Up There so High

What do you get when you have a space fanatic, a runaway princess and a bunch of miscreants? Well, you get the three E's; Explosions, Expletives and Enemies.
You may not laugh along with this story but you may sing (because the main space man is very much fond of that).


41. The Miracle


~The Miracle~



“We are going to get her back aren’t we?” he asked the team as he leaned over the blueprints that Skylar had given them, electronic and holographic of course. She had explicitly given them passwords that would access the blueprints on a private server and the palace was projected onto one of the tables that littered Aglaia’s rooms. At first he couldn’t get over the structural detail, winding and sometimes circular rooms of crystals and concrete, gold and wood. It was a strange construction but the wonder soon gave way to worry over Skylar.

Fitz came closer to him, bumping their shoulders together in comfort, and then pointed to several rooms in turn. “Skylar pointed out the most likely areas that The Miracle would occupy and take her to, The Miracle likes a spectacle so it will most likely be in the throne room, the Pantheon room, or the Dungeons.” He pointed to each one on the map. The castle itself was made up of three spires; the front most one looked like a modern mosque, short and with a gold roof; the second one off to the side and thin to tower into the sky; the third the innermost one and the largest which twisted and turned to curl shorter and shorter towards the top, a set of steps creating the illusion of safety. Skylar had told them that these steps were the battlements where the guards patrolled and where enchantments from witches incapacitated intruders before they could get very far. The rooms she had hinted at were all located in the innermost spire of which she called Aeon. The throne room was on the third floor, the dungeons on the sub-level floors and the Pantheon room located off her parents room on the top most floor. There was a lift that took them up but it was heavily guarded and only those with purple eyes (or now blackened) were permitted entry.

“We’ll start from the Dungeons onwards, I’m thinking of accessing the sewers to get to that, and then work our way up. We do not split up and we stick as a team this time.” Fitz was adamant in this, taking the role of leader as he looked at both Everett and Reese in turn.

“We do not pass go, and collect two hundred dollars, got it.” Again Everett’s Earth references were wasted on the duo of Zeldian’s.

“Sewers are here, and here,” Fitz was pointing and although the plan didn’t seem pleasant, not in any sense, Everett was half way confident that they would save Skylar from any eventuality.




The woman – The Miracle – stalked towards her with a knowing grin painted on her lips, malicious and taunting. How could this woman have evaded her two years ago and why didn’t she just reveal herself?

…a being that once you’ve saw it makes you forget that you’ve ever saw it in the first place because a command is already put into your mind. This command allows The Miracle to make you either susceptible to everything the Miracle is or it places a block so that your abilities are useless against it. 

The words of Juda came slamming into her brain. If her words were true then that was why Skylar’s Persuasion was useless on the ship and it would be useless now. She was tempted to show her disappointment but she knew she couldn’t let it show.

The Miracle’s hand wrapped around her chin and pointed it upwards to face her. “Wouldn’t you know, I finally have the one girl I’ve been looking for, for the past two years? I admit not many people have evaded me that long, I’m impressed.”

“I don’t want to make a good impression.”

The Miracle laughed dispassionately, “If anything you’ve left a bad impression on me. I tell you to do one job, one tiny job, and yet you couldn’t even do that. All you had to do was be in this room,” she gestured to their surroundings letting her go for just a moment, “and you sent an imposter to do it for you, running away like that would do anything.”

“I can’t let you destroy my planet and use the Pantheon, I just can’t.”

“Darling,” The Miracle looked sympathetic towards her, “I technically already have, I just need the Pantheon and that’s not going to be hard now that you’re here.”

Skylar must have showed her disbelief because The Miracle was chuckling and elaborating, “Either I’ll torture the answer from your mother, torture you to get the answer out of your mother, or kill her so the power transfers to you.”

“You said you weren’t going to kill my parents if I came to you.”

“Well darling I am a Being of Chaos I can do what I want,” The Miracle shrugged and moved back over to the podium.

“Why are you doing all of this?” Skylar asked, trying to stand.

