Up There so High

What do you get when you have a space fanatic, a runaway princess and a bunch of miscreants? Well, you get the three E's; Explosions, Expletives and Enemies.
You may not laugh along with this story but you may sing (because the main space man is very much fond of that).


19. The Moracci


~The Moracci~



“You were both stupid to come this far out,” a voice tutted as an arm grabbed Skylar’s arm. Skylar nearly gasped in relief as they yanked her out of the mud. Another pair of arms helped Everett up and out of the mud. “It’s better if you walk quickly,” the voice said again and the two people were hauling the pair out of the mud.

Everett could have kissed his saviours when he met grass and his feet didn’t sink in.

“What were you both thinking to get yourselves stuck in Mora Mud?” A second voice griped as they gripped Everett and led them out of the fog. Their voices were feminine and it only became more evident when they got to a clearing where the fog started to dissipate. Everett and Skylar could see more here and outlines were becoming clearer the farther they got.

“That means that we’re in Mora Wood right?” Skylar asked and Everett was confused. If you asked him they were always in a wood so labelling them would do nothing. But for the other three people the name meant something.

Skylar could feel the person that gripped her nod and she sagged in relief, “That means that you’re the Moracci tribe,” again the person nodded. “We’re safe Everett.”

“I would say so honey,” the second person, the only gripping Everett said, and then stopped as they finally emerged from the fog.

The two that held them were women, the crescent moon on their forehead and the dots underneath their eyes marking their tribe. They wore flowing robes and sharp cut gowns, accentuating their cleavage, and they had many beads that hung from their necks. Everett had to inwardly slap himself so that his eyes didn’t wander too far down, he was a man okay, and he couldn’t help himself sometimes.

“We were running from Fluggers, so are we really safe?” Everett asked and had to resist calling them chickens of steroids.

“Those blasted birds are always causing trouble,” the tribes woman holding him replied and they said nothing until they approached a village of tents.

“You’ll need to see the Priestess to seek sanctuary,” the first tribes woman muttered to Skylar and when they entered a tent the women left them.

Before Everett could question what they were doing there Skylar answered the question. The Moracci tribe were a group of peace makers who allowed Sanctuary for passers-by as long they worked to pay their keep. Each section of the tribe had a Priestess who directed the jobs and decided if the Sanctuary needed to be assigned. Each tribes woman was a Powerful granted with incredible senses, they could see and hear pretty much everything. They were legends to Skylar when she was growing up and to see them in the flesh was something else.

“When the Priestess asks why we are here you let me do the talking. When they ask you who you are and why you are here you tell them that you are Powerless that wandered over from the Zen Isles, you were lost and seeking spiritual guidance when you found me. They must not know that you are a Human. Got that?” Skylar’s expression was stern and they didn’t have much time.

“Okay…” Everett was hesitant but he didn’t want to piss off his companion. The last thing he needed was to be left on his own on a planet he knew next to nothing about. He only wanted to appease her because that was in his best interests, yeah it had nothing to do with the fact that Skylar could be quite frightening when she wanted to be.

The Priestess who came in was striking. She had purple eyes like all the Powerful’s did but they were lined in black and the eyelashes were long. Her hair was braided over the front of her shoulders all the way down to her stomach, which was open in a crop top and billowy pants outfit. She still had the customary beads and markings but she seemed just a bit more superior than the other two women they had seen.

“Skylaric Kingsley I did not expect you to be here, and you have brought a companion,” the Priestess began and moved to the only furnishing in the tent, a low table. She crossed her legs over one another and managed to look regal poised on such a low table.

“Thank you for saving us, I expect that the art of discretion will be employed during this meeting?” Skylar’s voice went hard and her posture stiffened. She had to know that she would be safe here. Sometimes dreams could be disappointing after they became reality.

“Of course, the mission statement of the Moracci is secrecy in the right of peace and protection. Say whatever is the truth my child. Now say why you are here.” The Priestess assured and her expression did not change. It was always neutral because that was the point of the Priestess.

“An entity broke into the palace and set their sights on me. They captured me and when met with resistance became violent. I ran, and continue to run, from them and have come here to gain sanctuary and payment for services. When those have been fulfilled I will be on my way to battle this entity.” Skylar looked straight into the Priestess’ eyes and found honesty within them. She didn’t pour words out too fast, she was not that stupid; even if she could trust this woman she could not trust everyone else.

Some people would sell their own heart for money and Skylar did not put it past the common man to betray her.

She was a realist and she was not stupid. She was too old in the world to be that naïve.

