothing,” her mother gritted out as she aimed a lucky punch at his ribs. It connected and it hurt. He keeled over, giving the Queen an advantage to slam his head into the corner of the cot.

He saw stars, the blackness of the universe invading his eyes once more, he begged the stars to dissipate and swept the Queen’s feet from under her. Now they were both on the ground and Skylar was standing, waking up Reese who looked equally as disturbed.

“The Pantheon is the key to defeating The Miracle,” Everett rushed out and watched as the anger swarmed the Queen’s expression. “I don’t know how but it is, The Miracle looked into it and saw its destruction.”

“Do not listen to him Skylar, the Pantheon is safe where it is.”

Skylar looked at her mother in astonishment, “But if this is our only lead on how to defeat her then shouldn’t we listen to it?”

“You do not know the consequences of such an action, if we use it and it does not work then that will hand the Pantheon over to that thing and if it does work it will be destroyed. Either way we will lose the Pantheon and lose the very power that sustains us.” Her mother was still on the floor and the med bay was quiet as they pondered.

“If we do nothing the planet is lost to us, The Miracle will stop at nothing and our planet will go along with it. Everett tell us everything you know and how.” Skylar looked tired as she helped him up and so Everett was sitting on the cot that Skylar had abandoned and telling them all about what he had saw.

The first thing Skylar did was slap the back of his head after learning that he had took The Knowledge without telling them. She was incensed at it and didn’t listen to his reasoning, she was devastated that he didn’t consult them on it.

“The Pantheon is the only thing we know that destroys it, The Miracle saw fire and destruction and death within it and it will cause its own death. We need it otherwise what else can we use against a gigantic octopus?” Everett went on, massaging his head for the bump and bruise that was undoubtedly there after his head was smashed into the cot.

“You don’t see what I see Skylar,” The Queen tried to warn, pleading with her daughter from her spot on the floor, “When I looked into the Pantheon I saw the destruction of our planet, war and death, and then The Miracle stormed in and killed the girl that took your place. We can’t have that.”

Skylar looked down at that, refusing to meet her mother’s eyes. Everett didn’t have a clue on what was going on but he didn’t like the expression on Skylar’s face.

“It’s a risk worth taking,” Reese said from the back, forcing all of the attention her way. “If The Miracle gets the Pantheon the key to destroying it is lost forever, if we do not use it then she will do everything she still needs to do to not only get the Pantheon but rule the Universe. We cannot abandon our planet and our universe.”

“It’s worth a shot, and it is the only one we have.” Everett assured as Skylar’s eyes swept his way. She nodded and took a deep breath, making her way to her mother and kneeling in front of her.

Skylar softened, her chest deflating as she thought on what to do. Everett could see the war that rolled onto her forehead, nestling in the gap between her slanted eyebrows and sweeping down to the triangle of freckles on her jaw. This was a mental conflict, one that Skylar had to think out on her own.

“The Miracle couldn’t Persuade you because they don’t have the bond that family or the Pantheon has, that’s why she needed me. She needed me on board and I am not on board but we need that location and we need it now.” Skylar placed her hands on her mother temples, watching as she tried to get away from her hands. The Queen knew what was happening and she tried to hit her daughter but the maternal bond within her held her back. 

“Now tell us where the Pantheon is,” the order was said into the Queen’s eyes and Everett watched as her pupils dilated, glazing over for a second as her mouth opened.

“T-the Enid M-mountain range, the Crypt.”



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