“You will not stand up,” The Miracle muttered and Skylar’s legs refused to move any further, her muscles instantly not listening to her brain. Her eyes hardened and she willed herself to go against the monsters persuasion. Then she felt her muscles relax as the Superfluous flower did its job of making it avoid The Miracle's manipulations and she had to repress a grin. It had worked. Now all she had to do was pretend to be paralysed. 

Even so her Persuasion had to be more powerful than The Miracle's, it had to work against it and against the Goons unlike two years ago.

I will be better than them. I will be more powerful. I will get through this.

“Well to start off with, being evil is just such fun, and everybody loves a bit of world domination on a morning when it comes from a beautiful face,” The Miracle smiled, placing her hands on her hips, “The other part of the why is more complicated.”

“I’ve got nothing but time,” Skylar deadpanned referencing her position on the floor.

I will be better than them. I will be more powerful. I will get through this. I will overcome their persuasion.

“Well it starts out with some back story with The Beings of Chaos and being beat down by the ‘good guys’,” she signalled the quotes with her fingers and a wayward roll of her eyes, “Then being thrown into a space jail, escaping, and plotting my world domination to get back something that was stolen from us a long time ago.”

“And what was that?”

“Did you know that the Pantheon is not the only powerful stone in existence?” The Miracle revelled on the look of pure amazement on Skylar’s face, knowing that she knew something more than Skylar, “The Beings of Chaos created their own stone, pouring their essences into what became known as Colosseo, a stone that could grant powers of destruction and end worlds. The Pantheon may have been gifted to Zeld but our stone was stolen from us, hidden in a way by the Protectors. We tried to exterminate them but they hid it on a planet which they then hid.”

Skylar was following and understanding the story, and her eyes closed in realisation, “Earth, the stone is on Earth and you need the location of that planet to locate the stone.”

“Got it in one darling.” The Miracle pointed to her.

I will get through this. I will overcome their persuasion.

The mantra whirred around and around in her head.

“Without the stone I am punished with a horrible burden, the curse of being a Destroyer,” the words were sighed and Skylar coughed.

“Don’t tell me that you dislike destroying things because that would be bullshit.”

“Yes it would and no I wasn’t referring to that. The Gods of Magick bewitched every original lifeform with something animalistic and it was only when those animals created that more humanoid figures started to take form.”

“There’s nothing animalistic about you?” Skylar motioned, flicking her head towards the feminine form of the monster. The Miracle was thin and dressed in black, her brown wide eyes lined with splashed black and if Skylar hadn’t realised she was a monster then The Miracle would have been considered attractive.  

The Miracle huffed, “That’s what it looks like now,” she grumbled and moved to the pool, unbuttoning the front clasps of her tunic.

“I am sadly not looking for an exhibition –“ Skylar tried to say but was silence when The Miracle jumped into the water feet first, pants still on, and bubbles rose from the surface. First she surfaced with wet, slicked back hair and then she dipped back under, never surfacing again.

There was no doubt in her mind that The Miracle would just drown herself; that would be an easy way out and there was no motive on The Miracle’s part.

What surfaced next was something that Skylar couldn’t prepare for; a tentacle that sprung from the water to splash onto the surrounding tiles. It slapped against the ground, a deep crimson colour with two slightly crooked rows of blue, luminescent suction cups. It curled further across the tiles and another tentacle joined it, and another. Soon the whole body emerged from the water, the body of a gigantic octopus of which was a dark red, edging on burgundy, with eight curling tentacles. Monolithic brown eyes poked out of bulges on the head, with lids that matched the colour of the suction cups.

Then the colours changed from red to blue, the suction cups turning orange as the skin dipped into blues and greens, mimicking the near colour of the water. What?

Skylar’s eyes were blown wide. This was The Miracle? A huge octopus? She was tempted to look for the body of the woman in the water but somewhere she knew that the body wouldn’t be there, and instead it would have transformed into the octopus form. Or rather the woman was a glamour and the octopus was The Miracle’s true form.

This is who I am. Who the Gods made me to be. The Miracle’s voice crooned in her head like all those years before. It made Skylar cringe inwardly.

They were right to make The Beings in that form, for an excess of power would only lead to ugliness in behaviour. That ugliness would therefore transcend to the appearance as well.

I will get through this. I will overcome their persuasion.




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