The Priestess nodded, “You have come to the right place, The Moracci will keep you safe for your stay with us but you will not stay forever, the safety of the Moracci and its sanctuary is of utmost importance.” Skylar understood that, to keep doing their mission statement they could not have The Miracle burn it to the ground just looking for her. She didn’t want to put more people in danger than she had to. Everett was a necessary companion, one that she had to let in otherwise he would die and she was not that lethal. “And what about your companion, what is his purpose?” The Priestess looked right at Everett and he had to not shiver at the intensity of the gaze. Now he had the gaze of both women and he was under the spotlight.

He never liked acting. And he had always been terrible at drama.

“Everett Tyson Ma’am I come from the Zen Isles. I lost my way a while ago and agreed to seek spiritual guidance. To do that I decided to explore Zeld and see if what I needed was somewhere out there. Along the way I found Skylar and I believe that she will help me on my mission.” He tried to portray honesty but these women were something else so he didn’t know if it conveyed. He sweated and tried to hide it from the women. Should he had said Skylaric instead of Skylar like the Priestess had? Had he said something horribly wrong by accident? He probably did, he always managed to put his foot in his mouth at the worst times possible.

“Everett I see great things in your companionship with Skylaric. I hope that you find whatever it is you’re looking for on your journey. Think of the Moracci as a stepping stone in aiding you find this guidance. You will work alongside your companion until it is time for you to leave. I wish you great luck.” The Priestess smiled as if asking him to calm down. He did calm down because for once his acting skills paid off. They hardly did.

But maybe she was just playing his game. The Priestess was the kind of person to give nothing away.

The Priestess escorted them to a tent at the back of the village. On the way there the pair saw people adopting the Moracci garb and going about various jobs, carrying baskets, picking flowers and herbs, and farming. They would be doing that soon enough.

“Rest up for now, you will start in the morning.” The Priestess smiled as she drew them into their tent. Two beds rested on different sides with a table in the middle with a seating area. Modest but comfortable. They would be okay here and it was better than sleeping on rocky ground like they had the previous night.

“Thank you Priestess,” Skylar asserted and Everett was quick to follow. The elder woman then left them alone and Everett was quick to lay on the bed farthest away from the door. It wasn’t a shock that Skylar took the one closest to the door, if there was something after her she would want the quickest escape route. Everett knew the fleeting look to the door from anywhere, it had been common when he was in prison; looking for escape routes were sometimes vital if you pissed the right person off.

“So… Skylaric?” Everett asked as he looked to his left at the woman.

“It’s my real name but I prefer Skylar, it’s much easier,” Skylar didn’t even look at him she was too busy unpacking things from her backpack.

“So you do have an Alien name,” Everett laughed and laughed harder at the glare she shot him.

“You know how I hate that word.”

That first night was easy. Laying around and resting was something that Everett did well. He sat at the entrance of the tent and watched as the sky darkened and the stars made another appearance. At one point Skylar sat next to him.

“You certainly seem to love the stars,” she remarked, her eyes fixed on the sky and not on her companion.

“They don’t talk back to you and they’re great listeners,” he answered and silence elapsed between them.

“You know, all I knew about the stars were what my tutors told me. Zeld was the third planet to orbit Octavius and there were six other planets alongside Zeld,” at Everett’s raised eyebrow Skylar carried on, “First there’s Maro, then Torein, Zeld, Rend, Itu, Vallum and finally Cael. Zeld has three moons and we have star signs just like Earth does. I’m a Vargo, born in Quinctius.” Skylar laughed throwing her arms around her stomach.

“How do you know so much about Earth, I got the impression that not many know about humans to start with,” Everett was looking at her now as she watched the sky. Skylar had told him that the Moracci must not that he was human so that would imply that they didn’t know.

“I just do,” Skylar sighed and concentrated more on the stars. Everett was right, they didn’t talk but they had a lot to say.

Skylar vaguely remembered someone staying in her family’s home, not the palace this was before her mother was chosen by the Pantheon, telling her stories of a world that was mainly water. Of a world that was third in their sun's orbit like Zeld, where people roamed with eyes a thousand colours even though they were Powerless. They defined Power as something less physical than being chosen by a mystical stone cut from Zeld’s core.

She was under orders not to share the secrets with anyone, the guest in her house had made her promise, and she had promised herself long ago. But would it count when she was sharing the secrets of humanity to a human himself?

She didn’t want to blur the definition of that promise. The knowledge of humanity had got her this far and she would run with it until she couldn’t no more. 



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