Up There so High

What do you get when you have a space fanatic, a runaway princess and a bunch of miscreants? Well, you get the three E's; Explosions, Expletives and Enemies.
You may not laugh along with this story but you may sing (because the main space man is very much fond of that).


50. The Lake Called Morgana


~The Lake Called Morgana~



He felt a state of readiness when it came to the upcoming war, and he knew that it would be a war. There was no going back and denying it. He knew it in the way that, quite ironically, classical notes flew through the speakers the Aglaia. Fitz said that the music calmed him, the absence of actual words allowing them to speak.

Skylar was fiddling with weapons, a series of knives that masqueraded as lightsabers if you asked Everett. One minute they functioned as normal knives, one of them looking like a shortened scythe, and the next the blade was gone and replaced with a column of pure fire. She had told him that the best way to deal with a water creature was to burn it and she called them her Colo blades. He hadn’t replied to that and had just brought out the Spaceonator which had been tucked away into his backpack ever since his arrival.

This time it wasn’t hidden away. Instead it was in full regalia, standing like it was being worn by a mannequin, and he was tinkering with it: he didn’t want to take any risks when it came to an intergalactic battle.

“You humans are amazing,” Fitz said as he approached the Spaceonator, “I didn’t think your kind capable of something like this.”

“Ey,” Everett took offence and threw a spanner in Fitz’s direction, “We are very much capable of things like this.” He said thinking back on NASA and on second thoughts maybe everyone wasn’t capable but he certainly was. 

Then, as he was tightening up the thrusters built in his boots like Heelys, he heard glass shattering. Turning his head revealed that Reese, upon holding a glass of water to her lips, had went into a trance, her hands going slack around the glass. Fitz abandoned everything to be to her side and to make sure that she didn’t collapse. He didn’t care about the glass shards on the ground, glittering away in the low light, and he was by her side, holding her up and murmuring assurances into her ears.

None of them knew what she had saw exactly, and Everett hadn’t saw her have a vision like this before. Usually they were swift flashes, in and out of her vision as quick as a car crash, but like his own power these things were incredibly volatile. Reese swayed a little, her hands unconsciously tightening on Fitz’s and her eyes were glazed. When she came out of it, her eyes clear but shaken, she couldn’t speak. Then she shook her head and cleared her throat.

“The Miracle is at Lake Morgana, and she says that some of her Goons are searching for the Pantheon, if they see you or your mother they have been ordered to kill you on sight. She’s at the lake to remind herself of the beauty of the planet. She says, “What a waste of beauty. It’s a shame it will only be eradicated.”

Reese shook in place, swallowing as the next words erupted into the air, “Then I see people with spears emerging from the trees and attacking The Miracle. At first they are flung back, killed instantly, but more keep coming. More potentially die but more keep coming.”

“The call for arms worked then,” Skylar sighed, leaning on a chair. War brought death in its victory, and victory came at a wealthy price.

Everett was caught in the fact that the lake was called Morgana, perhaps after the fabled Morgana le Fey from Arthurian legends. Although Zeld seemed otherworldly, some Earth references had been allowed to transcend light years. Everett felt humble about that at least.

“Do you know when that will happen?” Fitz almost crooned, his arms providing safety for the disturbed girl. But before he could enquire further, or Reese could answer, the radio crackled to life.

“This is a call for arms. Report to Lake Morgana. The Miracle is there by the lake. I wish you luck, survival and victory. This is a call for arms. Defend your planet with knives, spears and guns. This is a call for arms.”

“That means now.” Skylar sighed and assembled her Colo blades with urgency. Fitz ordered them to strap in and a frantic energy overtook the Aglaia.

The battle was moments away and Everett did not know how he could stomach it all. He hurriedly stored away the Spaceonator, shrinking it down and placing it back into the backpack. While Fitz flew them to the lake they suited up, tucking tunics and jackets close to their skin with holsters for weapons. Everett felt his gloves cover his hands once more, Reese strapped beads and clips to herself, then strapped Fitz’s weapons to him when he was unable to do so.

The lake below them was as flat as a mirror, a figure eight shape that stretched into the distance with a dock by the side. They could see The Miracle on the edge of the dock, her legs in the water but not moving, not making a ripple, just staring into the distance. Then from above they saw Reese’s vision come into fruition, one person emerging from the trees that framed the lake and being flung back without The Miracle even looking behind her.

“Let’s go and change the future,” Fitz muttered as he hovered the Aglaia, placing her on camouflage mode as he unstrapped himself and made his way to the door.

“Let’s go and save some lives,” Reese echoed his statement, and trailed her hand down Fitz’s arm before following him.

“Let’s end this.” Skylar agreed and checked her weapons for the final time.

Everett didn’t paraphrase the sentence: he didn’t know what he would say. This was war and it was preposterous, almost as preposterous as Fitz tying his goggles around his eyes before jumping out of the ship, using only a rope to guide his way down.

Reese followed like a gymnastic, twirling down the rope like she was born for it. Then it was only him and Skylar poised over the door, the wind flowing past them with enough force to turn Skylar’s short curls into a lion’s mane.

“You first,” Skylar shouted over the commotion of the air and the one arising from the ground. Everett was about to say ladies first to placate the queasiness in his stomach but he didn’t want to argue. He took a deep breath and told himself that he would be fine, he just couldn’t look down.

He took a run and jump, one second of staying still in the air, then the feeling of rapid falling before his gloved hands came into contact with the rope and slip downwards, his legs clenching around it to offer a kind of braking system.

He kept his eyes on the shifting scenery before him, the greens of the trees around him changing to the purer green of the ground. The rope shifted and Everett didn’t dare look up, he knew that it was Skylar above him.

His feet braced against the grass, his limbs unclenching as they moved away from the rope.

Under the short chill of the ground, Everett flicked his gloves so that the claws emerged. He had three Switchblades this time, one in an arm holster and the other two in holsters around his waist. Around him was pure chaos, bodies racing towards The Miracle who was now stood towards them on the dock, a flick of the wrist being all that was needed to keep the crowd back. Skylar landed next to him and nodded and they both set out to the battle.

The people around him weren’t the enemy here; the person on the dock and the Goons streaming from her ship, parked through the trees, were. His job was to defend the people around him and that meant pulling them back from The Miracle’s influence.

Then the Goons were upon them, faster than bullets and he was fighting those with blackened eyes. Suddenly he was surrounded by blurs and bodies and grunting masses, all with the same goal in mind. Guns flashed, blades slashed, punches were thrown. Everett lost his mind throughout it all, remembering blur after blur of moves and fights and foot work manoeuvres.




This was all out of the same damn book – to maim, to kill, to dehumanize. War was not an easy solution but it was one for the desperate. People were made into psychopaths on the battlefield and using guns was not easy here, when the field was filled with bodies that weren’t all enemies. Other people also held guns, bullets firing overhead to reach skilled targets. The people who had these guns knew what they were doing. But their heads were dislocated in other ways.

He was more wary however, because his arm still tinged from where it had come apart, and it lay stiff around the trigger.

The moving bodies in front of him also made his target less clear, The Miracle still stood on the dock, her hands on her hips. Her Goons surrounded her like an inky cloud, which made sense given her octopus form. Powerful and Powerless and Creatures came together in this collection of moments to gather around their common enemy, and harnessed with weapons and powers of speed and strength and manipulation of the earth they were accomplished and volatile. Despite that, they weren’t much of a match against The Miracle. Not yet. The goal here would be to make her tired and then it would be their time to strike.

The gun was against his shoulder, his body stopping amongst the crowd, and he was aiming for where a gap appeared within a mass of movement. The gun shook for a moment before he steadied it, he could do it. He had to do it even though his arm hurt. Breathe in, and out, in and out…

The gun was fired, the bullet launching through the gaps that appeared in front of him as though he had Reese’s power. He didn’t see if it connected. That wasn’t the goal of this fight, the goal was to aim to participate and hopefully succeed.

He continued and his faith in himself was restored. He was Lich and a previously broken arm would not stop him.




The future wouldn’t come to her in her moment of need. She was by Fitz’s side, knowing that he doubted himself and then confident in himself again. She wanted to keep all of her attention on him, scared that he would be injured again.

Her beads planted against the ground, releasing the gas in the needed places. They incapacitated the Goons and cleared a path towards The Miracle. Her blades flew towards the people she aimed them towards, and she didn’t look to see if they met flesh or not.

Around her was a cacophony of noise, slowing in seconds and then rushing for minutes. It was like being drunk but with night vision, bodies packed like sardines moving and moving forwards. Yells and gunshots and blades and Earth shifting over Earth when the Powerful’s got their way.

They were close to the lake now but The Miracle wasn’t. The Goons swallowed her whole, and through flashes of fictional future that came to her only then, Reese saw The Miracle slipping away through the trees and towards her ship.

Her hand went to the earpiece that were installed for team communication. “The Miracle is getting away,” she breathed hesitantly down the line, twirling as she threw a blade long range, back peddling to avoid a Goon’s punch.

“I’m on it,” Skylar’s groan came through the line. Before Reese could question it, make sure that Skylar knew some resemblance of a plan, the Earth exploded in minute bursts underneath them.



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